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How to find Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale on taobao aliexpress dhgate

Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

Christian Louboutin is a household name for all heels lovers out there.  Every girl dreams to own a pair of the French designer’s famous 5-inch stiletto with its signature red soles. But do you know that besides his killer heels?

Louboutin also designs heart-stopping sneakers for his fans? If you have not known already, look no further as we are going to introduce. These beautiful babies and where you could find them online!


The Louboutin sneakers come in a large assortment of styles. Designs, colors, and materials – from the original high top to boat shoes;

From subtle ivory to a loud blood-red; from shiny leather to soft suede. With these endless combinations and selections. Louboutin sneakers are definitely designed to please all sneaker lovers out there for you will definitely find a pair that suits your heart!

After some tough decisions. I have personally handpicked three of my favorites from Louboutin’s sneakers collection:


First and foremost are, of course, the original Louboutin high top sneakers in black leather featuring black spikes and a red sole (duh). Named the “Louis Flat Spikes”, these beauties are like the rebellious, punk twin sister of the well-known Louboutin’s black stiletto. They are perfect for active events like a rock concert where girls. There are times when we need to ditch the heels but hey, we can still look sleek and glam with these sneakers!

(image from Christian Louboutin’s official website)

If you are more of a boat shoes person, no worries because Replica Louboutin also has stunning boat shoes designs, known as the “Pik Boat”. Also bearing spikes (only along the edge of the shoes), these eye-catchers are made from suede in a vehement blood-red color. This pair is definitely made for the hearts of parties – loud and fun, just like their wearers’ personalities!

(image from Christian Louboutin’s official website)

Finally, if you are more of a wallflower, down-to-earth sneakerheads who prefer a more subtle and modest design – Louboutin has its pristine white low top just for you. Known as “Louis Junior Flat”, these sneakers are designed to be comfortable and low profile (though they still bear the signature red sole!). These are definitely my absolute favorite – just perfect for a simple day-out or night-out for shopping and movie nights!

(image from Christian Louboutin’s official website)

So, which pair of these sneakers has your name written all over it? If you are ready to forge out a fortune and get a pair of these high-end Christian Louboutin sneakers for yourself or even a loved one, but are distressed because there is no Louboutin boutique in your area – depress no more because we are here to guide you where to get them online!


Your trusted first stop is no other than Taobao. However, it does need some “shoppers’ knowledge” to be able to find these shoes on the website. For example, if you were to search for “Christian Louboutin sneakers” on the website, you will actually arrive at zero search results (yes, zero!). Instead, if you search for “Christian Louboutin男鞋” (which translates into Christian Louboutin men shoes”, you will arrive at an array of results, as follows:


Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

The shoes that appeared in the search results range from RMB 33000 – RMB 8000 (that is around USD 4800 – USD 1150). Yes, these high-quality Christian Louboutin sneakers do cost a pretty penny, and they are usually shipped from the United States.


Nonetheless, if you are keen to get a pair of these sneakers but are low on a budget (plus you are too fussy about the actual brands), you can instead try searching for “CL红底鞋男鞋” (which translates into CL red sole men shoes) on Taobao to find cheap Christian Louboutin sneakers. You will arrive at a massive array of search results where prices of the relevant shoes can range from RMB 2000 – RMB 80 (around USD 300 – USD 12). These shoes may bear very similar design to the original Christian Louboutin sneakers but their prices are significantly lower:

Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

Besides Taobao, if you are looking for cheap wholesale Louboutin sneakers (or more accurately, sneakers similar to Louboutin’s designs). Your best buddy now would be AliExpress.

Searching with terms like “red sole men shoes”. You will land on various shoe products that resemble original Christian Louboutin sneakers, with designs like spikes and red suede. Most of these shoes are priced at an average of USD 85 and could be purchased at wholesale quantity.

Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

Now, if you have already tried your luck on both Taobao and AliExpress. And still could not find a pair that suits your taste.

Here’s another resort for you: Prime Stuff (! Prime Stuff is an online wholesaler that merchandized a big selection of premium. Luxurious fashion brands like Hermes and Balmain. Close to the heart of this blog entry. Prime Stuff also carries Louboutin, or more specifically, Louboutin sneakers!


Simply searching for “Christian Louboutin” under the Brand tab in the header on Prime Stuff’s online website, you will arrive at a drooling, humongous selection of many, many Louboutin sneakers:

Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

Just a note, by the way, all of the three designs introduced in the early paragraphs could be found on Prime Stuff! Below are some sneak peek pictures; head to the website to see more!

Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale Replica Louboutin Sneakers Wholesale

(All images from Prime Stuff)


There you have it!

We have done our job here. If you are thirsting for a pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers. Now you know exactly where and how to find them online. Similarly, if you are looking for wholesale Louboutin sneakers, you now know how too!

You’re welcome.





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