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How to Spot a real vs fake Gucci White Half Sleeve T-shirt

There is no denying that Gucci t shirts are popular around the world. Do you ever wonder why it is the case? They are elegant, fashionable, and a mile ahead of the competition. It is time you grab your favorite tee shirt from Gucci and light up your closet.

However, as it is with everything nowadays, Gucci tee shirts have been infiltrated by fake merchandise. You can get out there and spend your money only to realize that your best buy is a fake. I know how it feels because I have been down that path more than once. That is why I came up with this post to help you spot a fake Gucci t shirt from the real quality tees. In this case, I will use Gucci White Half Sleeve T-shirt for my illustrations.

  • Neck Label

On the real tee shirt you can see a red thread at the top of the label. The replica Gucci t-shirt does not have that. While the stitching is refined and neat on the real piece, the fake tee stitching is poorly done and not consistent. The word ‘Gucci’ has a bolder font on the real T-Shirt than the fake one.

  • The Gucci Tee logo

The GG on Gucci tees is very critical to spotting fake logo t-shirt. On the fake Gucci t shirt, the red and green are not darker as it is on the real shirt. The Gucci letters are also inconsistent in size and tone on the fake t-shirt. It is easy to spot the difference between the two.

  • Construction and Material

For your heads up, every Gucci t shirt is 100% pure cotton. Anything without that is a fake. Overall, the real t-shirt is well stitched, looks perfect, and crystal white. The replica Gucci shirt has notable flaws if you take a close look.

  • Inside Identification

On the inside of the real quality tee, you will find its country of origin, and a few other white pages with details. The font on the tags is clean and uniform throughout. On the fake Gucci t shirt, the font is not regular and the stitching is clearly not done to perfection.

Why you should buy a high Quality Gucci White T-shirt from Primestuff

I would like to break some great news for you. If you want to stick with fake quality tees, Dhgate is the place for you. However, if you want value for your money, Primestuff should the place to shop. Here you will get wholesale t shirts at very fair pricing. Search through the Gucci Tee catalogue and you will get the best deals for high quality tee shirts.

Let me give you a quick comparison of the real Gucci T-shirt and what you are getting from Primestuff.

  • Material and construction

You cannot tell the difference between the two. The color, the logo and text is all the same on both pieces. With the high quality replica from Primestuff you are getting the best price for a great deal.

  • The Logo

The color and the GG logo are all the same on both the real and replica from Primestuff. This gives you a clue of how close the two tees are of the same quality.

What more can you ask for? Primestuff is the wholesale store for all your tee shirt needs. With a range of top brands, all your needs will sorted under one roof. If you have been looking for the Gucci tee best buy near me, now you have your answer. Visit the store today, stop and shop till you drop. Do not forget to share the good news with the rest of your family and friends. Finally, keep looking what’s new on this blog as I have plenty more for you.

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