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How to Spot Fake Gucci handbag vs Authentic Dionysus GG Medium Shoulder Bag

Ladies, you all know how important a handbag is to your outdoor life. It takes up a few of your necessities to keep you looking hot all the time. We can all agree that sometimes a small-size bag is what you need when going out for a dinner or a meet-up with friends. On that one, nothing comes to mind like small and medium size Gucci bags. They are a cut above the best and will underline your sense of fashion.

In particular, Gucci Dionysus GG supreme shoulder bag is a choice you never regret making. This Gucci bag Dionysus is not only trendy and stylistic, but also a functional piece to have in your handbags collection. Are you now convinced to gift yourself a Gucci Dionysus mini bag? It is your lucky star that led you here because we are going to help you make a great decision. On top of telling you where you can get a lifetime deal on Gucci bags, we will also help you spot a fake from top quality replica handbag.

In current market, it is very easy to fall for fakes. I have been down that path before and the feeling is never good. To get this ball rolling, let’s start by looking into the differences of an authentic vs fake Gucci Dionysus bag.

  • Color and Shape

Gucci ferociously protects its brand by all means. The real Gucci Dionysus bag red has a rich color and smooth regular edge. It feels a little heavier and looks amazing. On the other side, the fake Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag is full of flaws. The color is ashen and feels light on touch.

  • A look inside

The authentic Gucci Handbag has supreme quality canvas lining, which feels smooth on touch. Differently, the replica feels rough and does not present a good appearance.

  • The Zipper

The real quality bag zipper is neatly done with regular stitching. On the flip side, the fake bag zipper is obviously of low quality and has uneven stitching.

  • Bottom Side Grooves

The original quality Gucci mini Dionysus bag looks sophisticated from the edges of its side grooves. The curving on the sides is perfect and seamless. Looking at the fake Gucci Dionysus bag the side grooves are a joke. They are badly done and stink of low quality.

  • The Closure

The closure is an antique tiger closure in a silver tone. Look closely into the real bag and you can see how sleek it is. The detailing and color of the hardware are oozing quality. The cheap low quality fake hardware is badly done.

  • The Chain

One of the things that put the last nail into the coffin of fake Gucci artists is the chain handle. On the real Gucci bag, the chain is heavy and the hooks make smooth curves. The fake bag chain is lighter and the hooks are more circular and uneven.

There you have it in bare knuckles. Let no one dupe you into buying a fake Gucci Handbag. Keep in mind the features we have detailed in this post and your money will always be in the right place.

How to get top quality Gucci Bag Replicas

Gucci is a top of the range brand. Having one of their pieces in your closet is something everyone would want. It does not matter how small it may be; it is still a Gucci. However, it is not everyone who can afford the high-end pieces from Gucci. That is where comes to your rescue. They stock top quality replica Gucci handbags  that are pocket-friendly. It even gets better when you buy on wholesale. The prices can get better for you. Browse through the Gucci bags catalogue and who knows what you may get.

Bottom line

When you spend your money, you always want to do it right. On this blog, we help you spot the real vs fake top luxury brand merchandise. Today was Gucci bags and hopefully you leave here with something positive. Keep it here for the next post as we keep leading you to the right direction of fashion.

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