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How to Find Replica Off White Shirt at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress


Street style fashion label Off White is created and founded by Virgil Abloh, who was once a Grammy award wining art director at Kanye West’s production team. Made from the hands of a British Fashion Awards winner, Off White has always been one of the tops in the high-end street wear industry since the very first day of its launch.

Made distinct with the brand’s recognized stripes pattern, Off-White offers simple and hip urban fashion items, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, plaid shirts, distressed jeans and such. In today’s post, we will be focusing on their star item of Off White T-shirt.

Comfy, simple and yet strikingly recognizable, Off White makes T-shirts fitting for both men and women. So, if you are not the kind of girl who digs fancy, white off-the-shoulder shirt, you might enjoy donning an Off White T-shirt instead. With intriguing graphics from Mona Lisa to the fashion house’s signature stripes patterns, you will definitely find one design that would fit your aesthetic.

In recent years, Off White even collaborated with Nike to launch a limited edition Off White Nike T-shirt, which incorporates the essence of both brands in creating a delectable masterpiece that are highly sought after by many rare item collectors all around the world.

According to Off White’s official website, an Off White T-shirt starts at a price of USD 360. As expected, the price goes up for those with fancier designs like long-sleeves or rare graphics.

As with most luxurious fashion items, Off White is another label that has fallen victim to the many replica manufacturers worldwide. As such, one must be wary when buying any Off White T-shirt online to avoid getting a Replica Off White T-shirt while paying full price for a genuine product.

With this being said, let’s look at our guide below that can help you to spot a Replica vs real Off White T-shirt, by looking at various details on the shirt itself.

How to spot Replica vs real Off White T-shirt

In this section, we have put together a basic guide that consists of various point-outs can you can use order to identify a  Replica Off White shirt. Although there are many different styles and models within Off White clothing collection, their collar tag and washing label should have consistent format; therefore, we can definitely look at these details to spot a Replica .

Below, we will be comparing a Replica black Off White shirt (left) to a real white Off White shirt (right) to point out the different points:

Point 1: Extra tag. The clothing tag that comes with the original Off White T-shirt should be in a semi-transparent material with white stripes on it (top). However, the tag of a Replica is made from an opaque black material with yellow stripes on it (bottom), as well as the word OFF WHITE.

Point 2: Tag on collar. As seen in the picture above, an authentic Off White shirt (top) should have a collar tag with clear black words in a rubbery material. Due to this, you should be able to see the words reflecting light under a light. In addition, the words should also be raised and can be felt through touching.

In comparison, a Replica Off White shirt will have a collar tag that simply says OFF-WHITE marked by ® – which is an obvious telltale sign of a fake.

Point 3: Washing labels. The first difference between the washing labels of a real vs Replica Off White shirt is the word on the label. On an original, the label should say “MADE IN PORTUGAL”, and not “MADE IN CHINA”.

Also, you should be able to find the founder’s name, VIRGIL ABLOH, at the bottom of the label. Besides that, the stated Off White Operating SRL’s address should be Milan, and not Guangzhou. Finally, the stripes on the washing label can also be different between a real and Replica Off White shirt.

Point 4: The word “OFF” on T-shirt. The word “OFF” on an original Off White T-shirt should have a slight fading effect on the edges, as circled in yellow above (top). In contrast, the same word on a Replica is perfect without such fading (bottom).

Point 5: Printed “HEAVY” design. The yellow “HEAVY” design on the shirt should have some dirty” marks and shadowy peeled off corner, as circled in red above (top). However, on a Replica (bottom), the same design is rather clean and in a brighter yellow color instead.

Point 6: The words “MIRROR MIRROR” on back of T-shirt. The “MIRROR MIRROR” words on an authentic T-shirt appear to be much deeper than that of a Replica , thereby creating more shadow.

Furthermore, if you look at the words “MIRROR MIRROR” closely, you will note that there are differences in the letters R and O between a Replica and real Off White T-shirt. Said letters on an authentic are apparently narrower in comparison.


How to find Off White shirt at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and Aliexpress?

If you are looking for Off White T-shirt sale online, you can certainly visit the wholesale platforms of Taobao, DHgate and AliExpress for your shopping haul.

You can refer to our table below that has captured the related keywords that may be useful to search for a cheap Off White shirt (in different styles and varieties) on DHgate, AliExpress and Taobao:

Off White shirtDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Off White shirt

Off White T-shirt

Off White tee shirt

off white T shirt

OW T shirt

off white t恤
Off White shirt mens

Off White t shirt mens

off white T shirt menoff white t恤男
Off White shirt womens

Off White t shirt women’s

off white T shirt womenoff white t恤女
Off White long sleeve shirt

Off White long sleeve t shirt

off white sweatshirtoff white 长袖 t
Off White camo shirtoff white 迷彩 t
Off White plaid shirtoff white 格子衬衫
Off White striped shirtoff white T shirtoff white 条纹t恤
Off White denim shirtoff white 牛仔衬衫
Off White dress shirt

Off White men’s dress shirt

off white 衬衫
Off White VLONE shirtvlone shirtvlone t恤
Off White black shirt

Off White black T-shirt

off white T shirt blackoff white t恤黑

Our first hint to all of you who are looking to buy cheap Off White shirt online is: don’t bother to go to AliExpress to look for one. The availability of Off White shirt on the website is somehow extremely limited probably due to strict intellectual property law enforcement on said platform.

Secondly, if we are to compare Taobao vs DHgate, we would definitely recommend you to shop on Taobao as the variety of cheap Off White shirts on the website is much more superior. Not to mention, certain styles like “Off White camo shirt” and “Off White plaid shirt” are so much easier to find on Taobao with the keywords mentioned above.

Lastly, in terms of pricing, there is also major difference between DHgate and Taobao. Majority of Off White shirts on DHgate are priced at around USD 25 while that of Taobao are within the range of USD 25 – USD 200. With this, you can choose either platform that is more fitting to your budget.

A minimalist Replica Off White shirt is truly a staple in the wardrobe of all casual street style wearers. We hope that you have found this post useful in your hunt of a good Off White shirt!

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  1. Hey, one other great way to find these is the by their release date.
    Search for 17FW or 18SS
    17FW is 2017 Fall/Winter
    18SS is 2018 Spring/Summer release
    Same naming convention is in use widely on other sites like too

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