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How to Spot Fake VS Authentic Bape Shorts

Bape, a Japanese street-style brand, and its limited edition clothing are must-haves for many celebrities and trendsetters alike. Recently, Bape’s shorts are highly sought after as the IT item; for this very reason, there are a lot of fakes and replicas in market today. In face of this, we are here to guide you on how to spot a pair of fake vs authentic Bape shorts.

Due to its hype, many manufacturers have been producing these shorts. We are going to compare an authentic item to two kinds of fakes to show you their difference points. Shown below, the left two items are fakes, while the right is real Bape shorts.

Point 1: Printed pattern comparison. Fake #1 is on the right and an authentic is on the left.

Looking only at the printed designs on the shorts, we can see that Fake #1 has little difference when compared to the original, with rather little color variance. However, if you look closely, you will note that the print on the fake actually has a layer of glue-like substance on it. If you touch the prints, you can feel a degree of wetness and stickiness.

Point 2: Bape logo. In the first picture, the original Bape is on top while the fakes are at the bottom. New fans of Bape might miss this, but here’s a little tip for you guys. If you flip the label on the shorts, the original Bape logo should have a little dent on the bape’s head (as circled in the right picture). Many (though not all) fakes do not have this little detail, so do pay extra attention to this point!

Next, let’s look at the gold logo on the tag, which is engraved in a seamless way. Fortunately, this logo and tag have been proven to be difficult for accurate reproduction. Why? Because replica manufacturers never got their hands on the original design template. Without the template, all fake, reproduced gold logos will always differ from an original. If you note any difference (albeit small) in a Bape short’s gold logo, you should immediately check its authenticity.

Point 3: Fabric material. First, the fabric of Bape shorts is on the thin side, thinner than that of a sweater. However, do note that in the market, the earliest generation of Bape shorts was made using the thicker fabric from the Bape’s space hoodie.  To spot a fake, we will have to look at the reversed side of the fabric. Compared to an original (left), which shows good fleece effect with minimal line, Fake #1 (far right) shows substantial difference. Do note that Fake #2 (middle) does not differ much from the original.

How to Get High Quality Replica Bape  Clothing:

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  1. Printed patterns and fish eye
  2. Logos
  3. Fabric material

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We hope you find this post helpful in finding some great Bape clothings!

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