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How to Spot Replica & Fake Canada Goose Parka?

You can differentiate an Original Canada Goose from a Replica one by observing the following:

1.Canada Goose Parka: FUR Collar

Original Canada Goose fur collar is made with coyote fur, and the collar of a Replica & Fake Canada Goose parka is normally made with Raccoon fur. The market price of fox fur is twice that of raccoon fur.

The size of an original fur collar is about 55cm in length, 15cm in width. The cost of fox fur is 30-40usd per piece and the same size of raccoon fur collar is around 20usd per piece.

Coyote fur has a much softer texture, it looks more refined and luscious.  A Replica Canada Goose parka has fur that is typically made with raccoon fur which is a lot coarser and is smaller.

2.Canada Goose Parka:  Outershell Material

Most original Canada Goose Jackets are made with waterproof and antistatic material, fabric composition is 85% polyester and 15% cotton. Original Canada goose material good high waterproofing capabilities. Its antistatic material is clearer because of less dust adsorption. Replica & Fake Canada Goose may not have waterproof and antistatic features, the material could still be of the same composition, but they aren’t necessarily made with the same tech that gives the originals their waterproof and antistatic features.

3.Canada Goose Parka: Zipper puller

Original Canada Goose Jackets only use YKK zippers, replica Canada Goose will have fake YKK zipper pullers, they are often smaller than the original.

4.Canada Goose Parka: Badges

the embroidered lettering on the badge of a replica Canada Goose parka is not well defined, the maple leaves look like clumps of reds. The blue lines on the map on the replica Canada Goose are too dark, when you put the replica and the original side by side, you will see the shapes of the map don’t match.

5.Canada Goose Parka: Inside mid Label

Again, the embroidery on logo is not well defined on the replica Canada goose parka, the shape of the map is way off, the stitching of the label to the jacket itself is also atrocious.  The maple leaf that represents a country they should be proud of looks like some mutated insect.  You’ll also find that the website on the fake label doesn’t take you to the official site.

6.Canada Goose Parka: Label Check

On an original Canada Goose jacket, you should find 3 labels inside. One should be long with care instructions in three different languages, each on its own line. One is the quality assurance tag, printed in a rich baby blue color.  One is a hologram sticker, which features elements or pictures that can be viewed from different angles.  So, if your jacket has a hologram sticker but do not have elements that can be seen from all sides, or do not have the hologram sticker, then it’s a fake.

Some of the newer productions also include a pocket that is half the size of its length

which allows the wearer to tuck the labels into.

7.Canada Goose Parka: Paper Tag

The tags on a Replica Canada Goose often has an orange tinge that looks like it’s been faded away because of being in the sun for too long. Again, if you go to the website that’s on the fake tag, you would not be able to get to the official site.   Some tags are much smaller than the original ones, yet the logos on these are once again not well defined and detailed, some even with completely different graphics.

8.Canada Goose Parka: Fill down Material

You could also spot a replica by the hand feel of the body, the replica one is a bit flat and hollow.  An original Canada Goose jacket is fuller and puffier.

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