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Fake vs Real Converse Shoes Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

Fake vs Real Converse Shoes Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

Converse shoes are one of the best and most comfortable sneakers to be ever made. They were first dedicated to playing basketball, but they are now common shoes in casual and street fashion. They are usually cute, and a good accessory for a relaxed yet comfortable fashion statement. There are a lot of fake converse shoes that have flooded the market. In fact, it is usually difficult to spot the difference between the fakes and the originals. Some manufacturers of the fake are so good at their game that they make them to be almost similar to the authentic converse shoes.  

 Despite trying their best, fake converse shoes are usually made of poor quality material, and they won’t last any long.  Unfortunately, they are usually as just pricey as the originals. Whenever there is a difference, they may be at least 70% or 80% the price of the original shoes. So, if you are hoping for a cheap converse shoe, you are probably just about to acquire a high quality Converse shoe replica.  If you ask me, I would say that percentage is too high for poor quality and poorly made shoes.  Get value for your money. Ensure you get original converse. You don’t want your money going down the drain.

Spotting a fake converse shoe is not easy.  You need to be super-careful because the differences are not obvious to everyone. Take your time to note these differences, and you sure will have an easy time differentiating authentic converse shoes from fake ones. In this post I have discussed several differences that can help you spot a fake converse shoe below.

  • Patterns and smoothness of the lines

The smoothness of the line on the front of the sneaker is usually spectacular when it comes to authentic converse shoes. This applies to the line that cuts across the sole. The line on the rubber sole is smooth; you won’t see any dents on the curved line.  This is because the rubber material used is usually high quality.  For the Fake converse sneakers, you will notice that the line is not smooth. It has dents. The curved line looks overstretched and is deformed. This is because the shoe is made of poor quality rubber.  Carefully study the line before getting your money flowing down the drain.  Any sign of unevenness and dents is a red flag.

  • Presence of tags

Original converse shoes will always come with tags. These tags are your sign for their authenticity.  You don’t buy low-quality cheap converse shoes without a tag, and expect it to be authentic. Before spending your cash, make sure they have the signature converse tags. In most cases, prime quality converse shoes replica and authentic ones will have a tag. Fakes will not have any tags. Do not waste your money purchasing shoes whose authenticity and quality you are not sure of. Below is how the real tongue looks like.

  • Be sure of the logo

Before you purchase a converse shoe, ensure you know what their logo looks like. There are a lot of cheap converse shoes with different logos in the market.  They try to make the logo almost similar to the original one. They sometimes change a few words on the logo. Besides, the logo of authentic Converse shoes is usually bold, and doesn’t fade off, with the exact same words. The logo is usually bright and beautifully done. It mostly has a navy blue star, but not always. For the fake converse, you will realize the logo is dull, and looks like it’s faded.

 The logo usually has Chuck Taylor’s signature. Watch out for logos without the signature.

  • ‘Converse’ print on the insole

The word ‘converse’ is usually printed boldly and plainly on the inner sole. The print is usually sharp and clearly visible. If you notice that the imprint looks faded, or is uneven, or appears to have paint leaks around it, that’s a red flag.  Check out the sole of an original insole on top, and that of a converse shoes replica at the bottom.  If the logo looks purple; you better save your money.

  • Perfectly done tongue

The tongue of converse is one of the easiest and sure ways to spot a fake converse sneaker from an authentic one.  First, if the stitches around the tongue are loosely and poorly done, you are just about to purchase a counterfeit. The stitches of original converse are usually neat and evenly done.

Other than the stitches, there will be a clear all stars logo on top of the tongue.

Another thing about the tongue is that there will always be a different serial number for each shoe. Yes you read it right; the two shoes making a pair will have different serial numbers. For the fakes, the serial numbers may be the same or even missing.

 Since 2012, Converse shoes don’t have the Chuck Taylor chain badge. If you come across a pair with one, chance are you are just about to buy a fake converse, or it is an old pair.  Converse shoes come in their signature box. Don’t buy the shoes if they are not packed in the signature converse box.

With these differences, I am sure that you can spot a fake converse without much trouble. Buying a poor quality converse shoe replica just to save a few coins won’t be worth the money. The fakes are made of poor quality canvas and rubber. They will soon wear out and you might need to replace them.  The cheap converse shoes tend to fade, especially during the first wash. You don’t want to spend money on something whose quality is questionable. Purchase an original or high quality converse replica and save yourself the stress.

When hitting the stores, be sure to confirm that the shoes you are just about to purchase is authentic. Use the features and differences I have discussed above to spot a counterfeit, and get worth for your money. There is absolutely no hurry, take your time to investigate the converse before purchasing it.  If by any chance you have trouble investing so much for these comfortable sneakers, you could opt to buy converse shoes wholesale from Primestuff. There, you are sure to save some money, and get a trustworthy supplier.

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