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Dior Summer High Top Sneakers: Real vs High Quality Replica

First off, there is a sneaker wave sweeping across the world. People from all social circles are going crazy for sneakers. It is all for good reasons. These shoes are fashionable, comfortable, and fit in with all occasions.

As we talk about sneakers, it is impossible to leave out Dior men’s sneaker shoes. They have been at the forefront driving the wave of popularity. It is no wonder that celebrities as well as the common man in the street find these shoes quite a popular choice. Even for you, it is time you get one of these pieces from Dior Shoes and bring your swag back on.

As you make a decision, you may have to choose between a real and high quality replica Dior sneaker. While the two qualities are almost the same, there are tiny variations you need to know. Thankfully, this post is all about pointing out the similarities of both divides of real vs replica. Now, if you have been toying with the idea of buying a Dior sneaker, it is time you know what quality you should go for.

Real vs High Quality Replica Dior Summer High Top Sneaker

  • General Outlook

A quick look on the general appearance of the two shoes will give you a close resemblance. They are identical in every respect.

  • Dior Logo and Double Lines on the Side

Both the logo and the double black lines are consistent in both the real and replica shoes. You can see that both are consistent in everything.

  • Dior Embroidery on the Body Canvas

The real quality sneaker has a darker background for the embroidery, while the replica background has a slightly lighter tone and is a bit shiny. All in all, it is all the same quality and detailing.

  • The Bottom Shoe Lace

On the real shoe, the lace passes under in a straight line. On the other hand, the lace for the replica Dior sneaker passes over in a straight line. It is a small detail, but it also gives you an option in doing the laces.

  • The Heel

The detailing of the heel is similar in both shoes. The tone, the decoration, and division are all consistent in both pairs of sneakers. This is 100% resemblance.

  • The Length of the White-Black stripe Flag

On the real quality, the White-Black flag-like section bears the same resemblance as the fake Dior shoe quality. It is a perfect match from both pairs.

  • The Outer Sole

The real outer sole has perfect detailing. Even the bee stamps are visible and in perfect shapes. On the replica Dior sole the detailing is also clear. Even the bee stamp is the same quality as you would see on the real shoe.

  • The inner sole

There is nothing much to talk about here. Everything looks the same on both pairs.

The High Quality Replica Dior Summer High Top Sneakers

For those who have the money to splash, going for the real quality Dior sneakers should not cause a financial depression. But that is only few of us. For the rest who would want to bask in the same Dior glory but do not have the money, going for a high quality replica is not a bad decision. In here, I detail for you some of the things to look forward to in the replica Dior sneaker. 

  • Top Quality Canvas

You can see that the canvas is as good as what you get in the authentic quality shoe. It is tough, durable and pleasantly decorated.

  • Front-side detailing

The details here are perfectly done. Everything on the side is sleek and pleasing to the eye.

  • The Tongue Collar

It shows the place of origin, size and other details. It is a proof that you are getting the best buy for your money.

  • Inner Sole

It is creamy in color with a smooth landing to make the feet comfortable. It is consistent with the quality of the real quality.

  • Outer Sole

It is the exact detailing just like the real quality sneaker. The detailing of the treads and the bee stamp are on point.

Where to buy High Quality Dior High Top Sneaker

Now that you know Dior is one of the best sneaker brands, it is time you know where and how to buy stock. Primestuff is the shopping spot you should go to. Here you will get price to match your pocket as well as good quality. It is one of the top sneaker stores stocking all sneaker brands. Right now there is a sneaker sale going on with great discounts for wholesale buying. If you are wondering what my best buy sneaker store is, then Primestuff is my favorite. When you are done buying, do not forget to keep tabs on this blog for more sneaker news.

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