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yeeyz 350 v2 static

This article will include 3 parts:

  1. The Strategy of finding replica yeezy boost 350 V2 static wholesale supplier from aliexpress/dhgate/Taobao.
  2. How to spot Best yeezy replica and Cheap yeezys at the example of yeezy static 350 v2.
  3. Continually updates of Best yeezy replica from different version.

As currently shoes such as yeezy boost 350 v2 is extremely popular by the market, therefore, this article is to illustrate the most efficient way to find the wholesale or replica product such as yeezy 350 v2.

1.The strategy of searching from different source of product & the quality comparison
1). Searching keywords on Aliexpress & DHgate for replica yeezy boost 350 v2
Searching Strategy: Due to the problem of infringing intellectual property, all the keywords related Yeezy have been blocked by Aliexpress, instead, keywords: yeezys air 350,350 statics,350v2 could be used, except yeezy 350 V2. The prices of most yeezy shoes are around 50 dollars, which indicate they are not cheap and belong to the low quality replica on the market. Namely, it is a price–performance ratio on Aliexpress.
Experience: The yeezy 350 v2 suppliers which people have found on Aliexpress, mostly are selling with low price and low quality, since the platform often shuts down their stores and platform itself is very controversial. Therefore, they have the following common problems: (1).Ordinary quality. Most products they are selling, are the medium or low quality on the market, since the prices are cheap and most of sellers are small scales, which don’t have enough experience and resources on supply-chain;
(2). Long shipping time. Their normal shipping time is around 20-30days, as they definitely choose the cheapest logistic way.
(3). It is possible that the bought product is not YEEZY brand, since some factories would put their own logo during manufacture, in order to comply with the regulation of aliexpress. Yet, the ultimate product which consumer would have bought is, for example, the shape is an imitating version of adidas yeezy boost 350 v2, but the product itself is a less known and inferior brand.
(4). The pictures and their descriptions are inconsistent with the received product. Particularly, during the purchase customer needs to meticulously confirm with the seller whether the picture of the product is the real taken phot, also you need to check the credibility and reliability of the seller, as some seller probably would close the store the day next to have sold the product.

So you need to discuss with the seller to solve these problems in advance .

2).Search Keywords on Taobao: 满天星yeezy,椰子鞋满天星, 椰子鞋V2 ,350v2.
Searching strategy: Searching formal keywords such as yeezy 350 V2, adidas yeezy on Taobao, most products you can find are authentic, the prices are between 150USD and 200USD, most of these parts are authentic yeezy shoes purchased by the agent or the high-quality version which are sold as authentic product. In addition, most products with the price around 100USD are medium version or beyond medium version yeezy. Incidentally, there are also some products are around 40 USD, most are low quality version or their own trademark with a shape of for instance, adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 static.

Experience: Generally speaking, there are more sources of products for replica yeezy boost 350 v2 static on Taobao than aliexpress and dhgate, with more options than aliexpress and dhgate, customers could find better products. However, still, lots of problems will arise. and you would better have a friend who know Chinese to talk with the seller.

(1). The language problem. All the sellers on Taobao are from China, which are mainly to satisfy the domestic customers in China. Without understanding English, basically, as a result, plenty of questions could not be answered.
(2). Problem of payment. Recently, Taobao only allows alipay, which means it is not possible to use PayPal or credit card. Moreover, problem of logistic. All the replica yeezy 350 v2 shoes which are selling on Taobao, only accept domestic shipment, while international shipment is not included and feasible.
(3).The problem of customer service. Namely, it is commonly unable to solve, if there are any after-sale problems arisen.
Feasible solutions: Fortunately, we have Chinese Buying Agent, which is a buying team helps people buying goods from China. To illustrate, if you want contact them and ask them to buy yeezy boost 350 v2 static reflective, they will only charge approximate 10% as the purchasing service fee. Furthermore, under their service, you can also use PayPal or credit card to fulfill the payment, together with choosing the way of shipment which you need. Not surprisingly, they can also address all the after-sale problems for you.

3). Some Recommendations About Professional Websites with Versions of Highest Quality
If you want the versions with highest quality yeezy static, you can contact, pkicks,21perfectshoes. These companies are authoritative ones which have very good reputations and have done business for several years in this fields, they are the suppliers concentrating on high quality versions. Besides, they are keeping regular update, especially when new yeezys are coming out. Apart from that, they also occasionally publish some descriptions on their website, such as yeezy 350 static. In the light of audience preference, they are having more and more clients, relevantly if you plan to ask them to purchase such popular products like yeezy static v2, it is better to accomplish it as soon as possible since there would be a queue.

2.Replica VS Authentic: How to spot yeezy static shoes.
There are following efficient ways to distinguish Yeezy 350 v2 static:
(1) Rubber strip: The first is the seam pattern of the cloth strap on the heel part. The authentic static yeezy seam is about 3 to 2 in the ratio of the length and the width in the shape of a rectangle. The ratio of the length and the width of that with the yeezy replica is close to 1:1. The second part is the color of the rubber strip, the authentic is creamy-white, and the yeezy boost 350 replica is in pure white. This part is the same in shape with either yeezy 350 v2 static (angel) or Yeezy 350 v2 static reflective.

(2) Opening shape: The authentic is a papaya-shaped opening, which is relatively narrow in the front and rear part. The shape of the yeezy boost 350 v2 replica is cucumber like.

(3) The color of the heel bottom: The authentic is a light creamy white, the yeezy v2 static replica appears yellow.

(4) Insole: The colour of the authentic insole is a creamy-white, insoles in many cheap yeezy replica are just white.

(5) Sole: Firstly, the authentic yeezy sole is in light creamy-white. The sole of the replica is a bit yellowish. Second, the authentic soles are relatively soft and elastic, and the replicas are relatively inelastic.

(6) The contrast of permeability and graininess of the popcorn in the sole: Under the illumination of flashlight, more transparent particles can be observed in the authentic sole which proves that the permeability is relatively strong, whereas, less particles can be seen in the yeezy replicas . This is why the authentic sole is soft and flexible, while the cheap yeezy replica sole is hard. There is a worse quality on the market that is completely opaque, not the sole with popcorn, it is usually sold at about $40.

(7) Shoe box labeling: we should mainly focus on the shape of the shoulders and the standing posture of the person in the upper left corner, and the differences can be easily seen.

3.The following update pictures are some best quality version yeezy static details closest from factory, and these are provided for reference:
UPDATE The following is a real shot of the detail of the CD Factory. In addition to the color of the strip, the other basic requirements are in line with the authentic.

UPDATE The following is the latest version static yeezy of the G5 factory, which has been 99% close to the authentic, and the common people cannot see the differences.

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