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How to Spot a Fake Birkin Handbag and never get burned when Purchasing

How to Spot a Fake Birkin Handbag and never get burned when Purchasing

Birkin bags are among the top designer bags in the market. They are classy bags whose superior quality is definitely worth your money. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with lots of fake and cheap Birkin handbags. In fact, your chances of landing a fake Birkin bag are higher than your chances of landing an authentic one. But armed with perfect skills and knowledge to differentiate a fake and an authentic Birkin bag, you are good to go shopping for the bag.

No one wants to spend a fortune just to obtain a fake and poorly made handbag. You sure do want to obtain value for your money. When you get your authentic Birkin bag, you will sure enjoy the keenly and beautifully crafted masterpiece.

 I know a lot of people might settle for fake Birkin handbags, probably because they are cheaper than the authentic ones. One thing you should know, fake Birkin bags will always be cheaper because they are produced in mass. Authentic Birkins will always be a little pricey than the fake ones, because the authentic ones are crafted individually and carefully by an artisan. This individual production results to superior quality and beautiful bags, definitely worth your money.

 So how do you spot a fake Birkin bag? I have discussed a few ways to differentiate between authentic and fake Birkin bag below. I will also tell you where to buy high quality Birkin bags replica.

  • Steadiness and non-puffiness

Authentic Birkin bags stand tall when placed on a flat surface; they are not flabby and puffy on the sides. They stand tall properly and exude ultimate confidence.  Fake Birkin bag is nothing close to the authentic bags. Place a fake and an authentic bag on a surface, and you will realize that the fake one is puffy on the sides. The original one stands stably. They have been stitched properly, with steady edges that prevent the ugly puffy feature.  That’s the perfection you are paying for.

  • Stitching

To get the value of your money, Original Birkin bags are carefully and individually stitched. This makes them long lasting and strong. Just one look at the stitches and you will notice that they were keenly, perfectly and individually done. The original Birkins are individually and handmade by artisans.  The stitches are done at a perfect angle. For the fake Birkin bags, the stitches are poorly done. You will notice that there was no much attention given to the bag.  For your information, the stitches on the low-quality Birkin bag replica are just all over the place, and look ugly and uneven on the exterior, if you pay close attention.

Ensure the stitches of the bag you get are properly done for a strong and long lasting bag.

  • Stamp

The fake Birkin bags try their best to produce bags whose features are similar to the original ones. They however fail terribly, especially when it comes to the stamp. The texture of the Birkin bags is usually a little rugged. They are not smooth. This means that engraving their stamp may be a little tricky. But because they are working to produce pure perfection, the stamps are usually neat. If you look at the fake Birkins, you will notice how messy the stamps are. They are not properly done. The ink is usually all over the place, looking faint in some places.

Still on the stamp, ‘PARIS MADE IN FRANCE’ is usually on a smaller font size than ‘HERMES’ in the original bags. You will not that in the fakes, the writings on the stamp are almost in the same font size.

  • Buckle

Looking at the buckle is another way you can quickly identify a fake Birkin bag. First, the metallic buckle on an authentic Birkin will always be neat and clean. The ‘HERMES’ engraving on the buckle is also an easy way to spot a fake and cheap Birkins. The engraving on an original is usually thinly yet neatly done. You will note that the engraving on the fake bag is usually bigger and deeply done. The engraving on the fake can sometimes be neat, or poorly done.

  • Zipper and the leather extension on the zipper

First, the ‘HERMES’ on the zipper of the fake handbag is usually engraved upside down. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake. The engraving on the original is usually right side up. Other than the engraving, the leather extension on the zipper of an authentic Birkin will always be neatly done. It will look like it was careful cut, and made to perfectly fit as an extension of the zipper. If you look at the extension of the fake, you will notice that it is just a piece of leather, poorly cut and stuffed to fit in the whole at the edge of the zipper. It doesn’t fit well. It usually looks just out of place.

  • Appearance inside out

An authentic Birkin will always look perfect when inside out. It is carefully crafted, and it won’t look like a mess when you turn it inside out. However, for the fake bag, it’s a pure mess when turned inside out. It just looks appealing when it is on the right side. Turn it inside out and it looks like a mess that was quickly done.

  • Perfect and firm corners and stitches

When you look at the corners of and the edges of an authentic Birkin, you will realise that they are firmly tucked in. There are no puffy areas that show poor tucking.  The corners are sewn tightly together. The poor quality Birkin replica will always puff at the edges, thanks to the poor and fast sewing they underwent.  The puffiness and the loosely tucked edges are more visible from the bottom side of the bag, a sign that it was done quickly.

 With these seven bold differences, I am sure you are now able to spot a fake Hermes Birkin bag from a distance. These pointers are good to get you going.

Truth be told, Birkin bags can be a little pricey, but their quality are definitely worth the price. If you can’t cough huge amounts of money, you can opt for the Birkin bag replica, whose quality can match the original one.  If you want more worth for your money, I would recommend that you go for wholesale women’s bag at Primestuff. You will not only get competitive prices, but also a supplier you can trust. When you need high quality replica bags, go to Primestuff and you will never regret. Keep your customers happy by getting them quality luxury fashion items at very affordable prices.

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