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How to find wholesale designer brand shoes handbags and clothing on aliexpress dhgate and taobao?

Find wholesale designer

Provided by Eric, who has lived in China for more than 30 years, this article is about how to find wholesale designer brand shoes handbags and clothing on Aliexpress, Dhgate, and Taobao. Initially, it is utterly important to pay attention that manufacturing and selling infringed-copyright goods is illegal in the UK and all over the world, except buying small quantity for private use.

But still, if the Customs find this, they have the right to seize and destroy the goods.

 Can you still find many suppliers for the designer?

However, from Aliexpress, Dhgate, and Taobao you can still find many suppliers for the designer brand shoes handbags and clothing,

Even though these websites have already not permitted the pirate sellers to use their websites to sell the designer brands products. Now when we try to search for some designer brands with good quality and cheap price, we might feel it is more and more difficult to find the brands we want.

Therefore, Eric always has his ways to find the wholesale designer brand shoes, handbags, and clothing supplier he wants, it only needs some small tricks.

For instance, when you are searching, instead of using the officially registered trademark of the brand, you use the brand’s abbreviation or nickname, the characteristic, the style, and the size, or even the way people usually call them, you will realize that most of the brands can be found through the internet.

Such as UGG BOOTS, when you search UGG BOOTS on Aliexpress and Dhgate, you will see nothing:

find-wholesale-designer-brand-aliexpress find-wholesale-designer-brand-aliexpress

But according to the abbreviated name or nickname, you could search UG BOOTS, Ugs Australia Boots, Australia Sheepskin boots, Ugs sheepskin boots, sheepskin snow boots, according to the size and style of the brand you could search: 5825 boots, 5815 boots. And you will find what you need.


Then if you decide to buy the product of the brand UGG, you need to select the items with the logo on the picture or the logo has been pixelated.

The following list is about the useful keywords help you to find the wholesale designer brand shoes, handbags, and clothing supplier on Aliexpress and Dhagate.

BrandRelated ArticleReplaced Keywords and Link at aliexpress
Replaced Keywords and Link at dhgate
Adidassuperstar shoes stans, stan shoes, ultra boost shoes, zx flux shoessuperstar shoes,
stan smith shoes, ultra boost shoes, zx flux shoes
Adidas NMDNMD shoesNMD shoes
Abercrombie&Fitchfitch clothing, af clothing, holisticholistic
Asicsgel lyte shoes,
kayano shoes
tiger shoes
gel lyte shoes
kayano shoes
tiger shoes
Balenciaga BagBalen bagBalen bag
Balenciaga Sneakersarena sneakers,
Arena shoes
arena sneakers,
Balen shoes
Burberryburb scarf,
cashmere scarf
burb scarf,
cashmere scarf
BapeThrasher hoodie,
ape hoodies
Thrasher hoodie,
ape hoodies
BalmainBalm jeans,
Biker Jeans
Balm jeans,
Biker Jeans
Birkenstockcork slipper, Cork Flip Flopscork slipper, Cork Flip Flops
Bottega Veneta PurseBV bags, Weave bags,BV handbagsleather weave handbag
BulgariSnake head bagsSnake head bags
Buscemilocks sneakerslocks sneakers
Canada goosecanada parka,
goose parka
canada parka,
goose parka
Chirstan Louboutin WomensCL pumps,
red bottom pumps
red bottom pumps
Chirstan Louboutin MensRed bottom sneakers,
Spikes sneakers
Red bottom sneakers,
Spikes sneakers
Chole handbagsFaye handbags,
drew handbags,
marcie handbags
Faye handbags,
drew handbags,
marcie handbags
ChannelCC handbags,
leboy handbags
CC handbags,
double C handbags,
leboy handbags
DsquaredDsq jeans,
dsq d2 jeans
Dsq jeans,
dsq d2 jeans
Daniel Wellington WatchsDW WatchesDW Watches
Fendimonster shoes,
monster handbags,
F brand handbags
monster shoes,
monster handbags,
F brand handbags
Gucci Handbags
Gucci Belts
G brand handbags
G buckle belt
G brand Handbags
GG handbags
G buckle belt
Golden GooseGolden goose shoesGolden goose shoes
Givenchydog head shoes
dog head shoes
Giuseppe ZanottiGZ shoes,
GZ sneaker
GZ shoes,
GZ sneaker
Hermes handbags
Hermes belts
Birking bag,
Ostrich leather bags ,
H brand handbags,
H belts,
H brand Belts,
H buckle belt
Birking bag,
Ostrich leather bags ,
H brand handbags,
H belts,
H brand Belts,
H buckle belt
Hollisterholister men,
Holistic Men
Hunter bootsHunt rain bootsHunt rain boots
Isabel MarantWedge sneakersWedge sneakers
Issey MiyakeIssey MiyakeMiyake bags
LacosteCrocodile poloCrocodile polo
LevisLevy jeansLevy jeans
Louis VuittonLouis bagsLouis bags
Lululemonlulu yoga,
brand Yoga pant
lulu yoga,
brand Yoga pant
LegoLegoe building blocksLegoe building blocks
Manolo BlahnikMB shoes,
Rhinestone shoes
MB shoes,
Rhinestone shoes
Mac MakeupMC makeup,
M brand makeup
M brand makeup
Marc JacobsMarc bag
Snapshot bag
MonclerM down jacketsmaya jackets
MulberryMul bags
Bayswater bags
Mul bags
Bayswater bags
MontblancMont pen,
M brand pen
Mont pen,
M brand pen
MCMrivet backpackrivet backpack
Michael KorsNoneMK bags,
MK handbags
New BalanceNoneNB shoes
Nike ClothingJust do it clothingJust do it clothing
Nike JordanJordan shoesjordan shoes
Nike TNTN shoesTN shoes
North FaceGore-tex jackets,
NF jackets
Gore-tex jackets,
NF jackets
New EraNY snapback,
NY hats,
LA hats
NY snapback,
NY hats,
LA hats
OkaleyOak sunglasses,
OK brand sunglasses
OK brand sunglasses
Omegaomg watchesomg watches
Pandorapandora beadspandora beads
Peak PerformanceHiking Brands,
ski jacket
ski jacket
PumaTrinomic shoes
Trinomic shoes,
R698 shoes
Paul Sharkshark clothingshark clothing
ParajumpersPJS jackets
QuicksilverQuick shorts,Surf brandSurf brand
Ralph LaurenHorse brand,
horse polo,
polo brand
Horse brand,
horse polo,
polo brand
Ray BanRay Ben,
Ray sunglasses,
ray bain sunglass
ray bain sunglass,
Ray sunglasses
R brand Watches
Rick OwensRick sneakersRick sneakers
Saint Laurent
Seven Friday Watchfriday watchesfriday watches
SupremeSup hoodie,
supreme hoodie
supreme hoodie,
Sup hoodie
TiffanyT brand jewelleryNone
TimeberlandTimber shoesTimber shoes
Tommy HilfigerTommi PoloNone
True ReligionTR jeans
TR jeans,
Religion Jeans
UGGUgs Australia Boots,
Australia Sheepskin boots,
Ugs sheepskin boots,
sheepskin snow boots,
5825 boots,
5815 boots
Ugs Australia Boots,
Australia Sheepskin boots,
Ugs sheepskin boots,
sheepskin snow boots,
5825 boots,
5815 boots
Victoria SecretVictoria Underwear,
VS Underwear
Victoria Underwear,
VS Underwear
Valentinocamouflage shoes,
V brand shoes,
rivet shoes,
rivet pumps
camouflage shoes,
V brand shoes,
rivet shoes,
rivet pumps
VersaceMedusa shoes,
medusa jewelry
Medusa shoes,
medusa jewelry
WoolrichNonearctic parka
Yeezy shoesBoost 350,
boost 750,
Coconut Shoes
Boost 350,
boost 750,
Coconut Shoes

Problems with searching for the product

If you have any problems with searching for the product, you can contact Eric, he may give you some advice.

Now it is more and more difficult to find the designer brands by using Aliexpress and Dhgate, since lots of keywords cannot be found, for example, Adidas, channel, coach, Dior, Lanvin, paul smith, tods, Philipp Plein, Moschino, Miu Miu. Yet we can search through Taobao, on Taobao you can find most of the designer brands you want.

However, most sellers on Taobao only deliver the goods to domestic customers and they don’t speak English, also they don’t have any experience with international logistics and dealing with the customs.

You can find the china buying agent like and let them solve all the following problems for you. Chinaeyes is a Chinese supply-chain company that has a history for more than 10 years.

They can easily find out good wholesale factory supplier for Shoes, Clothing, Handbags, Jewelry, Beauty, Outdoors, Electronics.

They provide the service of purchasing on behalf of the foreign customers, searching for the sound and qualified suppliers, also the “all in one” service solution including quality check, shipping, and customs problem.

You only need to send them the Taobao link of the product, they will purchase the product and check the quality for you. If there are any problems with what you ordered, Chinaeyes will ask for your opinions.

Just imagine after waiting for a long time for the international delivery.

You find the order you get is not what you need.

And you don’t know how to contact the seller because they don’t speak English. And how to get a refund, how to return, and the highly expensive fee for the returning shipment you have to pay. All these problems could be avoided by using Chinaeyes.

As only charging 5% of the order amount as the service fee, with Chinaeyes.
You can buy any products you like though Taobao.

How to find designer brands on Taobao:

If you use the keywords of the brand to search.
You may find many sellers of certified products with the high price

but if you use the following way to search, you could find cost-effective suppliers.

The following list is about the useful keywords help you to find the wholesale designer brand shoes, handbags, and clothing supplier  on

BrandRelated ArticleReplaced Keywords
Adidas Clothing
Adidas Yeezy
Adidas NMD
Adidas super star
阿迪达 外套
yeezy 350
Abercrombie&Fitchaf t恤
Lanvinlanvin 鞋 男
Miu MiuM家褶皱女包
Michael Korsmck女包
Philipp PleinPP鞋
Balenciaga Bag巴黎家包
Balenciaga Sneakers巴黎家鞋, arena鞋
Balmain巴尔曼 男 牛仔裤
Bottega Veneta Pursebv皮带,
bv包 女
Canada goose鹅牌羽绒服
Chirstan Louboutin Womenscl高跟鞋
Chirstan Louboutin Menscl男鞋
Dsquareddsquared2 鞋
Fred PerryFred Perry
Golden GooseGolden Goose
Giuseppe Zanottigz男鞋
Hermesh包包 真皮
Hunter bootsHunter 雨鞋
Isabel Marantisabel 鞋
Jimmy ChooJC高跟鞋
Kate SpadeKate Spade
Louis VuittonL家包包
LululemonLulu 瑜伽
Manolo Blahnikmb高跟鞋
Mac MakeupMac 粉底
Marc Jacobsmarc jacobs包女
Montblanc万宝 笔
Michael Korsmk女包
New Balancenb男鞋
Nike Jordan乔12篮球鞋
North Face北脸冲锋衣
New Erany 帽
PumaR698 男鞋
Paul Shark鲨鱼t恤
Ralph LaurenRL polo
Ray Ban雷家眼镜
R brand Watches绿水鬼手表
Rick Owensowens 鞋
Seven Friday Watch7个星期五手表
Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger
True ReligionTR牛仔裤
UGGU家 雪地靴
Victoria Secret秘密内裤
Yeezy shoes椰子鞋

Taobao Vs Aliexpress and dhgate:

  1.  Normally, Aliexpress and Dhgate can use accompanied together,
  2. Some bands cannot be found in Aliexpress but they can be found on Dhgate,
  3. Aliexpress could satisfy you if some brands you cannot find on Dhgate.
  4.  Taobao has many more suppliers than Ali and Dhgate, so you may have more options to choose.
  5.  You can also find the missing brands on Taobao.


4, Compare with Aliexpress and Dhgate, Taobao has more products with purchasing records.

More purchasing records and more gradings means a higher quality of the suppliers. For more information about how to order on, please check here.

If you want to find designer brands with the top Highend Quality, then you can use

Because many factories doing Highend are in deeply hidden cover and will not appear on the internet include Taobao, they merely do business with several fixed big wholesalers, So only the person with several years experiences like Prime Stuff can find them.

I have bought one down jacket from them,

its quality is very close to the original, even me can’t tell the difference with the original.

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