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Perfect Kicks

Doncic on the feet of the new color scheme signature shoes! Netizen: this face value love!

sneakers Luka wore on the court, as he has been wearing Jordan Brand’s original signature shoe for him, the Air Jordan Luka 1, since his playoff comeback.

But it’s been the same colorway all the way to the Division Finals, so you guys are getting a little tired of seeing it, too.

The overall white color, with light blue accents, is visually fresh and perfect for summer. It is also perfect for summer.

This colorway is inspired by the Real Madrid basketball team that Luka played for before landing in the NBA. In 2018, Luka led the team to the EuroBasket Champions League title and won the MVP award for the tournament when he was only 19 years old.

The white and blue color is the main color of the Real Madrid basketball jersey, and the color scheme was introduced to commemorate Luka’s achievement in that year, and also to hope that Luka can lead this year’s Maverick to success.

There is no definite news on the release of the new Air Jordan Luka 1 yet, so if you like it, stay tuned for our follow-up reports.

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