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How to Find Yeti Rambler Tumbler Cups at Cheap Wholesale Price on Aliexpress and Taobao.

What is a YETI?

Dubbed one of the most powerful insulated tumblers in market today, the YETI Rambler Tumblers have been praised high and low for its power in keeping hot coffee piping hot, and cold water icy cold. The minimalist design, featuring stainless steel body and a splash-resistant lid, makes the YETI Cup a fashionable item to bring anywhere, be it college, gym or even the mountains. With multiple functions as a Yeti water bottle, YETI coffee mug, YETI coffee cup, YETI thermos and YETI glasses, a YETI rambler is definitely a worthy item that deserves a space in your kitchen cabinet.

On YETI’s official website, a YETI Tumbler are priced at USD 30 (YETI Tumbler 20 oz) and USD 35 (YETI Tumbler 30 oz). The official YETI tumbler colors include stainless steel, white, blue, coral, red, green and black.

How to Find Yeti Rambler Tumblers Cheap Wholesale Price ok Taobao?

To buy YETI tumblers online, you can simply head to their official website or Amazon to get one. Not surprisingly, it is not easy to find YETI rambler at discounted price as YETI sale is not common.

However, if you are interested in getting a YETI knockoff cups at a cheaper price, you can go to Taobao and search with keywords “YETI杯子” and “冰霸杯”. On this website, you can easily find a huge variety of YETI cup and YETI tumbler, including both YETI 20 oz and YETI 30 oz Rambler.

The replica yeti glasses on Taobao are usually priced cheaply at around $8. Not to mention, many of these fakes have designs that are beyond the original YETI colors, such as galaxy, ombre and even rose gold. If you are particularly interested in buying custom YETI cups decals or colored YETI cups, like pink YETI cup, fancy YETI decals or a unicorn-y YETI Rambler colster, you should definitely head to Taobao for an unimaginable haul.

How to buy the Yeti Cups from taobao and ship to my country  ?

If you don’t know chinese and don’t have a taobao account, it is no problem. you can ask the taobao agent for help,they just charge around 10% fee and do the buying and shipping. here is the taobao agent link

How to spot a fake VS real YETI tumbler and find a high quality replica yeti?

Due to its popularity, fake YETI tumblers (especially the YETI rambler 30 and YETI cup 30 oz) are springing up everywhere in many online shops. There are various points on the tumbler and its packaging that we can look at to identify a fake. Below is a quick guide on how to differentiate a fake vs original YETI cup. you can find the high quality replica due to this guide too.

Point 1: Weight. An original YETI Rambler Tumbler should weigh at around 14 oz, while a fake is usually lighter at around 12 oz.

Point 2: Instruction booklet. If you look closely at the accompanied instruction booklet, you will notice that the fonts on a fake’s booklet are slightly different from an original, mainly the letter E (on “YETI”), and R (on “RUMBLER”). First, the letter E should have a shorter middle vertical line, while the top and bottom lines should be of equal length. These three lines of a fake usually have different lengths each. Secondly, the letter R should have a curvy last stroke as seen on the official logo (refer below). This last stroke is usually straight on a fake.

Point 3: YETI logo on lid. Similar to the point above, the YETI logo on the lid should be identical to the official logo above. A fake’s is usually different, especially the letter E, which vertical lines are made of lengths that are not consistent with the official logo.

Point 4: YETI logo on bottom of tumbler. The impression of the logo should be clear and neat. On a fake, the impression is usually shallower and sometimes has smaller font size.

Point 5: Mini pamphlet. An original YETI tumbler always comes with a mini pamphlet that introduces other YETI products, such as YETI mug, YETI cup, YETI water bottle, YETI koozie, YETI colsters and YETI cooler bag. This pamphlet is often missing from a fake.

We hope that you enjoy reading this post and that it is useful in your shopping of a beautiful YETI Rambler Tumbler!

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