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Tudor Black Bay

Replica & Fake Tudor Black Bay – How to Identify The Real

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For all the pics in this article, R=Real, QR= Quality Replica

Foreword: I have already shared two Rolex’s true and false identification teachings. It is said that Rolex represents the strongest craftsmanship of watches. Compared with the Rolex replica, it will increase the difficulty. However, for the Replica Tudor heritage Black Bay introduced today, which is Tudor Black Bay red cheap, it is much simpler to identify. Today, I used the old version of the little red flower in this rudder real table. What is the difference between the old and new safflower in the F factory? The bottom cover will be different, then, the old safflower of the movement is the last version of the Tudor with the ETA282 movement, the new version of the small red flower is the self-produced movement MT5602. If you buy the original watch, the old version of the small red flower is very cost-effective, about 20,000 to get, the movement is polished by Rolex. First look at the accessories of the original Tudor Heritage Black Bay 58 and its package:

The original Tudor accessories include: the certificate of the place of sale, the instructions for the birth of the paper, the instructions for the use of Tudor, and the pair of nylon belts donated by Tudor. This is the watch is that the client entrusted us to purchase from Oriental Watch in Hong Kong, which coincides with the change of the new and old days of Tudor. Therefore, their price of wholesale Tudor Black Bay GMT is discounted, so the price is still much moderate than the domestic one.

The packaging and the attachment engraving are definitely incomparable with the original, nevertheless we are mainly making comparison for the watch itself. Before I look at the picture, I can probably make a summary. The ZF version of Tudor Black Bay 36 replica has done a very good job. Even if the two tables are put together, it is very close to the original. If you decide to identify the fake Tudor watch and real one separately, from the workmanship, I dare not lightly draw conclusions, but the methods are still there, see the following parts please.

It did not use ceramics due to the cost. The diving circle was originally made of anodized aluminum, anyway, I don’t see any difference between the original vintage Tudor watch and the replica version, as well as Tudor Black Bay Chrono replica and Tudor black bay bronze cheap.

The metal of the watch head is brushed with twill, ZF factory has done the same for their best Tudor watches replica, which makes this part also very close. The tiny difference is that the texture of the strap is a little thicker, but you can hardly tell. Amazing fake Tudor watch, isn’t it?

The height of the mirror surface is highlighted, and the tooth ring can be compared without any difference.

Another difference between the old and new small red flowers is the strap. The old version is made of screws. Instead, the new version uses the design of the rivets.

The opening and closing of the small red flower are a ceramic that is fixed by a ceramic bayonet, which has the advantages of wear resistance and high hardness. I wonder why Rolex doesn’t need this design. The replica Tudor Black Bay dark of the ZF factory also uses the same process, but the original feel is slightly different. The original button has a stronger sense of inhalation.

In the past, many people who bought the replica Tudor said that it would be distinguished from the central axis. Currently, the small red flower of the new ZF factory also has been corrected the central axis problem. This may also apply on Tudor Black Bay 41 replica and Tudor Black Bay Bronze cheap.

I took some details on the above, and it is very difficult to quickly judge the authenticity of the details, especially without putting two versions together. However, there is a small trick here: there is no calendar setting for the small red flower, and the factory of Tudor watch fake can only use the 28 machine as the basic movement. The movement will never be developed independently for a watch. The 2828 movement is There are two files in the calendar and time. The original Tudor Heritage Black Bay replica new and old version of the time is only one file, this is the most intuitive way to see the true and false directly. Therefore, friends who are planning to buy original do not need to worry too much about buying fakes, and friends who want to buy replica watches can be happy, since from the aspect of workmanship, they are really close. At least I think it is closer than the Rolex series. After all, the Rolex brand is more positioned to the high-end, and some twig sections can only be achieved by original craftsmanship.

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