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How to Find Replica Giuseppe Zanotti at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress


Italian fashion house Giuseppe Zanotti, created by fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti, is an all-time favorite luxury footwear brand among A-list Hollywood stars and elite fashionistas.Now i will share my experience on how to find a high quality Replica Giuseppe Zanotti and how to spot a cheap replicas.

Within Giuseppe Zanotti shoes collection that makes headlines and head-turns are the stunning Giuseppe Zanotti men’s sneakers. Available in various materials from precious leather to classy suede, while featuring striking metallic adornments, these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers are every man’s dream shoes.

One of the most recognized styles from this line is undoubtedly the Frankie low-top sneaker that feature luxurious calfskin leather and Giuseppe’s signature gold zippers.

Besides sneakers, Giuseppe Zanotti heels are another star item from the eponymous label, which are always seen and captured on red carpets all around the globe. One of our favourite Giuseppe heels is definitely the statement piece Cruel sandal heels. Featuring gold-metal flourish while standing at 120mm, these arresting heels are bound to turn heads and steal hearts.

According to the brand’s official website, most Giuseppe shoes are priced between USD 500 – USD 1200. In particular, the majority of basic Giuseppe Zanotti men’s sneakers are priced at USD 700, while most Giuseppe Zanotti heels at USD 900. Not to discourage anyone but the beautiful Cruel sandal heels above has an equally jaw-dropping price tag of USD 1600.


Due to their outrageous price tags, many are asking and looking for Giuseppe Zanotti outlet, both online and offline, as a desperate effort to own a pair of these stunning Giuseppe shoes. While certain online retailers do carry specified Giuseppe shoe styles at discounted price, you have got to be extra careful before pressing that BUY button as replicas are not uncommon nowadays.

In relation to this and to help you with your shopping, we have put together a quick below that you may be able to use to spot a pair of replica vs real Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Continue to read on!


How to spot replica vs real Giuseppe Zanotti ?

In our authentication guide below that shows how can one identify a pair of replica vs real Giuseppe Zanotti, we will be using the Giuseppe Zanotti Nicki Sneakers as our model. Let’s take a closer look at the details comparison pictures and explanation below.

Point 1: Shoebox.

As shown in pictures above, there are obvious differences between a replica and authentic Giuseppi Zanotti shoebox in terms of both color and dimension. In particular, the authentic box (right) is slightly bigger and in a brighter shade of gray when compared to a replica box (left).

Secondly, on the authentic shoebox of Giuseppi Zanotti men’s shoes, you should be able to find the word “Homme” right beside the logo, as circled in the picture above. This word is often missing on the box of a Giuseppi Zanotti replica.

Point 2: Logo on metal bar.

On the metal bars of Giuseppe Zanotti trainers, the embossed logo should be deep and highly defined (right). In contrast, the same logo on a replica (left) is embossed in a shallow manner where logo is fuzzier looking.

Point 3: Logo on shoe tongue.

If you look at the shoe tongue of original Giuseppe trainers, you should be able to find a logo patch stitched on neatly (right). The logo itself should be in the centre of the patch.

In contrast, on a pair of Giuseppi Zanotti replica, the stitching of the logo patch is done sloppily reflecting the poor craftsmanship of a pair of replica (left). In addition, the logo is also not in the centre of the patch where part of the signature is lost (left).

Point 4: Shoe bottom.

A good pointer that we can use to identify a pair of replica is by checking the wordings on the shoe bottoms. On the bottom of a pair of authentic Giuseppe men’s sneakers (right), the spacing between the letters in the words “MADE IN ITALY” should be very narrow, especially the word “IN” and “IT” of “ITALY”. These letters seem to connect directly to each other (right).

In contrary, this is not the case on a pair of replica – the mentioned letters in the words “MADE IN ITALY” are decently spaced from one another, making it highly different when compared to an authentic pair.

Point 4: Zipper at shoe heel.

Finally, in order to spot a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti replica, we can look at the zipper on the shoe heel. In a rather apparent way, the quality and craftsmanship of the zipper pulls are very different between a pair of replica and original Giuseppe Zanotti men’s trainers.

Specifically, said stitching on the zipper pull should be neat, narrow and refined. In contrast, on a replica , such stitching is unpolished and the quality of the zipper is boorish. This point truly reflects the quality difference between a pair of replica and original Giuseppi shoes.


How to find Giuseppe Zanotti sale on Taobao and Aliexpress?

If you are interested in Giuseppe Zanotti sale, besides various online retailers, you can head to Taobao, DHgate and AliExpress to find Giuseppe Zanotti shoes at cheap wholesale price.

To be able to do that effectively, you would need some keywords on each website to land on the relevant items. As such, we have put together below a table summarizing the keywords that you may need to find cheap Giuseppe Zanotti:

Valentino accessoriesDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Giuseppe Zanotti shoesGZ shoesGZ鞋
Giuseppe Zanotti sneakersGZ sneakersGZ运动鞋
Giuseppe Zanotti heelsGZ heelsGZ高跟鞋

If we are to compare these few websites by pricing, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes replicas listed on DHgate and AliExpress are typically in the price range of USD 70 – USD 160 (which vary depending on both sellers and shoe styles involved).

On the other hand, those found on Taobao have a broader price range of USD 30 – USD 350, thereby providing more option for those who are more budget sensitive.

Next, let’s compare these three websites by the ease of finding the relevant Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on them.

Based on our experience, it is much more straightforward to find Giuseppe Zanotti men’s sale on Taobao when compared to DHgate and AliExpress. This may be due to the less strict enforcement of intellectual property law on the former website.

Besides that, the collection of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes available on Taobao is so much superior to DHgate and AliExpress. On Taobao, one can easily find unusual styles of Giuseppe Zanotti, such as the Giuseppe sneakers with gold sole. These rarer shoes are much more difficult to be found on DHgate and AliExpress.

That is all for our post today on the dazzling Replica Giuseppe Zanotti. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it and it is useful in helping you in finding Giuseppe Zanotti shoes online!

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