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How to Find Replica Buscemi Shoes at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress

What’s Buscemi Shoes ?

Founded and created by Jon Buscemi, the luxury brand Buscemi entered the high-end footwear and leather goods market as recent as 2013 but has since marked its solid place among other European long-time players.

Buscemi boasts to handcraft most of their creation while making them with leathers and adornments of the highest quality. Among the most sought after items within the Buscemi’s collection are no doubt the signature Buscemi 100MM sneakers. Now i will share my experience on how to find a high quality replica buscemi shoes on taobao and how to spot a cheap replicas.

The starting price for a pair of Buscemi 100MM sneakers is USD 900. The price may goes up for more unique design with valuable components like fur and embroidery. We know that many may not be ready to swipe their credit cards for such steep price tag; hence, in our post today, we will guide you on how to find cheap Buscemi shoes online.

How to find Buscemi shoes at cheap wholesale price on Taobao and Aliexpress?

As known by most smart shoppers, you can always go to Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate if you are looking for cheap replicas, which in this case involve the Buscemis shoes. Since we are in a post about the Buscemi brand, we will include further information about finding other popular Buscemi items on these websites.

Please look at the table below to find keywords that are useful to search for different Buscemi products on Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate:

Buscemi itemsDHgate and AliExpress keywordsTaobao keywords
Buscemi shoesLock shoes

Lock sneakers

Gold lock shoes



Buscemi sneakersLock sneakers锁头运动鞋
Buscemi mens shoesLock shoes men锁头鞋男
Buscemi mens sneakersLock sneakers men锁头运动鞋男
Buscemi backpackBuscemi背包


Buscemi slides
Buscemi belt

As you might have noticed, we have not included any DHgate, AliExpress or Taobao keywords for cheap Buscemi belt and Buscemi slides. As of current, availability of these replicas is very limited on these platforms. We will update this post accordingly when we have any updated information on this matter.

Similarly, for cheap Buscemi backpack replica, we recommend you to directly head to Taobao to look for one due to its lack of availability on DHgate and AliExpress.

Buscemi shoes replicas found on AliExpress and DHgate are mostly priced around USD 100 and the colour / style available are the common ones, such as red, black and white.

On the other hand, Buscemi shoes replicas listed on Taobao are priced between USD 40 – 150. In contrast to AliExpress and DHgate, there are a lot more variety and selection available on this platform – you can find all kind of peculiar colorways of the Buscemi shoes, including those out of the original designs like metallic pink.


How to spot replica vs real Buscemi shoes 100MM

If you are interested in buying a pair of original Buscemi shoes from online shops but are worried about getting a counterfeit product, pay close attention to our guide below on how to differentiate a pair of replica vs original Buscemi shoes 100MM.

Point 1: BUSCEMI logo on shoe tongue. On the original Buscemi sneakers (bottom), the logo is embossed on the shoe tongue. However, the same logo is printed instead on a replica (top).

In addition, the shoe tongue should be made from full grain Italian calf leather of high quality. As seen on the replica , the leather has larger grain indicating it to be low quality faux leather.

Point 2: Hardware and lock. The Buscemi sneakers should come with hardware closure and lock plated in gold, as seen in the picture above (left). On the other hand, replica Buscemi sneakers have silver hardware made of trivial quality – instead of having hefty hardware connect to the flaps, thin silver plates are stuck onto the thin flaps, hanging on loosely to one another together by a cheap silver lock.

Point 3: Shoe side. First, the hardware holding the shoe flaps should have a round body with rounded corners (bottom). On a replica (top), this hardware has a flat body with a square corner.

Next, the “BUSCEMI” logo on the side of the shoes should be embossed, instead of being printed on the shoe body. Lastly, the stitching on the side soles is neater and denser on an original when compared to a replica .

Point 4: Shoe lock. You should be able to find the BUSCEMI logo on the lock of the original Buscemi sneakers (right) while it is often missing on a replica (left). Besides that, the original lock should be polished and shiny while the replicas is more on the matte side.

Point 5: Shoe bottom. On the original Buscemi sneakers (left), there should be the BUSCEMI logo as well as made-in information. These are often missing on a replica (right).


Example of high quality Buscemi sneakers replicas in market today:

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you but there are high quality Buscemi sneaker replicas that exist in market today. They are highly comparable to a pair of original Buscemi sneakers, including the details mentioned above. You may refer to the pictures below to see some real detailed pictures of these replicas and pay attention to the aforementioned point-outs.

Pointer 1: Embossed Buscemi logo on shoe tongue and hardware lock plus closure made of high quality.

Pointer 2: Hardware holding shoe flaps and neat stitching that mirrors the originals.

Pointer 3: Polished gold locks with Buscemi logo embossed.

That’s all for today’s post on Buscemis shoes and we certainly hope that we are of any help to you in purchasing cheap Buscemi shoes online!

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