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HH Factory Replica Chanel Sandals Vs Real Reviews

HH Factory Replica Chanel

HH Factory Replica Chanel

HH Factory Replica Chanel is a giant brand in the making of designer fashion pieces. Whether it is shoes, Chanel handbags, clothing, and accessories; you can never go wrong with one of their pieces. In this post I will be reviewing HH replica vs real Chanel strapped sandals. I will help you see the similarities and differences. I will also leave you with my verdict of what I think about the Replica. Ready for good read? Let’s get into it from the top.

  1. General appearance

Fair enough, HH replica and the real Chanel sandal are both looking the same. There are no deviations from one piece to the other.

HH Factory Replica Chanel
  • Strap Material

Here there is quite a difference. The HH material looks fade and rough. The real quality is smoother and darker. You cannot ignore such a difference especially when you are looking for great quality and value for your money.

HH Factory Replica Chanel
  • Outer sole color and thickness

The HH Replica Chanel  Sandals is a little darker on the outer sole. The real quality is slightly light black and that makes a difference. On thickness, the real quality sandal has a wider sole.

HH Factory Replica Chanel
  • Coco Chanel Text on Straps

The text on both straps of ‘COCO’ ‘CHANEL’ is done to the same standards. For the real and Replica Chanel  Sandals, the quality remains the same.

HH Factory Replica Chanel
  • Looking at both sandals from the back, you cannot easily tell the difference. There is consistency in stitching and the rest of the details.
  • The interlocked ‘CC’ Logo

On both the COCO Chanel high top strap sandals, the ‘CC’ logo is the same. The HH Replica Chanel  Sandals did its homework right on this one.

My Verdict

While the HH replica has done great with their Chanel sandal replica, you cannot ignore some of the deviations from the real quality sandal. In a scale of 5, I would give HH sandal a score of 3 stars out of 5. This is because there are some differences that would tell a potential buyer that they are not getting the best buy for the real quality.

Now that leaves you with a gap of where to buy the best high quality replicas for Chanel sandals. I would like to let you know that Primestuff will be brining you the best quality for COCO Chanel sandals as soon as they are available. It will not be long and you will be the first to know. Keep visiting this blog as I have a lot in store for you.

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