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Chanel Slide Sandals: HH Replica vs Real Review

HH replica vs real

Chanel Slide Sandals: HH Replica vs Real Review


Not far from the strapped sandal, Chanel slider sandals are causing quite a stir with their popularity. It is now the designer sandal of choice for those who love the class and staying fashionable. While the real quality Chanel is the real deal, HH Replica vs Real has done some not-so-bad catching up.

Here, I would like to help you understand the differences or similarities between the real Chanel sandal and what HH is offering. At the end of this read, I will also tell you another spot you can get high-quality Chanel replicas superior to what HH is giving you. With that out of our way, let us now explore the subject of the day.

  • Overall appearance

In this regard, HH fake Chanel slides have done a great job of looking like the real quality sandals. A quick look at both shows they are closely looking similar. One thing though, the Chanel logo is a bit faded on the replica. Even the footbed on the replica looks a little bit ashen.

HH replica vs real
  • Toe Area

On the HH replica Chanel slides, there are two bumps each from either side. This will definitely give the wearer some discomfort. The original quality sandal does not have that kind of a defect.

HH replica vs real
  • Foot bed pattern and texture

The small square patterns are all uniform on both sandals. The resulting texture is also the same on both pieces. HH fake Chanel slides have tried as much as possible to take after the original slider sandal. 

HH replica vs real
  • The strap

The black and white strap appears the same on both the replica and real sandals. That is a big achievement as HH pulled up their socks and got them right.

HH replica vs real
  • Sole thickness

The original Chanel sandal has a thicker sole dedicated to comfort. The HH replica has a thinner sole and is likely to give some discomfort to the wearer.

  • The ‘COCO’ ‘CHANEL’ Font

On top of the strap, the texts ‘COCO’ and ‘CHANEL’ are clearly written in black. The replica Chanel slides font is a little faded while the original quality text is bold and regular.

HH replica vs real
  • Closure strap

The abrasive parts of the closure on the replica Chanel slides seem rough and may not provide a good grip. On the other side, the real sandal closure has smoothly done abrasive and can give a great grip.

My verdict

While I would like to give credit to HH for trying to make a good replica Chanel shoes, they still miss some of the things. The differences are significant and as a buyer you should not ignore that. Therefore, in a scale of 5 I would rate the HH replica at 3 stars out of 5.

As we come to the end of this review, I would advise you to keep looking at Primestuff for better quality replicas. The Chanel Coco slider high-quality replica is going to be available soon. You will get better pricing on top of good quality. For more good news about designer fashion products, keep locked into this blog and I will always have something for you.

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