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Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers Wholesale – Can You Resist the Bling?

Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

If you are a true sneakerhead, you will be able to recognize a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers from a mile away. Marked by their finest leather and eye-catching metal hardware, Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers are made to impress and steal glances (as well as a whole lot of staring) as statement pieces!

History of Giuseppe Zanotti

Since launch in 2010, these luxury sneakers have been loved by many and seen on countless celebrities both on-screen and off-screen alike. Just to name a few, stars who are fans of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers include J. Lo, Rihanna, Justin Beiber, and Jason Derulo.

For the past few years, the designer has expanded his sneakers line to multiple folds. Which now offers more than 150 styles/colors to all the fans out there.

From high top to low top design, from gold to matte metalware, from embossed leather to smooth velvet, each pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers feature different edgy fashion elements to add a special spark to your style – you will definitely find a pair that fits perfectly into your personal wardrobe!

Recognized sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti

The most recognized sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti are undeniably the Coby. Featuring Zanotti’s signature golden metal plaques, these high-tops are designed to make jaws drop. Grandiose, high-profile and attention-seeking. The Coby looks like a customized piece designed for a Dubai Prince who would step out of a red Bugatti Veyron. Finished with soft velvet and patent panels, these sneakers would totally complete the fashion of a party scene-stealer!

Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

(Image from Giuseppe Zanotti’s official website)

On the other hand, if I were to pick a pair for myself. It would no doubt be the Taylor! Beautifully crafted with soft black calfskin and adorned with black matte metal plates, these modest but sleek high-top sneakers are simply to die for!

As humble as they look, these stunning pair of the kick would be a great addition to my rather simple wardrobe (note: I am a white T-shirt/jeans kind of girl). While Taylor would not have people staring and drooling at the same time (like Coby would), they are definitely gonna steal lots of glances on the street!

Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

(Image from Giuseppe Zanotti’s official website)

These high-end Giuseppi Zanotti sneakers are unquestionably created to drop jaws, but so are their price tags. According to the brand’s official website, Coby is currently retailing at USD 895, while Taylor at USD 995. I’m gonna say this: these shoes are exorbitant and nauseatingly expensive; but at the same time, man, they are disgustingly beautiful.

Now, as per our usual business, we are here to help you to find cheap Giuseppi Zanotti sneakers online! If you are one of our regular readers, the following three websites should have already been saved as your Chrome’s Favourites!

First, of course, is Taobao! To look for cheap Giuseppi Zanotti sneakers on the website, try searching with keyword “gz男鞋” (which translates into “GZ men’s shoes”). You will end up with more than 90 pages of search results and a whole bunch of Giuseppi Zanotti sneakers and their lookalikes. The price of these shoes could range between USD 700 to USD 15 (WHATTT?). Yes, that is not a typo – I did type USD fifteen dollars.

(Screen cap from Taobao)Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Taking a closer look into each individual item, it appears that the higher priced shoes are usually offered by sellers who claim to do “代购” (which essentially means the seller would visit an actual retail store or local Giuseppi Zanotti boutique to buy the shoes on your behalf). These sellers and their items usually have decent reviews from past customers for their service and product quality. Nevertheless, these shoes still cost a pretty penny at USD 700!

 Zanotti Sneakers

(Screencap from Taobao)

Next, if we look at the shoes selling at suspiciously cheap price on Taobao, they are in-your-face kind of obvious that they are merely some Giuseppi Zanotti copycats. While these sneakers might look uncannily similar to an original Coby.

I doubt they are made from the same high-quality leather and craftsmanship as the original. Well, having said that, if you could not care less about quality, these cheap knock-offs are totally a bargain!

(Screencap from Taobao)

Moving on, let’s open a new tab on AliExpress – the famous platform that offers products at wholesale prices and amounts. If you search for “gz shoes” on the website’s search bar, you will arrive at a number of shoe items that look similar to Giuseppi Zanotti sneakers.

Selling at average price USD 30, these shoes on AliExpress are undoubtedly cheap imitations of the originals with questionable quality. Nevertheless, if you are a risk-taker or are looking to order sneakers in wholesale amounts.

AliExpress may be your next new BFF!

(Screencap from AliExpress)

Finally, we shall now open our final tab of Prime Stuff! Prime Stuff ( is an online wholesaler that offers numerous luxury brands and products at affordable prices, including Giuseppe Zanotti! Simply searching for the brand on the website, you will see a medley of Giuseppe Zanotti fashion items, and of course, the star of this blog post – the kicks!

(Screencap from Prime Stuff)

Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers found on Prime Stuff are relatively cheaper than the originals. Depending on the style, the average price is around USD 300. No, these ain’t authentic but they are high-grade replicas that guarantee high quality.

So, if you are not ready to write off a cheque for a pair of sneakers but would love to have a pair of high-quality Cheap Replica Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers lookalike. Prime Stuff would be the way to go!

Also, Prime Stuff carries a huge selection of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers – including some rare items. Unusual colors or even sold-out pieces that are hard to find in the market today. Well, since a picture worth a thousand words, I’ll let the below snips from Prime Stuff to do the job:

Cheap Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

 Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers

(All images from Prime Stuff)

That’s all for this blog post today! I hope that this is of any help and good luck on getting your very own Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers! Ch-Ching!

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