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How to Find Replica Valentino Sneakers at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress

How to Find Replica valentino sneakers

How to Find Replica Valentino Sneakers at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress

Valentino Sneaker Introduction

How to Find Replica Valentino Sneakers.
Bearing Valentino’s signature rockstuds, Valentino sneakers are undoubtedly one of the Italian fashion house’s most recognized shoe styles, alongside its widely celebrated rock stud pumps. And today I will share my personal experience on How to Find Replica Valentino Sneakers at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress and how to spot low-quality replicas.

From the casual low-top Rockstud sneakers to the pompous Mink fur sneakers, the brand makes Valentino shoes for men and women alike. On Valentino’s official website, a pair of original Valentino sneakers cost between USD 700 – USD 2000, which is not surprising for a high-end luxurious brand.

If you are interested in getting a pair of Valentino sneakers but are not ready to pay for the big-ticket, continue to read on our post as we will guide you on how to find cheap Valentino sneakers replicas online.

How to find Valentino sneakers at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and Aliexpress?

If you are looking for Valentino sneaker sale price or you are interested in buying cheap Valentino sneakers replica online, you can certainly head to Taobao, AliExpress, and DHgate to look for one.

You can refer to the table below for relevant keywords that you can use to search for different Valentino sneakers for men and women on these websites:

Valentinos shoe stylesAliExpress and DHgate keywordsTaobao keywords
Valentino sneakersrockstuds shoes

rockstuds sneakers

rivet shoes



Valentino sneakers meanrockstuds shoe men

rockstuds sneakers men

rivet shoe men



Valentino sneakers women’srockstuds shoe women

rockstuds sneakers women

rivet shoe women



Both AliExpress and DHgate

On both AliExpress and DHgate, the listed Valentino sneakers replicas are mostly priced around USD 80. Although cheaply priced, the availability of color and style available on these websites is quite limited, with only the predictable colors of white, black and pink.

On the other hand, on Taobao, the listed Valentino sneakers replicas have a price tag ranging from USD 40 – USD 100.

While their price points are quite comparable to that of other wholesale platforms, a huge plus of shopping on Taobao for a pair of Valentino sneakers is the massive selection of colors and styles available.

You will be able to find rare colors and designs (such as the L’Amour sneakers) on Taobao more easily when compared to DHgate and AliExpress.

How to spot replica vs real Valentino sneakers?

If you are looking to buy a pair of authentic Valentino sneakers online but are worried about ending up with a pair of replica, worry not as we will now guide you on how to differentiate a pair of original Valentino sneakers to pair of the replica. Contrary to what you think, this task is not difficult at all – the secret is simply by looking at different details on the shoes.

(Note: If you are interested in identifying replica Valentinos shoes of another style, you can refer to our other posts on other Valentino shoes).

Let’s look at the relevant details comparison below:

Point 1: Size, arrangement, and color of studs.

First of all, we can look at the studs’ size, arrangement, and color as they function as a reliable comparison standard. On an original Valentino sneaker (bottom), the studs are aligned very neatly. Besides that, the studs are also smaller in size with dimmer gold shade.

Next, the embedded studs along the back of the shoes have a more 3D look to it, besides being aligned tidily along the edge of the side soles. Lastly, these studs on the original are in a slightly off white color (rather than being pure white as seen in the replica above).

Point 2: Stitching.

As seen in the pictures above, the stitching on an original (right) is much denser and more delicate/subtle looking when compared to a replica (left).

Point 3: Valentino tag on the shoe tongue.

This tag on the shoe tongue also acts as a good tell-tale sign of a replica. Said tag on a replica (top) has a grey tinge. While the same tag on a real (bottom) is clearly white. In addition, the printing of words on the tag should have a fading effect (bottom) rather than being solid and well defined as seen on a replica (top).

Point 4: Studs.

The white studs along the back of the shoes should be made of a decent size on an original (right). However, if you look at the replica (left), the same studs are apparently slightly smaller in size. Besides that, the studs are arranged much more loosely to one another.

Point 5: Extra stitching on the leather piece on side of shoes.

In the middle portion on the side of the shoes, the leather piece should be missing stitches on one side of it (as circled in red in the bottom picture). However, on a replica (top), you can see that the leather piece is stitched on all sides of the rectangle.

Point 6: Insole.

On a replicas insole (top), the Valentino logo printed is in a light yellow color; however, the same logo should be in a deep dark yellow color on an original (bottom) instead. Besides, you can see that the replica is missing a “made-in” printing on its insole. (Note: Please note that not every Valentino insole will have small holes as seen in the picture above)

Point 7: Shoe bottom.

Another way to spot a replica is by looking at the wordings. “Valentino Garavani Made In Italy” on the Valentinos shoe bottom. First, the replica uses a slightly different font than an original, which is a comparatively bigger and taller look.

Next, rather than being embossed neatly in the middle and the same wording on a replica is not aligned as precisely. Finally, there should be decent spacing between the word “Garavani” and “Made in Italy”; on a replica, these two lines are awfully close to one another.

Is there a high-quality replica in the market today?

In the market today, one can actually find Valentino sneakers replicas made of high quality. Which detailing work is highly comparable to a pair of authentic. These replicas are priced at around USD 170. If you are intrigued. You can see below for some of the real detailed shots of a pair of high-quality Valentino sneakers replicas.

That we found online:

How to Find Replica valentino sneakers

How to Find Replica valentino sneakers

How to Find Replica valentino sneakers

We hope that you have enjoyed reading. This post about the gorgeous Valentino shoe sneakers and we wish you all the best on your shopping spree!


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