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How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Bag

Fake Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors handbags are quickly taking the designer bag market by storm. These high-end bags are classy with a touch of sophistication. The handbags are well and beautifully crafted. Also, they are the ultimate deal for the confident woman who understands the evolving fashion trends.  Due to the keen attention given to this bag during their crafting, they are usually pricey.  The end product is definitely worth the money.

 For the high price, a lot of people will not be able or willing to spend so much on a designer bag. This way, they opt for cheap Michael Kors bags.  Purchasing fake MK handbags saves your money, but you won’t get to enjoy the features, class and superiority that come with original Michael Kors bag.

 However, you ought to be careful while shopping for your Michael Kors handbag. The market is flooded with lots of counterfeits. You might spend a lot of cash, only to realize later that the bag you bought is counterfeit, and it is not worth the money.  Some of the fake MK handbags are usually almost similar to the authentic ones. There are usually a few hidden tricks and features that you have to master. These features will help you differentiate between an authentic and a fake.

Read on to arm yourself with features and skills to differentiate between the Michael Kors and their low quality replicas.

  • Perfectly done handles

If you look at the handles of original Michael Kors handbags, you will realize that they have been sewn carefully. You will not see any leather that has been cut poorly or tucked in untidily. The handle of an authentic Michael Kors handbag is neatly stitched and tucked in, giving it a very smooth and appealing finish.  The stitches of the handles are just so neat. A single look at the fake MK bag handle, you will realize that it has been done carelessly and untidily. It just looks creased and wrinkled.  It won’t give you the excellent feeling to touch and carry it.

  • Stitches

The stitches of an authentic MK handbag will always be neat. You will not meet unfinished and uneven stitches. They have even spacing between them.  You will not see any untidy knots on the stitches of an authentic Michael Kors. They will always be tucked away neatly.

 Fake Michael Kors are produced in mass. They are, therefore, done quickly resulting in the untidiness. The authentic bags are made individually and carefully, resulting in the super-neat and even stitches.  You will also note that the stitches of the real MK bag look stronger than those of the fake MK bag.

  • Authentic Michael Kors bags stand tall, and are not puffy

An original Michael Kors bag will always stand tall. It is has been made to be steadfast and non-puffy at the sides. The corners are stitched tightly.  The bag just looks sturdy. The material used to make the authentic Michael Kors bags is strong and of high quality than that used to make the fake MK bags. The poor quality material makes the bags seem a little weak, and poorly made.  It doesn’t stand tall. The puffiness of the fake bag makes it less classy.

  • The zippers

The zippers of Michael Kors bags are one simple way to detect a fake. The zipper of the handbag will always be a simple golden zipper, with ‘Michael Kors’ printed across it. The zipper of the fake Michael Kors bag is designed into a circular ‘MK’ logo. The zipper and the teeth of the zipper of the authentic are golden, and are heavy duty, just from observing and closing them up. The zippers of the fake ones are golden, but the teeth are navy blue, and are poorly made.

  • The colour

The colour of the original MK handbag is usually a rich shade of navy blue. It is deep and from a distance, it can be mistaken for black. The colour of the low quality MK replica is usually a lighter shade. The colour of the fake just looks cheap compared to the colour of the original.

  • The Michael Kors logo

A Michael Kors handbag will always have ‘MICHAEL KORS’ metallic logo embedded on its front. In the original bag, you will realize that the letters have been spaced evenly. In the fake MK, the spacing is uneven. The ‘I’ is usually closer to the ‘M’.  Check out the spacing of the letters on the logo, if they are uneven, that’s a sign to get suspicious.

  • Metallic hardware

The hardware that attaches the handle to the body of the bag is another easy way to differentiate a fake from an original. The metallic piece on the original usually has a golden finishing. The edges of the hardware are also sharp, making them a perfect square. The edges of the fake are usually round. If you compare the golden effect, you will realize that the fake one is less rich. The hardware of the real is just heavy duty. They are made to last long.

Michael Kors designer handbags are carefully crafted to fit the sophistication and class required in the modern fashion world.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of imitations, counterfeit and cheap MK bags. If you are not careful, you might end up purchasing a counterfeit. With the features discovered above, however, I am convinced that you can confidently get into a store and spot a fake Michael Kors bag and settle for an original one.

 Michael Kors handbags are a signature fashion statement that a lot of modern women admire. Being pricey, some people will willingly settle for Michael Kors handbags replica. This is a great choice, if you may ask me. Wondering where you can get consistent supply of high quality replica handbags for women? Primestuff is the place for you.

Sometimes, people get conned. They spend a lot of cash, and end up with fake Michael Kors. You honestly don’t want that happening to you. Master the differences discussed above before going to shop.

In conclusion, Michael Kors bags are not cheap. If you find one being sold cheaply, that’s a red flag.

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