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How to Find Cheap, Wholesale Moncler Jackets Replica Online

Just a few blog posts before this, I introduced the King of high-end winter clothing brandsCanada Goose. Today, I shall introduce its distant, chic cousin – Moncler.

Similar to Canada Goose, Moncler is a high-end premium winterwear brand that produces high-quality winter outerwear. Being the official supplier for Winter Olympic Games back in 1968, the brand has since gained momentum to become one of the most recognizable winterwear clothing lines in the world today. Its jackets have been seen on a number of top celebrities, including Justin Timberlake, Liv Tyler and even David Beckham.

Within Moncler’s portfolio, the brand has copious winter outerwear designs to suit different weather conditions, events, as well as personal style! Besides their signature down jackets, Moncler also has the following designs within their collection: bomber jacket, parka, coat, blazer and vest. With all these selections, you will definitely find one that suits your personal taste and winter wardrobe!

(All images from Moncler’s official website)

Today, I have personally handpicked one of my favourites from Moncler’s collection – the Maya! Made from lacquered nylon featuring a detachable hood and two side zipped pockets, the Maya is definitely one of Moncler’s most iconic creations. Moncler’s Maya has a clean style but also the right amount of subtle sparks in its designed pattern that can certainly spice up your daily winter fashion! Available in black, red, maroon, dark blue, blue, green, emerald green… I am sure that you can find a Maya that fit seamlessly with your existing winter clothing.

(Image from Moncler’s official website) 

As foreshadowed from our opening paragraph, the cousin of Canada Goose will of course come together with a comparable outlandish price tag. Vary according to styles and materials, most Moncler jackets are retailing at around USD 1,500 (although certain pieces go as high as USD 2,000!). Unless you are David Beckham who has a net worth of $ 450 million, these jackets are not so readily affordable, are they?

However, don’t feel dejected just yet! Continue to read on as we are here to show you where you can find cheap, high-quality Moncler jackets online!

Our first stop is no other than trusty Taobao. Simply searching with keyword “Moncler” and you will end up with a little over seven result pages listing a variety of Moncler jackets and items, many which fall within the price range of USD 650 – USD 3000. No, those are not cheap Moncler jackets. In fact, many of them are authentic Moncler jackets carried by recognized flagship stores on Taobao.

Now, before you sigh and close this tab on your Chrome browser, bear with us and read on. It will be worth your time! On Taobao, to find cheap Moncler or Moncler knock-offs, search instead with keyword like “MC羽绒” (which translates into MC down feathers) and you will find a lot more cheaper versions of Moncler jackets. Priced at average USD 150, these are no doubt low-cost imitations of the originals, which I would not have too high of a hope for their quality to be anywhere near an authentic Moncler jacket.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

Now that trusty Taobao is no longer trusty, let’s move on to our next bff – AliExpress. On the website, if you were to search with keyword “bomber winter jacket”, you will end up with a good few number of jacket items that look similar to Moncler jackets, that are listed within the price range of USD 30 – USD 70. (Just a note: do not bother searching with “Moncler” on the website because that is not gonna return with any useful result.)

Similar to Taobao’s results, these are nothing but cheap Moncler jacket wannabes. I have looked at a few of these items and none has Moncler branding. Again, I have my doubts on their quality – first, their cheap price tag is a telltale; second, most of them have not accumulated any rating or review from past customers that could help in verifying the actual product’s quality #sadface.

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

Okay, our bff AliExpress is not helping much this time. Let us proceed to our last resort – Prime Stuff ( If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have already known that Prime Stuff is always the savior of the day. It is an online wholesaler that offers numerous luxury brands and products at comparatively affordable prices, including the star of this blog post – Moncler jackets!

Selling at average USD 300, Moncler jackets on Prime Stuff have much less daunting price tags. With that being said, unlike the ridiculously cheap jackets on AliExpress, you also don’t have to worry about their quality since these jackets listed on Prime Stuff are guaranteed to be high-grade replica of the originals.

In addition, I would like to mention that Prime Stuff carries a HUGE assortment of Moncler jackets across styles, colours and collections! Browse through the pages and you may very well find a rare gem! In a nutshell, if you are looking for cheap, high-quality Moncler jacket duplicates, Prime Stuff is definitely the way to go.

(All images from Prime Stuff)

Although we are still months away from winter, it is never too early to prepare for it. If you are in fact googling on a hot summer day to look for cheap or wholesale Moncler jackets, we hope that this post has helped you in one way or another in finding what you are looking for! See you in the next post 🙂

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