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Fake vs Real Balenciaga Bag: the Ultimate Authentication Guide

Did you know that Balenciaga handbags are some of the best in the fashion market? Look around and you will see big names hanging or holding one of these luxury bags. However, that does not mean that your bag is genuine. You should be asking yourself, is my Bag real or fake Balenciaga? I know there are those who choose to buy fake products willingly. That is a personal decision and I respect that. However, there are those who get conned and spend their money on a fake bag believing it is the true quality. That is sad, and no one deserves to go through it.

Well, I’m here because I never want you to make a wrong decision. When you spend your money, it has to be on the right product. Today, I will be taking you through the spotting of fake Balenciaga bag. In my example I will use the Gold Giant Hobo bag. In my review, I will compare different aspects of the bag telling you the authentic ones.

That is not all I’m here for. Before I bring down the curtain on this article, I will also tell you where to buy high quality Balenciaga bag replicas. I will guide you through shopping on Primestuff and how you can make the shop your trusted wholesale supplier.

Real vs Fake Balenciaga Gold Giant Hobo Bag

  • Construction and Material

It does not matter that yours is a cheap Balenciaga bag, the material and construction should be unquestionable. The material is pure leather that is scratch-free and water resistant. On touching alone, you can feel the true quality of the real bag. The construction for the real quality handbag is beyond reproach. It is done to professional standards. The fake handbag has what looks like leather. Moreover, its construction is far from convincing. Look at the side-by-side comparison and you will understand what we are talking about.

  • Textured Studs and Strap Connectors

Balenciaga does a meticulous job in making sure their bags are of the highest quality standards possible. One such effort is noticeable on the textured studs and strap connectors. The studs on the authentic bag are easy to feel and see. They are done in a consistent manner. The strap connectors are made to perfection. They are flawless and does not show any sign of poor quality workmanship. On the flip side, the fake handbag studs do not have a clearly defined texturing. The strap connectors are made from low quality materials. You can see their artwork is not to perfection. It is a telltale that whoever worked on them did not have the knowhow or was only driven by making easy money.

  • Top Zipper and the Rivets

Balenciaga is very selective of whatever goes into their bags. One area where there is an emphasis for quality is the zipper. They use heavy duty metal to make sure you get the best quality zippers. The zipper pull is made from pure leather. The zip closes fully without leaving any space at the end. The rivet is smooth and firm. Looking at the fake bag, the zipper is obviously low quality metal. It also does not close fully at the end. The rivet is crooked and does not seem firm.

  • The Interior Identifiers

To help buyers easily identify authentic Balenciaga bags, the brand has included several interior tags. As much as they may try, counterfeits will always get the tags wrong. The real bag identifiers are embossed with heat. The font type, size, and numbers are consistent. You can tell this is work done by a professional who understands branding and the need to protect brand image. On the other hand, the fake tags look like simple printing work. The font type, size, and number are not consistent. Some letters are larger than others. This is an easy giveaway.

  • The Buckle and its Hardware

Again, in trying to throw fakes out of balance, Balenciaga has a well-crafted buckle with an assortment of hardware. Everything is in calculated size. The tongue length and width are in defined sizes. Their shape is perfect. Turning on the fake bag, the hardware as well as the tongue width and length are off. They are not consistent with the dimensions of the true quality Balenciaga.

Can you now comfortably identify a fake Balenciaga handbag? You should be able to. With the pointers highlighted in this review, it is easy to pick the authentic Balenciaga. I know this article is not exhaustive but you now have something to get you going. When you make your purchase, make sure it is from a store you can trust. Are you looking to make a wholesale purchase for Balenciaga bags? Hold on, I got a surprise for you.

Where to buy Balenciaga bag replicas

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