Gucci set up e-sports academy! Netizen: that student equipment must not be all ……

Gucci, the world’s most famous fashion luxury brand, has long been expanding its business to all walks of life. .

Recently, Gucci announced a partnership with eSports platform FACEIT to create a Gucci eSports Academy!

This is a step that expands Gucci’s reach into new areas, and it’s also a step that is clearly evident in the way that Gucci is catching on. It is clear that Gucci is catching up with the times.

According to current sources, the Gucci Gaming Academy now has four teachers, all of whom are professional CS:GO players.

Since Gucci runs the academy, the students’ uniforms, shoes, and even daily necessities.

If it were you, would you want to go to the Gucci Gaming Academy?

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