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Christian Louboutin WedgesWedges

Replica & Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges Wholesale Guide 2020

Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges


Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges

Replica & Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges Wholesale Guide 2020

Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges

Christian Louboutin is ever so famous for its unmistakeable sky-high stiletto heels featuring the brand’s most iconic red soles. Besides this signature design, Louboutin also has many other shoes collections; and today, we are going to introduce one of its many sidekicks: the Louboutin’s wedges!

Within Louboutin’s wedges collection includes different variations, including pumps, open-toes sandals, and strappy sandals. While all of them star the Louboutin’s red soles, the last one mentioned are undeniably the most popular Louboutin’s wedges today.

Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges(All images from net-a-porter)

Named the Cataclou and Cataconico, Louboutin’s strappy sandal wedges come in a selection of heights, embellishments, leathers and wedge heel materials. The Cataclou is available in both 60mm platform, as well as 120mm wedge heel, marked by gold pyramid studs, patent leather and a metallic-trimmed jute sole. On the other hand, the Cataconico is an update version of the classic Cataclou, decorated with striated pyramid studs and gold beads in alternating arrangement, while being finely crafted with rich Indiana leather with a braided wedge.

Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges(All images from net-a-porter)

Both of these Christian Louboutin wedges Replica are the epitome of summer wedges that would be the perfect pairing to every girl’s summer style. It can instantly add a touch of bright, polished vibe to any of your summer outfits – from a floral maxi dress to a washed denim jeans.

Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges

Hollywood celebrities’ favourite

These Louboutin wedges have also been proven to be many Hollywood celebrities’ favourite. As seen on Rihanna, the low Cataclou was paired with a clean, simple white dress, effortlessly highlighting the singer’s glamour and allure.

The wedges were also seen on many press pictures as worn by countless stars across different events, including Jordana Brewster during a live consumer show, Megan Fox during an award ceremony, as well as Blake Lively as she casually toted around town on a weekend.

Although each of them was dressed in totally different styles, Louboutin wedges blend seamlessly with every single one of them by further perking up the style points of each outfit.

According to Christian Louboutin’s official website, each pair of Cataclou and Cataconico wedges are priced at USD 795.

For the designer’s refined craftsmanship and the jaw-dropping name of the brand, these high-end Louboutin wedges are no ordinary jerry-built shoes.

If you are looking to find cheap, high-quality Louboutin wedges replica online, look no further as we are going to show you where and how in this blog post! As per our usual business, we will focus on the four websites of: Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff.

Now that you know exactly where to go to look for cheap, wholesale Christian Louboutin wedges, let us now show you the how, which is the keyword to use for each website. We have included the relevant keywords in the table below:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff



studded wedges

studded red bottom wedges

Search under Brand Christian Louboutin

On Taobao, you should search by Chinese keyword “CL铆钉凉鞋” or “CL凉鞋”(which translate into “CL studded sandals” and “CL sandals” respectively). On the other hand, on the English language-based websites AliExpress and DHgate, you should search with keywords “studded wedges” and “studded red bottom wedges” respectively. Lastly, on Prime Stuff, to look for cheap, high-quality Louboutin wedges, simply search for the brand under the website’s Brand tab.

While it is true that you can find cheap Louboutin wedges (and their replicas) on all of these four websites, the items listed on each of them can be very different in terms of price and quality. We have summarized all these attributes in a table, as below,

For your quick reference:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff
Price (USD)20 – 4040 – 8060 - 80180
QualityDepends on individual items and sellersHigh (as 1:1 high grade replicas)

Christian Louboutin wedges replicas on Taobao, AliExpress

At one glance, Christian Louboutin wedges replicas on Taobao, AliExpress, and DHgate are on the lower end of the price scale. At a whopping average price of USD 50, these knock-offs are a total steal as compared to an original! However, it is important to note that their quality might be questionable, depending on individual items and sellers.

To determine if a listed replica is of decent quality or not, we can use the item’s rating and the number of past order made as helpful indicators. If an item received high ratings from its past customers, with a high number of past orders made, statistically speaking it is likely to be made of good quality for the price it costs. It also would not hurt if you could click on the reviews left by previous customers to see what they have to say about the product received!

(Screen cap from Taobao)

 (Screencap from AliExpress)

 (Screencap from DHgate)

Christian Louboutin wedges replicas

Comparatively, Christian Louboutin wedges replicas listed on Prime Stuff are on the more expensive end, at USD 180. This is the case because the site guarantees to carry and sell only high-grade 1:1 replica of the original. If compared to an authentic Louboutin’s, it is still no doubt a great bargain!

Not to mention. it is much easier to browse and shop on Prime Stuff as compared to other wholesale websites. Since the former is an exclusive fashion wholesaler devoted to merchandise only premium. And luxury fashion brands and their products at affordable price tags. The webpage design is clean and easy to navigate. And there is no need to filter out weird, non-fashion items on the result page!

Our final verdict on this is:

if you would like to have a hassle and worry-free online shopping of cheap, high-quality Christian Louboutin wedges replicas online.

Prime Stuff is definitely your best bet. On the condition that you have an extra hundred buck to spare for quality insurance!

Fake Christian Louboutin Wedges(All images from Pinterest)

While the Louboutin’s wedges might not be as popular as the Louboutin’s iconic stiletto heels. Therefore ,These wedges are still as stunning as the classic.

Why not give in to a little dare this summer and upgrade your summer.

Wardrobe with these unique gems, be it an original or a cheaper knock-off!

We hope that you find this post useful and stay tune for more online shopping tips like this! Happy shopping!

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