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How to Find Daniel Wellington Watches Wholesale from TAOBAO?

Daniel Wellington

is a Swedish watch brand. Its multi-colored nylon straps, lightweight body and clean dial all contribute to the watch’s college-styled characteristic, which is well loved by many fashionistas.


If you would like to search for watches like Daniel Wellington’s on TAOBAO to add a flare to your College or British fashion looks, while not splurging on too high of a price, you can search Daniel Wellington Watches Wholesale in the following ways:

Searching by its full name “Daniel Wellington”, you will find:


However, if you input its abbreviated name “DW”, you will instead arrive at the following results:

So how can you land a steal among these Daniel Wellington watches? After searching by “DW”, if you are someone who value Daniel Wellington watches’ sales quantity of a product, you can select “Sales Quantity” next to the Sorting tab, and TAOBAO will sort the watches according to their past sales quantity. Once sorted, you can easily see the ranking of the top selling watches sorted by their monthly sales amount.


Likewise, you can sort the search results according to the DW watches Wholesale prices (from either “Low to High” or “High to Low”), or even filter them by inputting the desired price range. For example, by inputting“300-600” in the Price Range boxes, TAOBAO will automatically filter and show DW watches wholesale within this price range.

On TAOBAO, the search results of “DW” may include some other watches similar to Daniel Wellington. These watches may be similar to Daniel Wellington’s in terms of material or design; so, if you are not too fussy about the actual brand, these watches may be attractive alternatives for you.


Since it is difficult to accurately judge the Daniel Wellington watches’ quality based only on the photos shown by the seller, you should click on the Review section of each watch before making your purchase decision.


Firstly, you can check the Average Rating of a watch. The higher this score is, the better chance for it to be a good product.

Subsequently, you can click into Customers’ Gallery

(where past customers upload pictures of products received) to check if the actual watches are identical to the pictures shown by the seller. Here is an example (the top picture shows some authentic Daniel Wellington watches):

And below are pictures from Customers’ Gallery showing the actual Daniel Wellington product received from the seller:

With these, you will be able to visualize any difference between the actual watch and the pictures shown by the seller, thereby helping you to make a good purchase.


Nevertheless, you should not worry about purchasing a product with out-of-the-world awful quality from TAOBAO. Here’s a testimony: Paul Huebner is currently a loyal fan of TAOBAO. He has had a successful piano teaching career in Las Vegas, but later moved to China in 2003 to learn Chinese and music. Today, he is a “4 Hearts” buyer and will very soon level up to “5 Hearts” on TAOBAO (note: said Heart scoring system is a rating system based on the numbers of items purchased and reviews written on TAOBAO). He said, “People used to think that online shopping is dangerous and a place flooded with counterfeits. Based on my experience, this kind of thinking is indeed outdated. With TAOBAO having a system that reviews its sellers, it really helps you to pick out the reliable and trusted ones.”


You may ask, why do DW watches have such huge price range, between 300CNY (about 40USD) to over 1000CNY (about 147USD)? This is in fact related to the nature of many products’ manufacturing pipeline. In most cases, the pipeline involves the brand company handing over products’ technical parameters and designs to its contract manufacturer, who will then begin the production. Assuming the brand company has ordered an amount of 10,000 watches, the contract manufacturer will actually produce more than 10,000 watches. The excessive ones will have to be disposed in one way or another. In fact, they will be sold through all kinds of channels, like buying agents and distributors of all sizes, to be distributed throughout the country and the world. Wholesale buyers of DW watches come from every corner of the world –Americans, Europeans, Africans, Japanese, Koreans, Arabians, Malaysians, Indonesians…as all of these Daniel Wellington watches are produced in the same manufacturing pipeline as the ones found in a mall’s counter, they essentially share the identical production technique and materials.



So what are the characteristics of some of the lower priced DW watches?

Are there any differences between them and the more expensive ones?


Daniel Wellington Watches Review:

First, there may be size difference in the case backs of the watches’ dials. As shown, the more expensive watch (left) has a smaller case back while the cheaper one (right) bigger.

Font weights of the logo letters on the watches’ case backs are also different; the letters appear to be thinner on the more expensive watches (left) while thicker on the cheaper ones (right).

On the more expensive watches (left), the word logo “DW” is closer to the words “Daniel Wellington”. Comparatively, this distance is bigger on the cheaper watch on the right.

On the left, the minute hand of the more expensive watch is farther away from the minute markers on the dial, as compared to the cheaper watch on the right.

more expensive DW watches (left). On the other hand, the same wording has varied typefaces on the cheaper watches (right).

The more expensive watch (left) also has glossier, gold colored metal finished. Comparatively, the cheaper watch’s finish is less glossy with color closer to bronze than gold (right).

As for the DW watches’ leather straps, the more expensive watch (left) has straps made from Italian calf leather with tidier finishing and strap holes of the same size. On the other hand, the cheaper watch (right) has strap holes of less uniform size, as well as more of a hasty finish.


What are the common characteristics that they share?


watch movementquartz movement
case materialstainless steel
case thickness6mm
strap width20mm
water resistant mark/depth30m
case diameter40mm


Daniel Wellington Watch Reviews from Taobao buyers:

Reviews of watches priced approximately 1300CNY:

“The DW watch I bought by installments is very suitable for me~ I have liked this brand for a long time. I love its simplistic yet elegant style. When the latest design was launched this year, I hesitated for a long time but finally bought it. It surprised me and I’m so happy! The customer service has also taught me how to adjust the straps and the time of the watch. I am satisfied with the purchasing process and here I am leaving a good review!”

“So beautiful! It’s the most expensive watch I have ever bought! It’s suitable for summer. I am pleased with the brand DW.”

Reviews of DW watches priced approximately400CNY-600CNY:

“When I received the watch, I really like it and was so pleasantly surprised haha! Look at my pictures – packaging etc are identical to those found at the counters! The price is good too. The customer service was very patient in teaching me how to adjust the watch’s strap; they even sent me videos of it. I will definitely recommend this to my bffs.”

“It looks good, and I like its color and design. I wore it as soon as I got the watch, it looks really elegant. Also, I want to thank the seller for the small gift sent. I will add further review after wearing the watch more. Very satisfied with the logistics speed too!”

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