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How to Find Replica Valentino Sandals at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress


The collection of Valentino sandals, slides and flip flops includes a plethora of beautiful designs that could complement everyone and anyone’s styles. Using different materials, as well as featuring diverse sorts of embellishments, the Valentino sandals are indeed versatile and multifaceted to fit into one’s closet for both men and women.And today we will introduce Valentino Sandals and tell you how to get a high quality replica Valentino Sandals online.

As seen on a number of celebrities, let’s take a look at how we can style ourselves with a pair of captivating Valentino sandals. Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a pair of Valentino studded sandals to complete her stunning, classy maternity look. On the other hand, cutie pie Elle Fanning and model Charlotte McKinney were seen flashing the Valentino jelly sandals (in pink!) and Valentino rockstud flip flops respectively, which seamlessly completed their casual gym outfits.

Depending on the materials and embellishment used, a pair of Valentino sandals can cost between USD 300 – USD 1000, according to the fashion house’s official website. The cheaper ones (below USD 500) include the simple Valentino slides made for men, while the more expensive ones usually involve adornment with the brand’s signature rockstuds, which include the Valentino rockstud slides and Valentino rockstud sandals.

As with many branded shoes from luxurious brands, these irresistible Valentino sandals are of course targets of many replica manufacturers around the world. As many are worried about falling as victim to these replicas, we are providing below a guide on how can we spot a pair of replica vs real Valentino sandals by using a pair of simple Valentino slides as our example.


How to spot replica vs real Valentino sandals

Due to the simplicity of Valentino sandals, we can simply look at the structure and crafted details on the sandals themselves in order to spot a pair of replica sandals. Let’s look at the detailed pictures below.

Point 1: Footbed / Insole. On original Valentino sandals, there should NOT be any Valentino logo (right); whereas you would be able to see this on a replica (left). In addition, the footbed should be made from grainy leather, which grains can be felt by touching. In contrast, the replica footbed is made from smooth leather where said grains are absent.

Point 2: Camouflage print. The camouflage print on authentic Valentino sandals should have clear engraved lines (right), which are usually absent on a replica (left). Furthermore, the authentic camouflage band should be smooth while the replicas usually have rough imprinted patterns on it.

Point 3: Shoe bottom. As seen in the comparison pictures above, the real Valentino sandals should have a Valentino label (right), which is non-existent on a replica (left). The shoes also obviously have very different embossed patterns on their bottom: the real bottom represents some camouflage pattern but the replica one’s displays some geometric squarish pattern (left).

Point 4: Attachment of band to shoe sole. Lastly, the camouflage band should be connected to the shoe sole in a tight and neat manner thereby creating absolutely no gap in between (left). However, on a replica , craftsmanship is not as decent – as a result, one can always find certain degree of gap at the connection point of the shoe band and shoe sole as indicated in the red box above (right).


How to find Replica Valentino Sandals at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and Aliexpress?

If you are interested in getting a pair of Valentino sandals but are not ready to splurge on a pair of authentic, you might be interested in getting a pair of replica online. To look for Valentino sandals sales, or simply cheap Valentino sandals replicas, you can visit DHgate, AliExpress and Taobao.

The table below summarizes the relevant keywords that you can use to search for a pair of cheap Valentino sandals (of different styles from simple camouflage sandals to rockstud flip flops) on DHgate, AliExpress and Taobao:

Valentino sandalsDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Valentino sandalsV rivet sandals

rockstud sandals

rivet sandals

rivet slippers




Valentino slides

Valentino slippers

V rivet slippers

studded slippers

studded slides

leather studded slippers

leather studded slides

camouflage slide sandals




Valentino studded sandalsstudded sandals

rivet sandals

studded slippers

leather studded slippers



Valentino jelly sandalsjelly sandals

jelly flip flops

bowknot slippers




Valentino flip flops

Valentino rockstud flip flops

jelly sandals

jelly flip flops

rivet flip flops



Valentino espadrilles铆钉草编鞋

Most Valentino sandals replicas on DHgate and AliExpress are priced between USD 20 – USD 70. On the other hand, those listed on Taobao are much more competitively priced as they are usually priced lower within the range of USD 10 – USD 50.

Also, based on our experience, it is a lot easier to find specific Valentino sandals replicas on Taobao when compared to DHgate and AliExpress. Despite using the specific keywords stated, results on DHgate and AliExpress inevitably show many other shoes that are not replicas of Valentino sandals.

In contrary, such is not the case on Taobao as each specific keyword would lead to mostly items that represent the relevant Valentino sandals replicas.

Not to mention, the variety and assortment of Valentino sandals and slippers on Taobao are also much higher when compared to DHgate and AliExpress.

BONUS: Since we are on the topic of Valentino brand, and we know that many are interested in finding some cheap Valentino accessories (like Valentino eyeglasses and Valentino bracelet), we are including below an extra table providing relevant keywords to find their cheap replicas on DHgate, AliExpress and Taobao:

Valentino accessoriesDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Valentino sunglasses

Valentino glasses

V sunglassesv家铆钉眼镜


Valentino braceletrivet leather bracelet铆钉手环



That is all for today’s post on the item of Replica Valentino sandals! We hope that you have enjoyed reading this and it has helped in your shopping for a pair of these gorgeous sandals!

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