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How to Find Cheap Replica Balmain Jeans Wholesale Online

Balmain is a French fashion label that is widely celebrated and recognized for its distinctive biker-themed designs and creations. Balmain’s most renowned design is no doubt its stunning leather biker jacket that has been seen on countless celebrities, such as Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Beyonce, and is loved by many around the globe.

Balmain’s biker jackets are indeed irresistible; however, today we are going to introduce another famous design from the fashion house that has created a huge hype within the fashion industry – the luxury Balmain’s jeans.

Balmain’s jeans collection offers a number of styles for the fans, including cotton denim jeans, cotton denim cropped pants, cotton blend jeans leggings, etc. In different cut, fitting, length, colour and materials, Balmain’s jeans variety is made to fit into each and every event and time of your day – be it grabbing a quick brunch at your local deli’s or a Saturday night-out in one of New York’s hotshot bars.

(All images from Balmain’s official website)

Nevertheless, the Replica Balmain jeans collection is not complete without this signature design that has stolen the hearts of many (including mine) – the Biker Jeans. Marked by its zipped pockets and motocross-styled panels, the Biker Jeans are the epitome of a biker-styled fashion item. Simple yet striking at the same time, these jeans are simply to die for.

(All images from Balmain’s official website)

Available in different colours (grey, blue, white and black), washes, as well as fitting, you will definitely find a pair that fits your individual taste and personal wardrobe. These jeans are currently priced at around USD 1,000 – USD 1,300 on Balmain’s official website. While they do cost a pretty penny, these high-end Balmain’s jeans are of high quality with exquisite designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

With that being said, we shall stay true to the title of this blog post – which is to help you in finding cheap, high-quality Balmain jeans online! We have four sources for you (note-taking time!): Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate, and Prime Stuff.

Firstly, Taobao. To find cheap Balmain’s jeans on the website, try searching with keywords of “巴尔男牛仔裤” or “机车牛仔裤” (which translate into “Bal men’s jeans” and “biker jeans” respectively). The listed jeans are mostly priced in the range of USD 15 – USD 45.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

At such bargain price, these jeans are simply mocks of the originals. Looking more closely into some of the listed items: while they generally have decent ratings, some customers did leave reviews complaining about the replica balmain jeans’ sizing, colour and even smell. If you can get passed these risks and shortcomings, these Balmain’s jeans replicas are definitely a bargain!

Moving on to AliExpress, to find cheap Balmain’s jeans Wholesale on the website, you may search with keyword “biker jeans”. While the listed jeans may look uncannily similar to authentic Balmain’s jeans (down to details like pattern and position of Balmain’s signature motocross-styled panels), these are undoubtedly mere imitations since they do not even bear any Balmain’s branding. Priced at average USD 25, these are totally steals especially for those who are looking for cheap, wholesale Balmain’s jeans replicas.

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

Next is DHgate, another huge online wholesale platform. Similar to AliExpress, you should search with keyword “bikers jeans” to find cheap Balmain’s jeans lookalikes on the website. Comparable to AliExpress, most of the jeans listed on DHgates are priced around USD 25 with designs similar (but not identical) to Balmain’s jeans. If you are looking for Balmain-inspired, cheap biker jeans, DHgate would be a good place to go.

(Screen cap from DHgate)

Finally, let’s look at Prime Stuff. Prime Stuff ( is an online wholesaler that merchandizes numerous luxury, premium fashion brands and their products at affordable price tags. If you visit their website and search for “Balmain jeans” in the search bar, you will find a huge selection of Balmain jeans priced at average USD 80, with prices vary according to style and material.

While these jeans are relatively higher priced compared to those listed on Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate, Balmain’s jeans listed on Prime Stuff are high-grade 1:1 replicas that resemble the high quality of authentic Balmain’s jeans. In addition, Prime Stuff affords a clean and simple platform for easy shopping, not to mention it also offers a huge array of Balmain’s jeans in different designs, colours and materials.

(Screen cap from Prime Stuff)

If you are looking for a place to shop for cheap, high-quality Balmain’s jeans lookalikes, but would like to have a peace of mind about the quality of received goods, Prime Stuff definitely wins hands down when compared to other online platforms.

Okayz, I’m not gonna hold on to you any longer as you are probably itching to head off to these websites to do your own research and hunt down a pair of Balmain’s jeans. All the best on your hunting and let us know how things go!

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