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How to Find High Quality Replica Balenciaga Speed Trainer and Buying Strategy


Before Balenciaga Triple S took over the world with its bizarre chunky design, it was the balenciaga speed trainer that put Balenciaga’s brand name out there in the market race of high-end sneakers. Even more commonly known as the Balenciaga socks shoes, the shoes definitely live up to its nickname as their body is made from knit sock supported by a thick textured sole. Boasting to be an extremely light shoe, the Balenciaga speed trainer on feet are definitely very comfortable to accompany you along your grocery trip or a day roaming around the city of Paris.

On the Balenciaga’s official website, the Balenciaga Speed Trainers are priced at USD 750 for both Balenciaga Speed Trainer Women and Balenciaga Speed Trainer Men.

How to identify a fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer?

Point 1: Logo on dust bag. At first glance, the logo on a real and fake dust bags looked identical to one another. However, if you look more closely, you will realize that the fake (top) used a slightly different font (pay attention to letters L, C and G) when compared to an original (bottom). Also, the fake’s fonts are thicker with slight bleeding around the word edges.

Point 2: Balenciaga envelope. If you buy the authentic Balenciaga sock shoes from a Balenciaga boutique or the official website, all shoes should come with a long rectangular envelope (right) keeping your receipt and such. However, purchase of a fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer may come with an envelope that is shorter in length with different closing flap shape (left).

Point 3: Logo on shoes. On the side of a Balenciaga Speed Trainer, you should find the BALENCIAGA logo printed neatly (left), which should be identical to the official Balenciaga logo. On the other hand, on a replica (right), the same logo might be printed in a slightly different font (you can pay special attention to the letters C and G and compare them to the official Balenciaga logo). The spacing of the letters on a fake might also be wider than an original. Finally, on the fake below (right), the printed logo was also slightly peeled off (letter B) reflecting the low quality of a replica.

Point 4: Shoes shape. If you are to compare the overall shape of an original Balenciaga Speed Trainer vs a fake, the shape of the front part of the shoes are vastly different when viewed from the side (see picture below). On an original (top), the top part of the shoes should be straight; however, on a fake (bottom), the shoe curves upward in an acute angle. Similarly, if we look at the shoe soles, the original’s curves up in a very soft angle but the fake curves up much higher.

Point 5: Stitching on back of shoes. The next telltale of fake Balenciaga sock shoes is the stitching at the back of the shoes. On an original Speed Trainer (left), the stitching at the back should be straight and tidy. However, on a fake (right), the same stitching is messy and wavy clearly showing the poor craftsmanship of the replicas.

Point 6: Shoes bottom. Finally, we can authenticate a pair of Balenciaga sock shoes by checking the shoes bottom. On an original (left), the little circles on the bottom’s circle pattern are much closer to one another. In other words, the spaces between the little circles are very small. In contrast, these circles on a fake (right) are more loosely placed thereby creating larger space in between them.

How to find cheap Balenciaga Speed Trainer?

If you are interested in buying cheap Balenciaga Speed Trainer replica online, you can certainly find some on Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate.

To search for cheap Balenciaga sock shoes on AliExpress and DHgate, you can use keywords like “sock shoes”, “knit shoes” and “knitted shoes”. (Tip: do not search with obvious keywords like “balenciaga speed trainer black” or “balenciaga speed trainer white” as they will not produce any useful results). Most of the replicas listed on these websites are priced between USD 20 – USD 50.

On the other hand, on Taobao, you can search with keywords “袜子鞋” and “针织鞋” to look for cheap Balenciaga sock shoes replica. Most of the listed replicas are priced at average USD 50. Compared to AliExpress ad DHgate, the variety of Balenciaga sock shoes replica on Taobao is higher, with the availability of both Balenciaga speed trainer womens and mens. In addition, you can even find rare version like the Balenciaga speed trainer red on Taobao (see below).

That’s all for today’s post about the Balenciaga Speed Trainer and we wish you all the best in your search of a pair of these stunning sock shoes!

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