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EQLZ® #1050 “FROM OCEAN” Ocean Inspired Sustainable Sneakers Coming Soon

EQLZ® debuts its lifestyle line, designed by up-and-coming designer Goku GOKU, with every line and form inspired by the natural world. The Ocean from OCEAN, Jungle from Jungle and Cell from Cell are three models that embody the brand’s unique minimalist aesthetic and are intended to empower the next generation of the sneaker community to live in a more diverse lifestyle.

The entire collection features the brand’s original dual-density cushioning material and a blend of natural fragrances from MANE France. For the first time, EQLZ® has also partnered with up-and-coming coffee brand M STAND to recycle organic coffee grounds into the shoe material for a fine texture. Soon, the brand will also be recycling waste foam from the EQLZ® production line, continuing to pioneer recycling initiatives.

In addition to the innovative shoes for 2023, the Los Angeles studio is also preparing for the upcoming release of EQLZ® SOCIETY, a Web 3.0 co-creation experimentation platform. the world premiere of EQLZ® is a tribute to the past four years and a vision of many years to come. Whether it is the exploration of the future of sneakers or the development of a global market, when everything is unknown – the adventure truly begins.

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