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Jimmy Choo Ashley Lady Heels

Jimmy Choo Ashley Lady Heels

Simple yet classy high heels go a long way in upgrading your style. Jimmy Choo Ashley Lady Heels go a long way in building your confidence, class and style. These shoes are pure bliss. They have been made perfectly to ensure you are comfortable.

 The original heels cost an arm and a leg. You do not get to acquire them easily. You must part with some good money. That’s what you pay for perfection. Honestly, a lot of people who want to add these shoes to their shoe collection cannot afford them. This is why having these shoes remains a fantasy for many shoe lovers.

Don’t worry. If you want to upgrade your shoe game by adding these heels to your collection, I got you covered. The secret is purchasing high quality yet cheap replicas. I am not talking about just any other replicas. The high quality replicas I am recommending to you are 100% similar to the real shoes. If the high quality replicas are placed among several pairs of the real shoes, trust me, you won’t be able to pick them out.

 Does this sound too good to be true? You hold on, though. I have compiled a review of the real and the replicated pair below.  See how perfect the high quality replicas are below.

Original vs High Quality Replica Comparison

  • Overall appearance

Just a glance at the real and the replica women heels, and you will conclude that they are 100% similar. The shape of the shoes, color, shape, and design are identical to those on the replica. The design, construction, and the material used to make the real shoe are perfectly replicated on the high quality piece. Check the overall appearance of the real and the replica pair below.

  • The straps

The straps of these Jimmy Choo Ashley women heels are black. There is a silver metal at the edge where the strap passes through. The rough and smooth surface that fastens the strap is present on both the shoes. These fasteners allow you to adjust the straps so it fits around your feet perfectly.  The straps emerge from the heel pad, behind the shoe. This is applicable on both the real and the replicated pair. Check out the straps of the real shoe and the replica below.

  • Toe box

The toe box of this shoe is black at the ends, and clear on the sides. The clear shoe design is timeless and will definitely have people staring at the shoe. The design is 100% similar to the replicated shoe.  The body of the toe box is rigid and sturdy. It stands out even without the feet. The sturdiness of the toe box is seen on both the real and the cheap replica. The front of the shoe is not pointed. It is has a straight edge. The non-pointed design is applicable for both heels.

  • The bow tie

The bow ties of these shoes are matte black. The front of the bow is made neat by sewing small firm stitches. The black stiches are even all through. The edges of the bow are ragged. This is applicable for both the genuine bow and the replica bow. The design, stitches, color and make of the genuine bow is 100% similar. Take a look the design of the real bow and the replica below.

  • The foot bed

The foot bed of these heels is cream. The black lining of the sole is visible from the sides of the heel. On the heel, a white Jimmy Choo tag is embedded. The tag has been sewn into the heel bed. There are clear marks of the sewing on the edge of the tag. This can be seen on both the real and cheap replicas. The white tag has red inscriptions of ‘JIMMY CHOO’ ‘ASHLEYS’ ‘WILLIAMS’ on it. The font of each word on the real shoe is 100% identical to the font on the replica.

  • Material, construction and stitching

The black material on the shoe is made of high quality thick fabric. The black material covers the side of the shoe all the way to the heel. The heel pad is divided into two. The two sections are joined together using inward stitches. The heel pad is also joined to the heel using inward stitches. There are no visible stitches from the rear view of the shoe. These features on the real shoe are undistinguishable from the replica. Check them out below.

The high quality replicas I have described above can perfectly stand in the position of the real shoe. They have been made to be as good as the real shoe. There is no need to spend so much cash on the real shoes when you can purchase equally good shoes cheaply. No fake shoe can come close to the perfection you have seen here.

 If you are not careful, you are most likely going to purchase poor quality replicas. Poor quality replicas have so many defects and differences from the real Jimmy Choo Ashley lady heels. If you are not keen, you might fall for this trap. You don’t want to look cheap in cheap shoes. This is why I recommend Primestuff. There you get the best shoe wholesale deals for your fashion shop. The prices are very competitive and the variety is crazy.

Primestuff is an online store that deals in wholesale lady JC shoes. With primestuff, you are sure to acquire high quality replicas that are 100% similar to the real shoe.

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