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How to Spot Fake Cherry-Spot Air Jordan 13

When talking about mens sneakers, Air Jordan would dominantly be in your top list of choices. Made from the inspiration of Michael Jordan, the NBA great of all times, Air Jordan sneakers are true perfection in quality and functionality. The sneakers come in a long, rich list of series each with unique detailing. I would not blame if you cannot clearly settle for the best Air Jordan sneaker; they are so many that you cannot easily choose one over the other.

As great as the Jordan sneakers may be, there is one thing they cannot afford to shake off. Beating fake Air Jordans is like a nightmare. The problem of counterfeits is not only unique to sneakers; it is in every other item in the market. Spending your money on a fake is not only a loss, but also a big blow to your closet. You cannot even be confident because it is easy to tell when you are sporting a fake.

Well, I’m not a fan of fakes. In fact, I loathe them. That is why today I will be talking about spotting a fake Cherry-spot Air Jordan 13. I will guide you into the features you should be on the lookout for. Once you read through to the last point, I’m sure you can pick the real from fake. Besides, I also have a surprise for you. To give you a hint, I will be sharing of where to buy top quality Air Jordan Sneakers at very competitive prices. Read this post to the end and you will leave smiling.

Fake vs Real Cherry-Spot Air Jordan 13: A Comparison Review

  • Size of the Tongue

It may not first come to mind, but there is a difference in sizes of the tongue. On the real sneaker, the tongue is slightly longer. On the other hand, the fake Air Jordan 13 tongue is slightly shorter. That small detail there would make a significant difference if you know it before making a purchase. However, I’m not saying all real Air Jordans have longer tongues. This may vary from one series to the next. You just need to be privy to the specific feature to beat the counterfeits.

  • Holes on the Material

One of the things you can easily pick on all Air Jordans is the attention to details. It does not matter how tiny the detailing is, the artists always get them right. One such area is the holes on the sneaker fabric. When you look at the real sneaker, the holes are deeper and well cut. You can easily tell it is the work of a professional. Conversely, the fake sneaker has holes but not similar to the authentic ones. They are shallow and not perfectly done. Whoever worked on them did not get their shapes right. Even the spacing of the holes is a bit crowded on the fake quality. When you already know this, it becomes piece of cake easy to pick the true quality of Cherry-spot Air Jordan 13.

  • The Back Liner and Tongue Label

Sometimes, there is a very thin line between authentic and fake merchandise. It calls for hawk eyes to be able to spot any slight differences that can save the day.  Let’s turn our attention to the white liner at the back top of the Air Jordan 13. In my photos, it is highlighted with a yellow rectangle. On the authentic sneaker, it is slightly smaller and the shape is geometrically balanced. On the fake Air Jordan 13, the liner section is bigger and the shape is badly done.

Another thing is the lining on the sides of the back. On the real Air Jordan, it is not steep and perfectly connects to the back. The fake has a very steep lining. In fact, it will give you some discomfort on the top back of your heel. Finally, the tongue label on the real Jordan is easily visible from the outside. On the fake sneaker, you literally have to pull out the tongue to see it.

  • Perforations and Tagline Space

At the bottom of the tongue on the outside, there is a ‘Jordan’ tagline that is not entirely visible. On the actual sneaker quality, there is space before the perforations. On the fake Jordan, the tagline is there fully exposed but the perforations begin without leaving any space. When I tell you it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference, these are some of things I’m talking about. Now see it all in the photos.

  • The Label Stamp

On the authentic sneaker, the numbers and text are clear and in the same font type and size. On the flip side, the fake sneaker numbers and text are bold, and the font is not uniform. It more or less looks like mere printing as opposed to embossing. Although this may not be a big discovery, you definitely want to check it out.

  • The Heel and Heel Counter

At the bottom of the heel, the real sneaker is deep black. The heel counter all the way to the heel tab has a deep red tone. These features are also consistent with high quality replica Air Jordan 13. The same cannot be said of the fake piece. The black is faded and what is supposed to be red is faded and more of bad shade of red. You do not need to be an expert to see the screaming difference in color, do you?

I know this is not everything about spotting the differences between real and fake Cherry-spot Air Jordan 13, but it may save you from spending on the wrong sneaker. Be keen out there and you will have no trouble picking out a fake.

Where to buy High quality replica Air Jordan 13

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