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How to Spot Fake White-supreme Air Jordan 14

How do you feel after splashing a fortune on a pair of sneakers only to find out it is a fake Air Jordan? You will feel hollow and beaten. In fact, it will be a long time before you decide to buy anything else. Many of us have been down that path, and it is never an easy one.

Browsing over the internet I came across Fake white Supreme Air Jordan 14. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could they stain such a noble sneaker with cheaply-done fakes? It is the reality of the market today. If you are not careful, counterfeits will pull a quick one on you. Some of the fakes are expertly disguised as the real quality. For someone who does not know, it is easy to fall into the trap.

Thankfully, all readers of this blog should not worry about beating fakes. I always bring to you informative reviews on fake vs real fashion items. Today I would like to explore the subject of how to spot fake White-Supreme Air Jordan 14. One of its kind sneakers in the Air Jordan series, this sneaker is the epitome of sport and comfort. As it is my custom, I will not leave you with empty hands. You get to know where to buy high quality sneaker replicas at affordable prices. All you have to do is read this post to the end.

Fake vs Real White-Supreme Air Jordan 14

  • The Supreme Tongue

For brands that want to beat bootleggers, adding more details to their products is a sure way. The more the details, the harder it becomes to replicate. This is exactly what this supreme sneaker has done. Starting with the ‘SUPREME’ label, it is done without any flaws. The stitching is outstandingly professional. On the fake sneaker, the ‘SUPREME’ label is crooked and the stitching is clearly off. The color is snow white, which is a deviation from the true version.

  • The Toe Box and Jumpman

There is a wide berth of differences between the authentic and fake toe box. Starting with the Jumpman logo on the real sneaker, the proportion, color, and shape are more defined. They are work of a professional. On both sides top of the Jumpman, you can see two holes. On flip side, the fake air Jordan 14 Jumpman logo is a bit blurred and of a different color shade. On top sides you cannot see the two holes. You see, these are simple details that the fake could not really keep up with.

  • The EVA Innersole

Do you know why the EVA insert is important? On top of providing a comfortable landing of the feet, it also protects any damage coming to the middle sole. That is why it has to be strong and perfectly shaped for this role. When you look at the authentic innersole, its shape is synchronized to the shape of the sneaker’s footbed. It fits in without any problems. Besides, there is also a wider gap between the edge and the inset of the forefoot’s inlay. On the fake shoe, the innersole is wrinkled and will take some effort to fit into the footbed. The gap between the inset and edge of the foot’s overlay is slightly thinner on the fake one. You cannot say that the difference is because of the varying size of the shoes. They are both number 9. As much as you may know how the real sneaker looks on the outside, it would also help to know the interior.

  • The Tag Details

In most cases, the details on the tag tell you a lot about the product you are buying. Equally, the same details are helpful in identifying a real from the fakes. The size of this sneaker is number 9. On the authentic one, the ‘9’ is wider and not too white. Even high quality replica Air Jordan 14 will stick to this detailing. On the fake, the ‘9’ is thinner and brightly white. When you look at the text and numbers on the tag, their sizes and fonts are completely different. The barcode is another area with shouting differences. The codes are not consistent yet they are supposed to be of the same product.

Even before you say it, I know this is not much to identify the real deal of Air Jordans 14. However, I’m sure it can help in pointing you into the right direction. It is all about spending on the right product and not getting scammed. I hope you can now comfortably buy your Jordan 14 without the fear of landing a fake one.

The Ultimate Buying Guide and Where to buy high quality Replica Air Jordan 14

It is no doubt that the Jordan sneakers are still a big catch among crowds. It would be a great choice to add a few of them to your stock. How do you buy high quality replica Jordan 14 in large quantities? I know you would go online and search for ‘wholesale replica Air Jordan 14’. You will get a floodgate of results. Many suppliers will be hitting you with unbelievable deals. But, you should be cautious about making a purchase from just anyone out there on the internet. Not every store up there will deliver as it promises. Many businesses have closed shops for getting conned by suppliers they stumbled up on the internet.

I will give you a sure bet for a supplier of top quality replica sneakers at amazing prices. I’m talking about Primestuff. Just like the name suggests, everything on the store’s shelves is of prime quality. Make your way there now and get dream deals for your retail fashion business. Even better, buy wholesale Air Jordan replicas and the prices considerably go down. Do not forget to make this blog your favorite. Every day I have the newest information from runways, fashion houses, as well as fashion stores. Keep it here and you will always be on the front lane of fashion.

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