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How to Find Cheap, Wholesale Replica Saint Laurent Fashion Items Online?

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica Saint Laurent Fashion

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica

Saint Laurent Paris is a Parisian luxury fashion brand that has swept feet all over the world with its modern, chic creations since founded in 1961. Besides premium leather goods, the fashion house also produces ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelry, as well as luxury beauty products, for both men and women.

From Saint Laurent’s diverse portfolio, I have handpicked a one-star product to introduce in this blog post today. And it is… the Signature Court Classic High Top Sneakers! Available in different colorways (red + black, gold + black), as well as materials (e.g. leather, suede), you can definitely find a pair that would blend in seamlessly into your personal wardrobe.

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica

(All images from Saint Laurent Paris’s official website)

Each pair of Signature Court Classic High Top Sneakers is being sold at retail price USD 595, according to the brand’s official website. While these high-end Saint Laurent’s sneakers are undeniably beautiful and irresistible, they do cost a pretty penny, as expected from a luxury fashion house.

Now, let’s not digress. As foreshadowed in the post’s title, we are here to guide you on how and where to find cheap Saint Laurent’s fashion items (including the Signature Court Classic High Top Sneakers) online!

However, before I begin, I can tell you that to find cheap Saint Laurent’s items online IS LEGIT DIFFICULT. I have spent hours doing research on this and below are the exhaustive findings I found. Keep calm and read on.

First and foremost, let me begin by telling you where NOT to go, and there are two of them: first, Taobao; second, AliExpress. It seems like the brand has enforced a strong anti-piracy control on these two websites – I have tried many different keywords related to the brand but none would lead to any Saint Laurent products (or lookalikes).

On Taobao

On Taobao, any keyword related to the fashion house (e.g. “YSL”, “SLP” [short for Saint Laurent Paris]) would lead you to items that are priced very closely to their retail price, between USD 600 – USD 800. These items are mostly authentic and nowhere near being cheap.

(Screencap from Taobao)

Similarly, on AliExpress, if you search with keyword “YSL”, you will not get any result (i.e. absolute zero). Even if you search with keyword “SLP brand”, you will arrive at a messy bunch of products including jeans and highlighter pens.. everything but Saint Laurent’s more iconic items like their leather goods or sneakers.

(Screencap from AliExpress)

As such, I would suggest you skip Taobao and AliExpress if you are serious about finding cheap, wholesale Saint Laurent’s sneakers or other products online.

Next, let’s move on to our first glimpse of hope: DHgate! To find cheap, wholesale Saint Laurent’s products on the website, you can search with keyword “SLP”. Within the result page, I actually found one item that resembles the star of this post – the Signature Court Classic High Top Sneakers!

Priced at USD 90, these replica sneakers are no doubt mere imitation of the original. As this particular item has gained only one review and rating, I could not comment any further on its quality. Nevertheless, given the difficulty to find Saint Laurent replicas online, this could be a total steal for those who are dying for a pair of cheap Saint Laurent replica sneakers!

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica

(Screencap from DHgate)

Now, let’s finally move onto our best bet: Prime Stuff. Prime Stuff ( is an online wholesaler that offers many luxury brands and their items at reasonable price tags. And you guessed it, they do carry Saint Laurent items!

Simply searching for Saint Laurent under the website’s Brand tab, you will arrive at the brand’s page listing numerous fashion items from the fashion house, including sneakers, clothing, bags and accessories. In particular, you can also find the Signature Court Classic High Top Sneakers there!

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica

(Screen cap from Prime Stuff) 

Priced at USD 230, these sneakers are indeed more expensive than the one listed on DHgate. However, since Prime Stuff guarantees that all items sold on their website are high grade 1:1 replica of the originals, you can buy them with a peace of mind that these shoes ain’t gonna break apart while you are dancing hard on a dance floor! That won’t be a very pretty scene, will it?

Additionally, Saint Laurent sneakers listed on Prime Stuff are available in many colours, including limited editions that are difficult to find even in Saint Laurent’s boutique today. Definitely head over to the website to search for a lucky find!

Find Cheap Wholesale Replica

(All images from Prime Stuff)

In a nutshell, if you are determined to get your hands on some cheap, high-quality Saint Laurent replicas, your bff would be DHgate and Prime Stuff. We certainly hope that this post is able to help you to save some time and that you will able to own your very own Saint Laurent’s piece soon!

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