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Fake vs Real Coach Bag Review and Buying Guide

Fake vs Real Coach Bag Review and Buying Guide

You have probably come across a cheap coach bag. The question you should be asking is, are these cheap bags authentic? Well, some of them are genuine while others are not. That is why I always insist you buy bags from a supplier you can trust. It is not everyone out there supplying genuine quality coach bags; some suppliers are out to make a quick dime.

However, it is not every one of us who can afford the authentic luxury bags. It is no way of judging those who prefer buying cheap bags. At times you come across unbelievable deals and you can’t wait to get your hands on your brand new Coach bag. To settle for a fake bag is a personal preference. However, it is big mistake to spend your dimes on fake handbag thinking that it is the authentic one.

To help you make the right decision when you buy a Coach handbag, here is an extensive guide on how to spot a fake Coach bag. You should also be aware that some of the fakes do a great job to copy the real qualities. This guide may not include all the authentication points, but will largely point you into making an informed decision. I will also be telling you about where you can buy high quality Coach Bag replicas at very affordable prices.

Fake vs Real Coach Bag Review

  • The ‘CC’ pattern

Every luxury brand is very keen to include identifiers and unique markers to their products. For instance, Coach uses the ‘CC’ motif on its bags. It is a well choreographed motif that is aligned on the real handbags. On the fake handbag, the ‘CC’ does not align and it is poorly done. You do not need a magnifying glass to see that for yourself.

  • The Horse and Carriage

Among the features that stand out on a coach bag are the horse and its carrier. It is like the trademark of the brand. Thanks to its ingenuity, counterfeits find it really hard to get it right. Even a cheap Coach handbag as long as it is real does not miss any of the expertly detailing. On the real bag, the horses’ legs and the carrier wheels are all aligned. The horseman and his whip are very clear. On the fake piece, the legs and wheels are not aligned. You cannot even see the horseman and his whip.

  • The Bag Stamp

If you have been keen, you may have seen stamping on luxury handbags. It is not there for decoration, but to help identify as well as differentiate the real products from fakes. The stamp on coach bags is the work of a genius and counterfeits will never come close to getting it right. The authentic stamp is crisp and embossed with heat. The top is pointy and you can clearly see the details. The stitching is neatly done. The font has same spacing around it and the size is all the same. Conversely, the fake bag stamping is flat at the top and the embossing is uneven. The stitching is rough and the font is not uniform.

  • The Dust bag

Do you ever wonder why you need a dust bag for your luxury fashion items? They help you keep safe your possessions when not in use. That is why Coach Bags come with tough and high quality dust bags. The real one is brown and with red strings. The fake handbag dust bag is white/beige and made from a physically low-quality material.

  • The O-rings

For the bags that have O-rings, it will be a perfect circle of high quality material. The hardware is made from high quality brass or other heavy duty metals. You can see that there is no coat trying to dupe you into believing it is a real metal. For the fake bags, the O-rings are not a perfect circle. They are also made from cheap quality metals. Most of times the hardware is coated to make you believe it is heavy duty metal. Do not fall for such tricks as you can easily scratch the coat and expose the lie.

Do you now feel comfortable spotting a fake Coach handbag? It should be easy since you know what to look for authentication. When you go out there shopping, be keen to spot any inconsistencies. One of the easiest ways to make sure you never get scammed out of your hard earned money is finding a reputable supplier or online store. I will be sharing with you where you can get your wholesale Coach bags and never have to regret your decision.

Where to Buy High Quality Coach Bag Replicas

Coach bags are quite a catch for women who want to lighten up their closets. If you do not have these bags in stock you are missing out big time on customers. Since it is not always that your target customers will afford the real quality bags, how about I tell you of replica Coach Bags that will blow up your sales? Primestuff has the reputation for the best supplier of high quality replicas of all fashion luxury brands. You doubt this? Find your way to the store and you will agree. Even before you make any order, go over the reviews from those who shop here and you will be more than impressed.

You can make an order for as much as you want. You get a better deal when you make wholesale purchases. On top of unmatched affordable prices, you also get a variety you can never exhaust. Navigating through the catalogues is very easy. Click on what you want and add to your cart. Keep shopping until you have it all. Checking out is easy and you relax waiting for your shipment to come.

Make Primestuff your supplier and your business will open a new door to success. Do not forget checking this blog every day. There is more in store for you about fashion and deals to drive your business to success.

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