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How to real Replica Chanel Bags: the example of Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Do you own a Chanel bag? It does not matter if it is real or Chanel bag replica. These bags are a touch of class and timeless. You can swing one over your shoulder as you attend any occasion. Yes, that is Chanel for you.

However, there is always the risk of getting a low quality Chanel bag. After spending a handsome amount, this is the last kind of news you would want to hear. Well, I’m here to make sure you do not get conned out of your hard-earned cash. How do I make sure of that? I will give you a detailed account on how to spot a fake Chanel bag. Particularly, I will be using Chanel Classic Flap bag as an example.

The Chanel flap bag is a gem that ladies love to have in their collection. You doubt that? Ask any girl what kind of bag she would like to have, and you will be surprised she tells you a Chanel bag is her dream. The flap bag from Chanel is of superior quality, embellished with leather, and is always on point any time and for all events.

With it being a symbol of status and the epitome of social class, you would expect the Classic flap bag to be free from counterfeits. No, it is not. Counterfeits have not spared this great of all times bag and you may have a fake Chanel bag believing it to be the real deal. I know how sad that can be. Without further ado, let’s get into how you can tell a fake from a real Chanel bag. At the end of this post, you will be able to spot a real Chanel handbag from afar. That’s not all; I will give you a buyer’s guide on where you can get high quality Chanel bag replica at pocket-friendly rates.

  • The interlocked ‘C’ Lock

The ‘C’ lock is probably the most notable feature about this bag. It is there as a symbol of the brand as well as an authentication mark. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Mademoiselle’ lock because in her entire life, Chanel did not marry. She was dedicated to her business. Let me take you through how to tell if the lock is real or fake. On a real bag, the right ‘C’ should go over the left ‘C’ at the top intersection. At the bottom, it is the left ‘C’ that goes over the right ‘C’ at the intersection. Besides, the ‘Cs’ should be expertly done with very smooth curves. The same precision is also visible on Chanel replica high quality bag. If you see anything deviating from this, you are most likely looking at a fake.

Taking a keen look, the ‘C’ lock on the real bag is on small flap. On the fake, the ‘C’ is directly attached to the big flap falling from the top side. You can also see that the fake ‘Cs’ are faded, a sign that they are made from low-quality metal.

  • Authenticity Card and Serial Number

Chanel, as a brand, already knows of con artists who are trying to dupe customers into buying fake Chanel merchandise. This is the reason why they go into details to differentiate their bags. The real Chanel Classic Flap bag comes with a unique authentication card and serial number. The serial numbers should match the ones on the card. Basically, the numbers indicate the model of the bag and the year of manufacturing. The card is plastic and feels more like your ATM card. There should be no any form of decoration such as rainbow-like effects. I must insist once more, the serial numbers on the card and bag should always be identical. If you notice anything different, that is certainly a fake Chanel bag.

  • The Dust Bag

For high quality replica Chanel bags and the real ones, the dust bag is well crafted. The quality of material is superior, the text font is thick and in pure white. Even the Chanel logo is placed at the center. You can see the work on the dust bag is of a professional who understands the brand. Visually, the authentic bag is attractive and bigger than the fake. On the fake dust bag, the font is thin, the color is faded grey, and the Chanel logo is not at the middle. You can easily tell this is the work of a counterfeit artist with little or no understanding of the brand symbols.

  • Interior Identifiers

There is a common attribute between real and Chanel bag replica. Can you guess what that is? You’re right if your guess is specific interior identification tags. When you open the bag’s interior, the first thing you see is the stamping. The text font is thick and expertly done. There are no bleeding edges or misplaced character hooks. On the fake, the font is thinner and you can see some bleeding and inconsistency on the letters. In general, the identifiers on the fake Chanel bag are done in hasty. Now that’s one easy way of telling whether yours is the real or you spend your money on a fake.

  • Material

Most of Chanel bags are made from lambskin and caviar leather. The caviar leather is usually pebbled. At times they also use tweed, metallic leather, and denim. It is the same case with the Chanel Classic Flap bag. When lambskin is used, the interior is always red. When they use caviar, the interior is black. For fakes, they use cheap materials, and you can hardly expect to find genuine leather. When you touch the bags, you can feel the difference.

  • The Zippers

The zippers are always in shiny golden tone. They also have a ‘CHANEL’ clearly printed on the top side of the pull. Even the quality of the zipper is superior on the real bag. It is very straightforward to pick the quality you need.

  • The Chain Strap

Chanel bags are notorious for using chain and leather straps. The two are signature features you can use to tell if your bag is real or fake. Chanel vintage pieces always use a chain link without the leather strap. This is why they cost relatively higher than the rest of the items. In some other high quality replicas you will find both the chain link and leather strap intertwined. For fakes, you will have low quality chain link with poorly done loops. If they use both the link and strap, you can easily tell it is a low quality fabric and not leather. You should be keen not to fall into the trap of fakes.

  • Stitching

Do you know where the quilted stitching on Chanel items came from? It was the idea of Coco Chanel after studying the same pattern on jackets for horse jockeys. Since then it has been a trademark for the brand. On the real bags, the stitches are matching. If you take a keen look you will notice that there are approximately ten stitches within each inch. On the fakes, the stitching is not uniform. Moreover, the numbers of stitches in every inch are less than ten.

How and Where to buy High Quality Replica Chanel Bags

How to spot a fake Chanel bag is now out of our way. Going forward, no one will take advantage of your money selling a fake to you. So, how do you buy high quality Chanel bag replica? I’m about to open up the secret box for you. I will also tell you where you can get the best deals for all your fashion needs.

Go online and search ‘Primestuff’. You will be led to this premium site with loads of high quality merchandise. Go to the section for ‘bags’ and scroll down to Chanel catalogue. Click on it and you will find an endless list of bags. Move across and down the catalogue, click to the next page until you find what you are looking for. If you are looking for wholesale Chanel bags, you will even get better deals. The more you buy the lower the prices fall.

Finally, do not forget to keep checking out this blog. I always have hot new deals for you. I will keep you informed and any fashion news from around the globe will be on your desk as soon as it happens.

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