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Cheap Replica Canada Goose Outlet: The Ultimate Winter Jacket

It is July right now, and we are sitting dead right in the middle of summer. I am currently typing this blog in my living room with my air-con turned on while sipping a Venti Mocha Frap. Warm sunlight is pouring into the room and I think I just saw a squirrel running across my yard.

Oh, how I love summer.

As much as I love summer, good things in life do not last forever. A few months later, winter chill will start to creep in and before you even notice it, beautiful green grassy yard will soon be replaced with piles of snows, squirrels will be out of sight, and Mocha Frap will be swapped with a Venti hot steamy Latte.

Winter is cruel; but one thing makes it better – Canada Goose! Filled with down feathers, Canada Goose jackets are made for one sole purpose: to keep us warm in the deadly winter.

Canada Goose offers numerous styles of jackets that provide different degree of warmth and insulation for diverse winter conditions. I will introduce two of their most popular jackets today. The first one is: the Expedition Parka.

As implied by its name, the Canada Goose’s Expedition Parka is not your ordinary winter jacket. It is THE winter jacket. Originally made for scientists in Antarctica, this jacket can keep you warm and dry in extreme weather as cold as -32°C and below! If you are planning to visit Antarctica to catch the aurora (or you are residing in Toronto with merciless winter months where even the air hurts your face), the Expedition Parka shall be your best chum to keep you warm.

(Image from Canada Goose’s official)

Besides parka style, Canada Goose has another iconic jacket to offer – Chilliwack Bomber! Similar to the Expedition Parka, this jacket is also filled with duck down feathers with a fur ruff. It is designed to provide its wearers warmth and comfort in extreme temperature as low as -20°C. The Chilliwack Bomber is also shorter in length with regular fit – affording both style and warmth for your everyday winter fashion!

(Image from Canada Goose’s official website)

I can confidently tell you that nothing would beat a Canada Goose jacket when it comes down to getting the ultimate jacket for winter months. However, like most things, good stuff comes with a price. On Canada Goose’s official website, the Expedition Parka and the Chilliwack Bomber are currently retailing at USD 995 and USD 795 respectively. These high end Canada Goose jackets do cost an arm and a leg.

If these price tags are outside of your budget but at the same time, you would not want to settle down on an H&M’s knock-off, we have some alternatives for you, read on!

First stop is: Taobao. If you simply search for “Canada Goose” on the website, you will arrive at a medley of Canada Goose jackets within the price range of USD 1000 – USD 1500. Yes, they are listed at price even higher than the retail price from the official website. However, if you search for “加拿大 羽绒” (which translate into “Canada down feather”) instead, you will find a lot more cheap Canada Goose jackets. Depending on the sellers and items, these cheaper Canada Goose jackets are usually cheap knock-offs of the original.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

Besides Taobao, you may also try you luck on AliExpress. Searching with keywords like “Canada jackets” or “Goose jackets”, you will arrive at various Canadian Goose jacket lookalikes as your results. Ranging between USD 50 – USD 120, these jackets are no original. They lack the Canada Goose branding and it is logical to question their quality. Nevertheless, there may be a gem among the stones – if you are willing, browse through each item and you might find a jacket that you may like from AliExpress! This is especially true if you are looking for wholesale Canada Goose jackets lookalike since AliExpress is well known for its reputation within the wholesaler community!

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

Finally, if you failed to find anything that strikes your interest from Taobao and AliExpress, please head to Prime Stuff ( Like AliExpress, Prime Stuff is an online wholesaler but a special one that dedicates to carry only fashion items from premium brands. No surprise here, you can of course find Canada Goose jackets on the website.

Well below the original retail price, Canada Goose jackets on Prime Stuff are selling at average USD 280, vary according to styles. Although cheaper, these jackets are high grade 1:1 replica of the original Canada Goose jackets. So, if you are looking for cheap, high quality Canada Goose jackets lookalike, you now know where to go!

(All images from Prime Stuff)

Alrighty, I’m gonna end this post right here while I enjoy my last sip of Mocha Frap. It may be a little early to say this but: the winter is coming, brace yourself… with a Canada Goose. Happy shopping and stay warm when winter hits!

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