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Hermes Belt: Spotting a replica hermes belts

In the ranks of belts, Hermes Belts are some of highly sought after accessories. With their H buckles, these pieces bring out the best in your outfits. However, there is something you need to note about Hermes. The belts are more counterfeited and it is very easy to land on a fake Hermes belt. Well, I’m here to make sure that your money does not go down the drain. Today, I will share with you the secrets of spotting a replica Hermes belt. At the tail end of this post, I will also tell you where you can buy the best quality replica belts and get the value of your money.

  • Material used

One of the reasons why Hermes is well known for belts is because of using pure leather. This is a guarantee for quality and durability. Anything lees of leather is definitely a fake Hermes belt. Moreover, Hermes belts are also double-sided with each side coming in a different color.

  • The H Buckle

The H buckle is always made from top quality material. It feels heavy when you hold it. It should be scratch-resistant. On the fake, the material is low quality, feels light, and is easy to scratch. On the real buckle, the logo is always at the back. If it is anywhere else, that is a fake. On spelling, the second ‘e’ comes with an accent. It should be Hermès and not Hermes. Finally, the inside of the buckle should be matte and not a shiny surface. If you notice a deviation from these, just know you are looking at a replica Hermes belt.

  • Stitching

A real Hermes belt will have perfectly done stitches. They are even with every loop in its place. The fake has poorly done stitching. It is not even and you can see a missed loop or a stitch sticking out.

  • Stamps

To beat counterfeits, real Hermes belts have several stamps on the same side of the leather body. There is a number to denote size, and details of origin. They are clearly done and easily visible. On the fake, the stamps are not easily visible and not in the same order as the real belt.

  • Packaging

The real Hermes packaging is done to perfection. There is Hermes branded ribbon holding the orange kits lid in place. The fake Hermes belt packaging is not neatly done. It does have a ribbon.

Where to buy top quality replica Hermes belts

When you spend your money, you want to be sure you are spending it on the right product. Hermes belts are quite fashionable accessories and you should not shy away from investing in a piece. Are you searching for cheap Hermes belts? I have good news for you. Primestuff stocks some of the best quality replica Hermes belts. The prices are very generous; you can buy in wholesale and get better deals. Beat the fake merchants by shopping from Primestuff and you will always get value for your money. For today, let’s leave it there. Do not forget to keep visiting this blog for more interesting posts.

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