How To Buy Quality Yeezy Calabasas Socks Below $10 And Spot Guide.

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  1. Yeezy Calabasas Socks Material Introduction.
  2. How To Spot Cheap Replica Calabasas Socks and Authentic Socks.
  3. Quality and Cheap Yeezy Socks Buying Guide From Taobao.
  4. Some Professional Site Recommend & Comparison.
  5. Some Quality Version Calabasas Socks Details Show.

How to wear yeezys and what to wear with yeezys? The answer sounds perfect reasonable, you need to wear Calabasas Socks!
Description: The YEEZY Calabasas socks collection is a series of heavyweight sports led by Kanye West, that’s why it is also called “Kanye adidas socks”. Specifically, it is minimalist in style, together with multi-purpose font, earth color matching and oversized heavy-knit cotton design. Due to this characteristic, black calabasas socks are usually called, fear of god socks or streetwear socks by the fans.
Material: Made of 85% pima cotton, 10% nylon, 4% elastic fiber, 1% polyester for comfort and durability, these calabasas socks are suitable for matching monochrome shoes, for instance, Yeezy Sesame and Sply 350.
On SSENSE this version of women’s socks is selling for $75 with one size, three colors and 85 % cotton ratio. Enjoying a very comfortable ratio, together with color, font and the trend of the series itself, it is worthy of fans to consider.

There are currently two models available on the market: thick Calabasas Socks season6 3 Packs and thin Calabasas Socks season6 1 Pack

  • How To Spot Cheap Replica Calabasas Socks and Authentic Socks.

The Identification of AliExpress cheap version and authentic products.
When you search Calabasas socks or Yeezy Socks in AliExpress, there will be a lot of socks that are as cheap as even for 2 dollars. The quality is roughly different from the genuine ones.
1)Material: The material content is not made according to the ratio of 85% pima cotton, 10% nylon, 4% spandex, 1% poly. The cotton is normal cotton not the Pima one. During wearing, the tightness and comfort will vary greatly. The reason that
2) Packaging identification. Authentic is made in USA. Many replicas are made in China.

  • Quality and Cheap Yeezy Socks Buying Guide From Taobao.

Keywords you can find calabasas socks from taobao: 配椰子鞋的袜子, calabasas袜子, 侃爷同款袜子. For more methods, please contact our customer service.
In my personal experience, I can still find more good quality products in Taobao. After you find it, you can arrange purchase and transport through You only need to pay 10% commission. They help to pay for the purchase, communicate with the seller, quality inspection, logistics, and after-sales. We only need to pay paypal or credit card to them.

  • Some Professional Website Recommend & Comparison. purchasing service VS
Purchasing yeezy calabasas sock through antbuyingagent is priced at around $10, excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs about 5-10 days to EU, the freight costs about 5 dollars. Buy from primeustff, the price is 16 US dollars, 3 pairs of 45 US dollars free shipping, if you buy 3 pairs, the price should be similar.

  • Some Quality Version Calabasas Socks Details Show.

Update: The following pictures is from N5 Factory. The material is correct when we compare it with authentic .

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