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How to spot Fake Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Despite the unsettling wave of change in the fashion industry, Ray-Ban sunglasses have stuck with their originality. Even from a mile away, you can tell a Rayban shade. It is no wonder most people do not shy away from owning a piece of these excellent shades. From men in movies to politicians like Joe Biden, Rayban sunglasses have been to it all.

For that popularity, Rayban masterpieces are always in constant competition with all manners of knock offs. It is common to come across fake Rayban sunglasses right now. While there are Rayban cheap sunglasses, these fakes are out to taint the name of the brand. So that you are not caught up in the storm of putting on fake Rayban shades, I decided to give you a guide on how to tell if your set is the real one. Read on and be careful what you buy out there in the name of renowned brand. In my illustrations, I will use the Rayban.

  • The Packing

On the box of the real sunglasses, the red patch is a little darker than the fake box. Some of the cheap Rayban sunglasses online tend to fall into the fake category thanks to their flawed packing box.

When you look at the labels, the real one has some sort of a light greenish ring around it. It can be in many shades like gray and silver but it is never white like the case on the fake label.

When you open the box, the edges of the flaps on the real box are kind of rough. On the fake box, they are smooth.

  • The Casing

The real casing is supposed to be pure leather. You can touch and feel it. If it is anything else but leather, that is a fake. I also know of cheap Rayban sunglasses that will use leather on the case but still be fakes. You just have to be vigilant not to fall into the trick of online cons.

The golden label on the case is slightly smaller on the real set than it is on the fake one. It may not be a lot but that is something you can use to make sure you are buying the real value for your money.

  • The booklet

Each set comes with a small booklet with details about the product. On real booklet, it says ‘Milano’ while the fake goes with ‘Italy’. That is a big giveaway and telling you that Rayban cheap sunglasses in your hands are not authentic. On the other side, the Rayban red patch is printed closer to the lower bottom than it is on the fake page.

  • The Rayban logo on the glasses

When you look closely, there is a Rayban logo on the left eye of the glasses. On the real piece, the logo is smaller than it is on the fake one. It is not so much of a difference but if you are keen you end up skipping the fake.

  • Details on the top Bar

When you look at the top bar of both sets, you can see some lettering. The real one has Ray-ban and a serial number. The fake one has B&E, Ray-Ban, country of origin but no serial number. You can easily tell one from the other.

  • The temple details

Looking at the temple, the real piece has details running along. The Rayban cheap sunglasses, which are obviously Rayban fakes have no details on the temple.

With knock offs coming very close to the real products, it is never easy to tell one from another. Luckily, this post has now drawn the line between a fake and real Ray-Ban sunglasses. The ball is now in your court to choose wisely. If you need wholesale Rayban sunglasses at ridiculously affordable prices, Primestuff is the first place you should check.

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