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Female Designers who revolutionized fashion forever

The fashion industry, as you know it today, is the work of tireless individuals who gave all their life to see it succeed. From the ancient years when technology was just a dream to today when the world is a global village, fashion and the runways have come a long way. Interestingly, women have been part of the wheel of change that has seen the industry grow. Whether it is bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, name them; women have literally revolutionized the field of what we wear. We are talking of fashion from real to cheap high quality replicas. Again, women have given it all to the success of this multi-billion industry.

Today, I want us to take a look at the history of fashion. Specifically, the women who have and continue to be at the forefront in spicing up fashion trends. Of course, I will also be telling you where you can buy high quality replica wholesale for luxury brands at the end of this post.

  • Jeanne Lanvin

She is by all means an icon in fashion. She is part of a generation that lay the first stones of the fashion industry. In her own small way, Jeanne was able to start some fire into what would become an integral part of the global economy. Her millinery house opened doors in 1889. Taking inspiration from her daughter, Lanvin took the line of dresses for young girls. She designed her lavish dresses from silk and decorated them with befitting embroidery. At the time, the cheap children dresses were a big tide and they actually flew from the shelves. She soon began to do a line for adults and it was equally successful. By the 1920, her house of fashion had everything from fragrance, women line, menswear, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, home décor, and furs. The fashion train had just left the station and it was going to be unstoppable.

  • Madeleine Vionnet

When we are talking about fashion, it is never complete without the name of Madeleine. What’s her contribution? In particular women should be thanking for the idea of their cheap clothing yet fashionable. In dressmaking, Madeleine had no equal; she was the best there will ever be. Her fashion house was up and running in 1912. She took the line of making dresses leaning towards sculptures. The dresses were inspired by Greek statues, but they had multiple pleats and drapes. They were comfortable and fluidal; traits that were a big catch with the women back then. She was a firm believer in the smile of a woman, which was supposed to come from what she wore.

She’s the mother of classic design. Yes, her name is Coco Chanel. If you have a cheap Chanel bag or classic women shoes; she deserves all the praises. Her era was the birth of staples that would rule the industry forever. She’s is most praised for the little black dress; it was something out of this world. The cocktail necklace and the tweed jacket were also pieces with unmatched mastery. However, it was her jersey fabric that would cement her name into the hall of fame for fashion. Using fabric made for underwear to make her line and succeeding, you must give it all to Chanel. In her time, women were like prisoners of tight skirts and corset. She was the savior creating freer, easy to move in, and boxy clothing for women. She also had a hand in fragrance and her No. 5 is still a big catch for everyone looking to add some glamor to how they smell.

  • Elsa Schiaparelli

Well, her fashion career didn’t start like the rest. It was her handmade trompe sweater in 1927 that stirred things up and she became a certain hit. The style was a game changer and went ahead to inspire so many other designs coming out after it. She was also on record as the first designer to use zippers to make fashion statements. To enrich her style, she collaborated with the likes of Meret Oppenheim and Salvador Dali. Elsa was doing great and she earned a spot at the Time Magazine, the first to go to a woman.

  • Mary Quant

Miniskirts, from their start, were controversial. I believe they are relatively cheap clothing you can find anywhere. But do you know how they came about? Let me tell you how. In the 1960s, Mary was regularly taking walks in the streets of London. She saw girls in short, tight skirts and immediately had an idea of a fashion trend. That is when and how the miniskirt was born. They were simple, easy to walk and run in them. Most importantly, they had a youthful edge in them. To add a sense of modernity, she added color and prints to the short skirts. It has been an unstoppable journey and you can see the miniskirt in all shapes and colors all over the world.

  • Vivienne Westwood

She may not have a formal label, but Vivienne deserves a spot in this list of female fashion icons. If you have seen some punk effect on modern fashion, it is her signature work. Thanks to her, you can easily get cheap fashion replicas in the same quality of the luxury brands. Her punk revolution began in the ‘70s and has been the ‘it’ thing to date. Hers may not be the biggest contribution to fashion but you cannot ignore her work towards what you may be wearing.

  • Diane Von Furstenberg

Do not bother with her long name. Just call her DVF for your convenience. Fashion stakeholders labeled her the new Coco Chanel, a comparison she lived up to with her inspiring fashion designs. Her mainstay area was on women wrap dresses. She was all about breaking women free from the tight attire that was not comfortable. With cheap dresses emphasizing on comfort and functionality, DVF was ready to take over the world of womenswear. Her creativity touched the curiosity of Dian Vreeland and became a top fan. After her line debut in 1974, Diane never looked back.

  • Norma Kamali

Sometimes it is the desire to serve a personal need that led to the birth of great women fashion masters. One such case is of Norma Kamali. The Lebanese beauty had bulky shoulders and created pads for them. The pads took the womenswear scene by a storm. They became popular in the ‘80s. Kamali was in the game with new shapes became big catch with all women. Her sleeping bag coats and one-piece swimsuit were turning heads on runways. In Charlie’s Angels, it is Farrah Fawcett who takes credit for bringing back the buzz around Norma pieces.

  • Sarah Burton

It was at Alexander McQueen where her career star began to shine. And shine it did as Sarah finally sat on the creative director’s seat. She worked side by side with Alexander McQueen for 14 years, bringing both high-end and cheap luxury pieces to the market for enthusiasts every corner of the world. In 2014, she hit the highest achievement of her career. She was the official designer for Kate Middleton wedding dress. During her reign, there was increased emphasis on handcraft, which has elevated her to great achievement in the rather stormy industry. It was not a surprise that Time’s Magazine named her 100th most influential person for 2012. She also won a royalty honor for the fashion service to the monarchy.

  • Phoebe Philo

It is 2008 when Phoebe’s name hit the mainstream. She was named to head Cèline as the creative director. She brought in a sense of aesthetics to the house of luxury. In her collection you can see minimalistic chic pieces to go well with the modern lady closet.

Well, there are so many women in fashion with great stories that would take an entire day to talk about each one of them. At least now you know a few icons you may be in mad love with their lines.

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