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Gucci Flip Flops Replica Wholesale Buying Guide 2020

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

Gucci Flip Flops Replica Wholesale

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

Marked by its signature pattern of green and red Web, the Italian luxury fashion house, Gucci, is known for its many leather goods, shoes and handbags. The star item that we have specially picked for today’s blog post is: the Gucci’s flip flops.

An essential for summer days, flip flops are your best chum that should accompany you around under the hot sun – be it a casual weekend around the city, a poolside party, or even a getaway at Bali. If you are looking for a pair of flip flops or sandals that could complement the boisterous side of yours, the Gucci’s flip flops may be the exact thing you are looking for!

Gucci Flip Flops Replica(All images from Gucci’s official website)

Gucci’s flip flops and sandals collection include a good variety of designs. Its most iconic one is the Rubber Slide Sandals that feature the brand’s unmistakeable green and red Web on its rubber strap. No doubt it is a loud pair of sandals that anyone can recognize even across an Olympic-sized pool.

If you are not a fan of rubber sandals but thong flip flops, you may prefer Gucci’s Web Strap Throng Sandals instead. A tad subtler than the Rubber Slide Sandals, these flip flops feature a leather sole with nylon strap bearing the brand’s famous green and red Web (again).

Say you are a fan of Gucci  but are not crazy about its green and red Web pattern, then I have another pair of sandals recommendation for you: the Gucci’s Black Leather Sandals. Crafted with black leather and rubber footbed with rubber lug sole, these humble sandals could be a good addition to a more down-to-earth wardrobe style.

Gucci Flip Flops Replica(All images from Pinterest)

We would also like to add in a quick honourable mention of the Gucci’s summer limited edition flip flops of GG Blooms Slide Sandals. Marked by beautiful floral prints, these sandals can definitely add an ultimate touch of summery vibe to your everyday summer look.

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

In recent hot summer days, a few celebrities have been spotted wearing Gucci’s flip flops. One of them being Justin Bieber who was seen pairing the striking sandals with his very own eye-catching fashion style (though I have to say that I am not too crazy about the singer’s idea of pairing the sandals with a pair of red socks).

Hunk Joey Essex was also seen sporting a pair of Gucci’s flip flops by the poolside. Although there has been a lack of garment on Essex for fair comparison, the British TV personality definitely wins with his better styling of Gucci’s flip flops.

Gucci Flip Flops Replica(All images from Lyst)

A pair of high-end Gucci’s flip flops is priced at USD 190, according to the fashion house’s official website. Not surprisingly, the price goes up for those made from leathers, as well as the special edition ones.

At nearly two hundred bucks, I’m not too sure if many people are willing to fork out that much of money for a pair of rubber sandals, albeit bearing the familiar red and green Web. Fortunately for thrifty spenders out there, you can easily find cheap Replica Gucci sneakers online, especially with some help from us!

Before we go into the details, let us start by telling you where NOT to go. I have personally done some rounds of searching and it has been proven to be very difficult to find Gucci flip flops replicas on the following two websites: Taobao and AliExpress.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

On both of these websites, exact replicas are quite rare and difficult to find. In addition, on Taobao (see screen cap above), Gucci flip flops lookalikes on the website even have very low resemblance to an authentic Gucci’s. I suspect that this could be due to high anti-piracy control on said websites.

Hence, I would suggest you to not bother with them and go straight to DHgate and Prime Stuff instead.

On DHgate

On DHgate, to find cheap, wholesale Gucci flip flops replicas. You will have to search with very specific and descriptive keywords of the Gucci’s flip flops you are interested in.

For example.

You should search for “stripe sandals slides” (for the iconic Gucci’s Rubber Slide Sandals). And “designer flower sandals slides” (for the limited edition Bloom slides).

If you are feeling lucky.

You can try searching with keyword “leather slide sandals”. And browse through the listed items to find Gucci flip flops knockoffs.

(Screen caps from DHgate) 

Within the price range of USD 30 – 40. The listed Gucci flip flops replicas on DHgate are definitely a steal if compared to the originals!

If you are concerned about the quality of the listed items on DHgate. You should pay attention to the ratings and reviews left by past customers. If an item has high ratings with many positive reviews. It is very likely to have decent quality for the price it costs. Similarly, when an item has high record of past orders made. It is also a good indicator hinting that the item is made of acceptable quality!

If you are still in doubt and feel restless about buying a pair of Gucci flip flop replicas from DHgate.

Prime Stuff

You can consider buying from Prime Stuff. Prime Stuff ( is an online fashion wholesaler. That exclusively sells premium fashion brands and their products at a fraction of the original prices.

To find cheap, high-quality Gucci flip flops replica wholesale on the website. You can simply search for the brand under the website’s Brand tab and filter the results by item type accordingly. While the price of Gucci’s flip flops on Prime Stuff might be higher than those on DHgate.

Prime Stuff affords you the guarantee that the sandals are made of high quality. Since the website promises to carry only high-grade 1:1 replicas!

Definitely head to the website and do some browsing yourself. Not to mention, Prime Stuff is currently having storewide sales up to 70% discount for many of its merchandise!

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

Gucci Flip Flops Replica

Gucci Flip Flops Replica(All images from Pinterest)

While summer may be coming to an end very soon. You might still want to get a pair of these Gucci’s flip flops to change up. The few final days of this hot season!

We hope that this post has helped you in your shopping, even in the smallest way!

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