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How to Find Gucci Bags at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress


Today’s post is indeed a long awaited post by many, including editors in the house, as today’s star item is the ultimate favorite of many. It is no other than… drumroll…. the Gucci bags!

Available for both men and women, the collection of Gucci bags aggrandizes a good hundred of bag styles and designs which individually have their very own charm and allure that make people fall head over heels. Just like the song of I Get the Bag by Gucci Mane, everybody wants to get a Gucci bag! Also you can check here for the hot style Replica Gucci Ace Shoes Spot and buying guide.

Spotted on countless celebrities, Gucci bags are the paramount fashion item to make or break a look. Seen on Kendall Jenner was the Gucci Marmont shoulder bag while Salma Hayek a Gucci Dionysus clutch. On the other hand, hot mama Nicole Richie was seen donning a Gucci baby diaper bag.

From these, we can see that Gucci bags transcend across all age groups and effortlessly boost a lady’s style ever so daintily yet so tellingly.

A real Gucci bag is normally priced within the range of USD 800 – USD 30,000, according to the brand’s official website. These expensive bags are definitely nothing modest, even for someone with mid-tier income.

That is the reason why it is so easy to find replica Gucci bags in market today – which are manufactured as the budget version for those who can’t afford the genuine thing. So, in today’s post, we have put together an authentication guide to help you in spotting a replica vs real Gucci bag.

How to spot replica vs real Gucci Crossbody bag

In today’s guide of “how to spot a replica”, we will be showing you what details to look at in order to identify a genuine vs replica Gucci Crossbody bag. In particular, we will be using the Gucci GG Marmont bag as our model for comparison purpose.

Continue to scroll down for detailed comparison pictures and description of how to spot a real vs replica Gucci Crossbody bag:

Point 1: Snap button. The snap button on a real Gucci crossbody bag has a ball-shaped head with a long protrusion (left). In contrast, this button on a replica is circular, bigger and flatter (right).

The lining used on the flap of the real Gucci crossbody bag should be smooth (left) but that of a replica is more on the rough side (right).

Point 2: GG hardware on flap. As shown in picture above, the Double G hardware is placed with a considerable distance from the end of the bag flap (left). In contrary, the same hardware is much nearer to the end of the flap on a replica (right).

Point 3: GG hardware. Again, as seen in the comparison pictures above, the Double G hardware on a real Gucci Crossbody bag should be in dimmed gold shade (left) but that of a replica is in a shiny gold color instead.

Secondly, the bottom G should have pits at crossing points of the two letters (left), which are otherwise absent on a replica, as circled in red above (right). Finally, a replica “GG” hardware may actually read “CG” clearly exposing the identity of a replica.

Point 4: Holes in flap for chain. On a real Gucci Crossbody bag, the four holes on the bag, which hold the bag chain, should be in the position shown in picture above (left). In comparison, the holes on a replica are arranged in a straight line instead (right).

Besides this, the chain on a genuine Gucci bag is much thicker (left) than that of a replica (right).

Point 5: Lining. The lining of an authentic Gucci Crossbody bag should be red in color (left); however, the lining of a replica Gucci is in dark gray shade instead (right).

Also, the internal zip of the bag should be pulled right to open (left); in contrast, the replica’s zipper pulls to the left to be opened instead (right).

How to find Gucci bags at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and Aliexpress?

For those who are in love with the styles and designs of Gucci shoes or simply would like to copy the styles of celebrities who have been seen flashing a beautiful Gucci bag, but are not quite ready to fork out a good chunk of your paycheck for one of the bags, I guess you might be trying your luck in looking for Gucci bags on sale online and offline.

In US and UK, physical Gucci bags outlet do exist, albeit in small number. However, the fashion house does not have any Gucci outlet online. In said brick and mortar outlets, you can sometimes find Gucci purse and handbags sale, as well as Gucci wallet sales, especially for items that are out of season.

With these being said, if you do not mind a used Gucci bag, you can certainly head to eBay or other marketplace platforms to look for one.

On the other hand, you can visit Taobao, DHgate and AliExpress to find cheap Gucci bags replicas.

The broad table below has included the related keywords that one can use to hunt down a cheap Gucci bag (of diverse types from Gucci wallet for men to Gucci crossbody bag) on DHgate, AliExpress and Taobao:

Gucci bagsDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Gucci bag

Gucci purses

G brand bag

G brand handbag

GG bag




Gucci bags for womenG brand bag women

G brand handbag women

GG bag women

Gucci man bagG brand bag men

G brand handbag men

GG bag men

Gucci handbags

Gucci hobo bag

G brand handbag

G handbag

Gucci wallets

Gucci pocketbooks

G purse walletG家皮夹
Gucci men’s wallet

Gucci wallets for men

G purse wallet menG家皮夹男
Gucci wallet for womenG purse wallet womenG家皮夹女
Gucci snake walletG purse wallet snakeG家皮夹蛇
Gucci wallet on chainG chain bagG家包链条
Gucci crossbody bagMarmont bag

G shoulder bag

Marmont crossbody bag





Gucci fanny pack

Gucci belt bag

Gucci waist bag

G waist bag

G belt bag

Gucci tote bagG tote bagG托特包
Gucci Soho disco bag

Gucci disco bag

Gucci Soho bag

Gucci Soho leather shoulder bag

soho bag

disco bag

Gucci marmont bagmarmont bagG家链条包


Gucci shoulder bagG shoulder bagCG单肩包


Gucci clutch

Gucci wristlet

G clutchCG手拿包



Gucci duffle bagG duffle双G旅行袋手提包
Gucci messenger bagluxury g messenger bagG斜挎包


Gucci Boston bagG boston bagG波士顿包
Gucci Dionysus bag

Gucci Dionysus mini

G snake bag

G serpentine bag

Gucci satchelG satchelG家书包
Gucci backpack for womenMarmont backpack

G backpack




Vintage Gucci bagsVintage g bag复古G家包
Gucci card holderG card holderG家卡包


Gucci mini bag

Gucci small bag

G mini bagG家迷你包


Gucci camera bagMarmont camera bagCG相机包
Gucci pouchGG pouchG家手提袋
Gucci bee bagG bee bagG家小蜜蜂包包
Red Gucci bagG bag red

G brand handbag red

GG bag red




Black Gucci purse

Black Gucci bag

G bag black

G brand handbag black

GG bag black




We have only one major tip for you who are trying to track down a cheap Gucci bag replica: don’t bother going to AliExpress for it. Due to whatever reason (but most probably strict intellectual property and design law enforcement by Gucci on this platform), it is very difficult to find counterfeit Gucci bag replicas on this website.

As such, we would recommend you to focus your effort on either AliExpress or Taobao to look for a cheap Gucci bag replica.

Gucci bags are beautiful and we all know it. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and that it is of any help to you in your shopping of a stunning Gucci bag!

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