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How to Find Cheap Replica Bargain Givenchy Wholesale Online?

Givenchy is no stranger in the fashion world. Founded in 1952, this Parisian fashion house is one of few pioneers that have revolutionized luxury ready-to-wear fashion line with its sleek but elegant streetwear designs that dazzlingly incorporate unpredictable prints, urban elements and flashy colours.

From T-shirts to jackets, leather carriers to casual backpacks, sneakers to sandals, Givenchy offers various fashion items of boundless creativity for both fashionistas and casual wearers alike.

(All images from Givenchy’s official website)

One of Givenchy’s most iconic fashion pieces is no other than its graphic T-shirt. Featuring either simple geometric shapes (like stars and triangles) or loud, colourful graphics (like sharks, Rottweiler, and Bambi), Givenchy’s T-shirts can be described as the exemplification of contemporary, modern streetwear items that not only offer simplicity but conflicting intensity that is able to highlight the wearer’s personality.

(All images from Givenchy’s official website)

Givenchy’s T-shirts are well loved by many celebrities, including Rihanna, Usher and model Kendall Jenner.

As expected from a luxury brand, these high-end T-shirts come at lavish price tags. Depending on the style and design, each T-shirt falls within the price range of USD 500 – USD 1,000.

If you are not ready to pay an arm and a leg for a T-shirt but would still love to own one with these unique Givenchy’s designs, we are here to show you how to find one online! We recommend the following four online platforms for you to find cheap Givenchy’s T-shirts or clothing: Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff.

First and foremost, to look for cheap Replica Givenchy’s T-shirts on Taobao, you will have to search with keywords “GVC T恤” or “纪家T恤” (which translate into “GVC T-shirt” and “G-brand T-shirt” respectively). With these keywords, you will reach at a medley of Givenchy’s T-shirts lookalikes that are cheaply priced within the range of USD 15 – USD 45.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

These T-shirts are undoubtedly mere imitations of the originals, but their affordable price tags definitely make them great bargain! If you are not too fussy about the actual branding or quality of these T-shirts, Taobao is positively a good platform for you to hunt down some Givenchy’s T-shirts dupes!

Next, moving on to AliExpress. Unlike Taobao, looking for cheap Givenchy’s T-shirts on the website is not as straightforward. As proven by a couple rounds of trial and error conducted by yours truly, I can conclude the following: to look for cheap, wholesale Givenchy’s imitations on the website, you will have to search with very specific keywords.

For example, to look for Wholesale Givenchy’s Bambi T-shirts on AliExpress, you will have to search “Bambi T-shirt” and you will arrive at a couple of items with similar design as Givenchy’s (which mostly priced around USD 20).

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

As such, I would conclude that: while AliExpress does offer cheap Givenchy’s T-shirt copies, it is pretty time-consuming as you will have to key in different keywords to look for different design. Well, ain’t nobody got time for that! Unless you are really patient and do not mind this tedious process, you may definitely find some hidden gems over there!

Thirdly, let’s move on to DHgate. Compared to AliExpress, searching for Wholesale Givenchy’s T-shirts replicas on DHgate was a breeze. Simply search with keyword “GIV brand T-shirt” and you will arrive at a miscellany of T-shirts that look jarringly similar to an original.

(Screen cap from DHgate)

Priced within the range of USD 20 – USD 50, these wholesale Givenchy imitations found on DHgate are comparably more expensive than those of AliExpress. Also, depending on the items and sellers, different items have diverse ratings left by previous customers – always remember to read the reviews before adding any T-shirt to your cart to make sure you are not getting one that is going to shrink into a baby-sized in the washing machine!

Finally, our last resort to find cheap, wholesale Givenchy’s T-shirts online is no other than Prime Stuff. Prime Stuff ( is always mentioned on our website for its offer of enormous selection of luxury items at affordable prices.

As compared to the previously mentioned platforms, it is much more easier and convenient to look for a specific item on Prime Stuff as it is a wholesaler platform dedicated solely to premium luxury fashion items. To look for Givenchy’s clothing on Prime Stuff, you can simply click into Givenchy under Brands tab on the website.

(Screen cap from Prime Stuff)

Most Givenchy’s T-shirts on Prime Stuff are priced at average USD 90. While this is comparatively higher priced than Taobao and the likes, this price tag comes with the guarantee of good quality. All items listed on Prime Stuff are high-grade replicas of the originals so you don’t have to worry about buying a T-shirt that is going to break apart after two wears!

Additionally, besides T-shirts, Prime Stuff also offers many other fashion items from Givenchy, such as accessories, shoes, and bags! It is definitely a great one-stop if you are serious to get cheap, high-quality Givenchy’s T-shirts or items online!

(All images from Prime Stuff)

If you are ready to upgrade your streetwear wardrobe with a splendid Givenchy’s design, head over to one of the websites above now and try your luck! Happy shopping and until next time, xoxo.

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