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How to Find Cheap, Wholesale Replica MCM Bags Online

Based in Germany but Korean-owned, MCM is a premium leather goods brand that is widely known for its backpack collection. Conventionally shaped but beautifully crafted with their very own signature coated canvas, MCM backpacks are highly sought after for their high quality and edgy designs that are guaranteed to turn heads on the street.

The most iconic bag from MCM’s backpack collection is no doubt the Stark Backpack. Available in different sizes of mini, small, medium and large, the Stark Backpacks are designed to fit into all walks of life – from college students, to moms, and to retirees who need an edgy bag for their weekend grocery shopping.

Within the Stark Backpack lines, there are also different designs utilizing canvas in different colours (e.g. beige, black, white, cognac), as well as distinctive placement of MCM’s signature metal studs.

(All images from MCM Worldwide’s official website)

One of my absolute favourite from the line is, hands down, the Stark Backpack in black with silver and gold studs, which forms the brand’s signature M motif on the bag. The combination of black canvas with metal studs is so classic yet striking at the same time. This bag would be the perfect addition to my simple white monochrome wardrobe!

(All images from MCM Worldwide’s official website)

Depending on the designs, these high-end backpacks are priced within the range of USD 500 – USD 1,000. Compared to other luxury brands of premium leather goods, Replica MCM bags are considered to be relatively cheaper. While it may not cost an arm and a leg, some may still consider this price tag to be ludicrous for a backpack.

If you love Wholesale MCM backpack designs but are not ready to fork out a good portion of your pay cheque for it, you have come to the right place on the Internet! Keep calm and read on and we will show you how you can find cheap but high-quality MCM backpacks online from the four platforms of: AliExpress, Taobao, DHgate and Prime Stuff.

Let me start with where NOT to go if you are serious in hunting down a good MCM backpack online… and it’s AliExpress. I have tried to search for MCM backpacks (and their lookalikes) on the website with different keywords for a good 30 minute but to no avail.

The closest I’ve got to are with keyword “studded backpack”, but even so, the results are a mess with only a handful of bags that look very, very remotely like the MCM’s. So, let’s not waste any time on AliExpress and I will show you where else to go to find cheap MCM backpacks online.

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

Moving on to Taobao – if you were to search with keyword “M家双肩背包” (which translates into “M-brand backpack”), you will arrive at a good few pages of cheap MCM backpack  Wholesale lookalikes within the price range of USD 18 – USD 100.

Looking more closely into each item, it appears that those with high ratings are often left with reviews from past customers complimenting the bag’s decent quality and design, albeit being mocks. These high-rated items are also often on the more expensive end. I think as long as you don’t stray too far from the highly rated ones, Taobao would be a great place to land a good steal!

(Screen cap from Taobao)

Next, let’s move on to DHgate. On the website, to find cheap, wholesale MCM backpacks replicas, you can search with keyword “punk rivet backpack”. Yeap, that sounds a bit random but I’ve done a few rounds of searching and this keyword would give you the best results.

Most of the listed bags fall within the price range of USD 50 – USD 80. Many of these bags also have decent ratings from past customers with positive reviews and feedback praising the bag’s quality and appearance, as well as service from the sellers. Judging from their price tags, without questions these are mere cheap imitations; however, if you could look past the fact that they did not come out from a MCM factory, they are total bargain!

(Screen cap from DHgate)

Lastly, our final stop would be Prime Stuff. Prime Stuff ( is an online wholesaler that merchandizes various luxury brands and their products at affordable prices. And we are all in luck today because Prime Stuff also carries MCM backpacks!

Simply search for MCM under Brand tab on the website, and you will arrive at numerous MCM backpacks replica and other MCM-branded accessories (e.g. belts, keychains). With most of the bags priced at average USD 180, it is obvious that the bags on Prime Stuff are more expensive than those listed on Taobao and DHgate. Nevertheless, this price tag comes with the guarantee of high quality as Prime Stuff carries only high-grade replica of the originals.

(Screen cap from Prime Stuff)

If you are serious in getting cheap but high-quality MCM backpacks lookalikes, I would highly recommend you to fork out an extra hundred bucks and go ahead with the bags on Prime Stuff so that you know you’re getting a bag of good quality!

Okay, I shall end this post right here with some pictures of the stunning MCM backpacks in mini keychain form (LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!?)! Happy shopping, everyone! 🙂

(All images from Prime Stuff)

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