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How to Find Replica Gucci Shoes at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress

Perfect Quality Replica Gucci Ace sneakers spot and supplier finding guide. -Updated in 2019.6.10

Today i will talk about the popular style in gucci ace: the gucci ace sneakers bee .

Firstly, the bee embroidery on the gucci ace sneakers for men and women is different,but most replica gucci ace sneakers factory don’t know this details, the following are the difference:

  1. the shape of the bee: on the original men’s gucci ace bee sneakers,the bee is male, the front leg and back leg is more straight than the female. and the shape of wing is also different. 
  2. the stitch line: between the two leather tapes, you can see the men’s gucci ace sneakers have two stitch lines while the women’s gucci ace sneakers only have one stitch line. 

Second, the difference of the perfect quality replica men’s gucci ace bee sneakers and the normal cheap replica gucci shoes.

  1. the bee shape: to produce 100% similar bee to original is very diffcult for a replica gucci factory. first the color of the line of the real gucci ace sneakers bee is dark gold color while the normal quality replica gucci ace sneakers have the yellow gold color.  Second the size of the bee is different. the real one is smaller, and the leg is near to the body. the wing is shorter and fat. the perfect quality replica gucci ace sneakers did the same shape of the bee to the original.but the cheap gucci sneakers have a different shapes.
  2. The back heels. the shape of the perfect quality replica gucci  is round and well proportioned like real while the normaly quality replica gucci sneakers ace is tight.  The snake leather on the back is real snake leather for the real , but the replica cheap gucci sneakers have a Embossed cowhide material. The wrinkles of the leather is manual work for the replica sneakers.and the color of the real one is more dark green while the replica gucci sneakers have a bright green color.
  3. The  Sole:  Normally quality cheap Replica gucci ace bee sneakers have a thermoprint logo on the sole but the the perfect quality gucci sole logo is made by stamp like real. When you thermoprint the logo on the sole, the leather of the sole burns and hurt. but if it used by stamp, the leather is good looking.
  4. the head of the shoes: the normal quality cheap replica gucci ace sneakers use a single stitching line which is the lining method of women’s ace sneakers. the correct one is like the perfect quality replica sneakers which have double stitching line.
  5. the infilling paper:  The perfect quality replica gucci ace sneakers have the good quality infilling paper like the original ,which similar to toilet paper feeling comfortable. but the normal quality cheap replica gucci sneakers have the normal quality paper as the following photo.
  6. the bottom: perfect quality replica gucci ace shoes have a original version bottom. you can see the printing is more meticulous. and the logo of the robot have eyes while the normal quality cheap gucci sneakers robot don’t have eyes.
  7. Shoes box: the gucci logo place is differet. the normal quality box have a gucci logo at a lower place. but the perfect quality gucci ace sneakers have a correct box. 
  8. the label: the normal quality replica gucci ace sneakers have a wrong label contents and bad priting. 
  9. The last one i will show you the whole packing and accessories . you will see the perfect quality have good quality dust bags, plastic bags and good quality infilling paper, also it come with a envelope,a card and a recipt . while the normal quality replica cheap gucci ace sneakers have normal quality dust bags and different packing paper from the real gucci.

This article is updated in 2019.06.10 for the lastest version of gucci ace sneakers. since the real gucci packing and material is changing ,so it is just for a reference not 100% correct for all version of real gucci sneakers.

How to find replica gucci ace sneakers? 

For normal quality you can find it in taobao, aliexpress and dhgate at a low price below 100usd.   in the end of this article, you will find the searching keywords for each site to help you find the right supplier in taobao,aliexpress and dhgate.

For perfect quality replica gucci ace sneakers, you can find it in , the price on that website is higher, if you are a reseller, you can discuss with their sales to get a wholesale price.

Introduction-Updated in 2018 

Being one of the earliest forerunners in making luxury fashion items a part of the mainstream fashion world, Italian fashion house Gucci is undeniably a well-respected and recognized main player in today’s fashion realm with a long history of stellar accomplishments.

Besides their celebrated leather goods, Gucci shoes are the leading collections that continue to propel the fashion label as one of the top competitor among other high-end fashion brands.

Among the brand’s footwear line, one can find a hodgepodge of various Gucci shoe styles made and crafted exquisitely for both men and women. Including but not limiting to dress shoes, sneakers, heels, loafers and even sandals, you are bound to find a pair of satisfying  Gucci shoes suited for your personal taste and lifestyle.

Also, riding on the recent hype of sneakers collaboration series, some specialized custom shops online even created their own “Gucci-inspired” series, such as the Gucci Huaraches, Gucci Foamposites (sometimes known as Gucci Foams) and Gucci Jordans. Drawing from the signature colour of Gucci, namely red and green, these classic shoes are re-created with an extraordinary Gucci twist.

With all these creative custom collaboration series released by individual artists globally, on top of the fact that there are a handful of Gucci shoes replica manufacturers in the world today, one can somehow get stressed out about ending up with a pair of Replica Gucci shoes when purchasing online.

For this reason, we have put together below a guide that you can use to identify a pair of replica vs real Gucci shoes. Continue reading to find out how!

How to spot Replica vs real Gucci Shoes

In our guide of “How to spot a Replica ” today, we will be using the celebrated Gucci Ace Sneakers as our example for comparison.

Let’s see below for detailed comparison between a pair of Replica vs real Gucci Ace sneakers:

Point 1: Logo patch on dust bag. The stitching of Gucci logo patch on the dust bag of an authentic Gucci sneaker should be neat and tidy (right). On the other hand, the same patch on a Replica is wobbly stitched with four crooked corners (left).

Point 2: Stitching on shoe tongue. On the real Gucci sneakers, the stitching on the shoe tongues should be dense (right). In comparison, said stitching on a Replica is much looser and further from one another (left).

Point 3: Leather on shoe heel. As shown in picture above, the appearance of crocodile leather used on a pair of Replica Gucci sneakers can be very different from that of real Gucci sneakers. The tile pattern on the leather of the authentic shoe is apparently more subtle (right) while that of a fake is much more coarse and obvious (left).

Point 4: Logo on shoe bottom. First, you will note that the box boxing the Gucci logo is slightly larger on a pair of Replica (left) while that of a real is smaller (right). Secondly, the embossed logo and words on a pair of Replica is also less defined when compared to an original.

Point 5: Bottom of insole. Firstly, the insole of a Replica Gucci sneaker has larger GG monogram imprint if compared to the authentic stuff (right). Next, the GUCCI logo embossed on a Replica is also comparatively larger than that on a genuine Gucci insole.

Lastly, you should also be able to find two lines of code on the insole of a real Gucci sneaker, which is often missing on a replica.

Point 6: Shoe interior or midsole. Upon removing the insole, you will find the signature GG monogram on the shoe midsole. The authentic Gucci midsole should be very soft with GG monogram printed in a faint dark shade and thick outline (right).

In comparison, the same GG monogram on a Replica appears to be in a much darker shade (left).

How to find Gucci shoes at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and DHgate?

If you are looking for Replica Gucci shoes on sale, you can certainly head to the websites of Taobao, DHgate and AliExpress to find cheap Gucci shoes replicas there.

Please look at the comprehensive table below that has summarized the related keywords that you can use to search for a pair of cheap Gucci shoes (of different styles from cheap Gucci sneakers to Gucci heels) on DHgate, AliExpress and Taobao:

Gucci shoesDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Gucci shoesGG shoes

G shoes

Gucci shoes for men

Gucci men’s shoes

GG shoes men

G shoes men

Gucci shoes for women

Gucci women’s shoes

Gucci girl shoes

GG shoes women

G shoes women

Gucci sneakersGG sneakers

G brand sneakers



Gucci sneakers for menGG sneakers menG家休闲鞋男


Gucci sneakers for womenGG sneakers womenG家休闲鞋女


Gucci ace sneakersGG embroidery sneakersG家小白鞋



Gucci high tops

Gucci high top shoes

Gucci high top sneakers

GG high topG家高帮鞋


Gucci high top sneakers for menGG high top menG家高帮鞋男


Gucci Huaraches
Gucci Jordans
Gucci Yeezys
Gucci NMD

Gucci NMDS

Gucci Foamposites

Gucci Foams

Gucci glitter sneakers钻运动板鞋


Gucci platform sneakersG家厚底鞋
Gucci floral sneakersGG embroidery rose sneakers

Embroidery rose sneakers



Gucci snake sneakersEmbroidery snake sneakers

Snake sneakers



Gucci black sneakersG brand sneakers blackG家休闲鞋黑
Gucci white sneakersG brand sneakers whiteG家休闲鞋白
Gucci loafersGG loafers

Metal chain loafers

Metal chain mules

Fur slipper mules

Princetown shoes





Gucci loafers men

Gucci Horsebit loafers

Metal chain leather loafers men

Princetown shoes men

Gucci loafers women

Gucci Brixton loafer

Metal chain leather loafers women

Princetown shoes women

Gucci dress shoes

Gucci dress shoes for men

G brand dress shoes

G dress shoes

Gucci pumps

Gucci heels

G heels

G pumps

GG heels



Gucci slip onsGG casual shoesG家懒人鞋
Gucci espadrillesGG espadrilles
Gucci flipflopsGG slippers

Bloom slides

Flower sandals

Mensstriped sandals

Gucci tennis shoes

tenis Gucci

GG white sneakers

G brand white sneakers

G low top sneakers




Gucci tennis shoes for menGG white sneakers men

G low top sneakers men

Gucci tennis shoes for womenGG white sneakers women

G low top sneakers women

Gucci glitter shoes

Gucci sparkle shoes

Gucci snake shoesG snake shoesG家玫瑰鞋
Gucci flower shoesG flower shoesG家蛇鞋
Gucci toddler shoes

Gucci baby shoes

White Gucci shoesGG shoes white

G shoes white

Red Gucci shoesGG shoes red

G shoes red

Black Gucci shoesGG shoes black

G shoes black


Note: As of today, we are not able to find any of the mentioned “Gucci collaboration” custom shoes (e.g. Gucci Huaraches, Gucci Foamposites, Gucci Jordans, Gucci Yeezys and Gucci NMD) on Taobao, DHgate or AliExpress. We shall update this post accordingly once any updated information is received.

If we are to pick one out of these three websites, we will have to say that Taobao is proven to be the best site to search for both Gucci sneaker sale and Gucci loafers sale as the variety and styles available on this website is more superior.

As for cheap Gucci shoes for men, both Dhgate and Taobao are good for this purpose as there are a good amount of Gucci shoes for men on these two website.

As a whole, we would also like to recommend you to exclude the use of AliExpress as the availability of cheap Gucci shoes replicas are very limited on this website.

We love the beautiful Gucci shoes and we know that you do too! We hope that this post is of any help to your search of a pair of good quality Replica Gucci shoes!


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