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Earth color system is really versatile! Leonard’s signature shoes co-branded with a really good texture!

The Chicago-based streetwear brand Joe Freshgoods, from the eponymous designer Joe Freshgoods, has maintained its popularity in the sneaker scene since its inception.

The Chicago-based streetwear brand Joe Freshgoods is the brainchild of eponymous designer Joe Freshgoods, and has remained popular in the sneaker scene since its inception.

This year, Joe Freshgoods and New Balance have teamed up to release the 2002R and 9060, both of which have been well received.

Recently, the two companies collaborated for the third time on the New Balance The Kawhi 2 “Conversations Amongst Us” has been released with official images.

The entire shoe continues the collaboration’s consistent style, using a low saturation earth tone color scheme.

The material is the same technology used in the Kawhi 2 model, with the addition of heat pressed material for reinforcement.

*Due to certain mobile phone limitations, users may need to connect the mobile phone to their PC before the PC enters S4/S5 mode to enable a quick charge from the PC.

The top of the tongue is printed with “JOE AND KAWHI (c. 2022) A NEW DAY” is emblazoned on the top of the tongue of the shoe to highlight the co-branded identity.

This is a pair of sneakers that are both exquisite and high value, and also have real-world performance.

It is reported that the new New Balance Kawhi 2 With the new Kawhi 2
, the Kawhi 2 will be available for purchase in the marketplace. mytag />Conversations Amongst Us“ will be available on May 24th for $160, so if you like it, stay tuned for more coverage. br />

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