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How to Find Replica Christian Louboutin Men’s Shoes at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress


Christian Louboutin, the French luxury footwear giant, offers a huge yet beautiful collection of Christian Louboutin men’s shoes for his fan boys all around the world. Similar to its celebrated sister counterpart of sexy stiletto heels, Louboutin men’s shoes are made equally alluring to steal glances with their exquisite designs and of course, the signature magical red bottoms.Today i will tell you how to spot a replica Christian Louboutin shoes and how to find high quality replicas

Within Christian Louboutin’s collection of men’s shoes are a number of unique designs that embody different kinds of materials and flourishes. The most recognized one is unequivocally the renowned Louboutin spike shoes.

Adorned with the fashion house’s signature spikes, these shoes are available in distinctive design and styles, from casual sneakers to classy dress shoes. The end results are beautiful shoes that are made fitted for many occasions in life, as demonstrated by the three celebrities below!

Tini Tempah was seen rocking a pair of Louboutin Rollerball spike flats on the red carpet, complementing his clean and sleek bowtie suit. Brad Goreski was spotted with a pair of Louboutin spike sneakers to complete his hippie look with a pair of nerd glasses and blue leather jacket. On the other hand, if you are more of a beach hunk guy, you might enjoy styling your tank and capri shorts with a pair of gold Louboutin spike sneakers, like Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte!

A pair of Louboutin men’s shoes can cost between USD 550 – USD 2000 whereas a pair of Louboutin’s signature Louis Spikes sneakers are about USD 1300.

With their high price tags come along opportunistic incursions by many replica manufacturers that make counterfeit products, which obviously target shoppers who cannot afford the aloof high price of the authentic Louboutin shoes. In direct relation to this mentioned fact, we will be presenting below a guide that you can use to spot a pair of Replica vs real Christian Louboutin men’s shoes.

How to spot replica vs real Christian Louboutin men’s shoes

In this guide today, we will be using the Christian Louboutin Louis Spike shoes as our example to learn how we can differentiate a pair of replica vs real Christian Louboutin men’s shoes.

The below are details comparison between a pair of replica vs genuine Christian Louboutin men’s sneakers:

Point 1: Spikes. The signature Christian Louboutin spikes on Louboutin sneakers should be arranged in a neat, straight and even way (right) reflecting the detailed craftsmanship put into creating the shoes. In contrast, a low quality replica usually has spikes arranged in a messy and uneven manner where distance between the spikes is highly irregular, as seen on the replica (left) in picture above.

Point 2: Louboutin logo emblem on shoe. On an original, the stitching on the emblem is denser (left) when compared to a replica (right). In addition, the leather used for the emblem should be smooth and shiny (left). In comparison, the same leather used on a replica is coarse and matte (right).

Point 3: Size marking. On the shoe tongues of Christian Louboutin sneakers, you should be able to find the shoe’s size marking, printed in a matte and defined manner (left). In contrast, on a replica, the same marking is not matte and could be in a different font type (right).

Point 4: Stitching on shoe heel. All original Louboutin sneakers should have a vertical, short and neat stitching on their heels (right). Said stitching is usually longer and untidy on a replica (left).

Furthermore, as seen in the comparison pictures above, the leather of an original should be smooth and glossy (right); however, the leather on a counterfeit is matte and wrinkly (left).

Point 5: Logo on insoles. The Christian Louboutin logo embossed on the sneakers’ insoles should be sharp and distinct (left). As seen on a replica (right), the same logo is comparatively blurrier, which words are barely legible.

Besides this, the insole itself should be smooth (left) but a replicas insole is wrinkled (right).

Point 6: Louboutin wording on shoe bottom. Against a matte red bottom, the wording of Louboutin itself on the shoe bottom should be glossy and reflective (bottom). In comparison, the same wording on a replica’s bottom (top) is not as shiny as the authentic.

Point 7: Christian Louboutin logo on shoe bottom. Finally, in order to spot a pair of replica Louboutin men’s shoes, we can check the small, embossed Christian Louboutin logo on the shoe bottom. On an original, the embossed logo should be deep with clear outline of each letter (top). Yet, on a replica , the logo is less defined with small flaws among the embossed letters as circled in yellow in the above picture (bottom).

How to find Christian Louboutin men’s shoes at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and Aliexpress?

If you are interested in getting a pair of cheap men’s Christian Louboutin replicas online, you can certainly head to the websites of DHgate, AliExpress or Taobao. You may refer to the table below for keywords that you can use to search for cheap Christian Louboutin men’s shoes on each of the websites:

 DHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Christian Louboutin men’s shoesred bottom men shoes

red bottom shoes






Christian Louboutin men’s sneakersred bottom men sneakers

red bottom sneakers

spike sneakers

studded sneakers




In terms of price, Christian Louboutin men’s shoes replicas listed on DHgate and AliExpress are mostly priced within the range of USD 80 – USD 140. On the other hand, those found on Taobao have an even wider price range of USD 30 – USD 300.

As indicated by the broader price range on Taobao, the assortment of Louboutin men shoes replicas available on this website is comparatively much larger if compared to DHgate and AliExpress.

Furthermore, due to more lenient control of intellectual property law enforcement on Taobao, you can also easily find a great diversity of Christian Louboutin men shoes styles on the website, including the famous Louboutin spike sneakers and other Louboutin flat shoes for men. Many of these shoes are otherwise more challenging to find on DHgate and AliExpress.

The above is all for today’s post on Christian Louboutin shoes for men! We certainly hope that you have found it useful and happy shopping!

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