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Christian LouboutinChristian Louboutin ShoesRed Bottom Shoes

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes Outlet Online

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes Outlet Online

In today’s post, we are going to do a quick recap of Christian Louboutin’s beautiful cheap red bottoms shoes, which are also simply known as the magical Red Bottoms!

Born from the hands of the French designer, Christian Louboutin, all shoes from the namesake footwear fashion house bear the same signature red soles on the bottom.

Let me snip in a little History 101 on how where the iconic red soles come to being created: on a faithful day back in 1993.

Louboutin was designing a pair of heels but he was not happy with it until he decided to
impromptu slathered red nail polish (which belonged to an assistant who was painting her nails in the studio!) on their soles. And voila, the red soles instantly hit the designer and they stay through all of his designs until today.

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(All images from Pinterest)

Red Soles on Louboutin’s Red Bottoms

Deemed to make shoes “pop”, the red soles on Louboutin’s Red Bottoms are indeed difficult to miss as they work their magic in catching your eyes and souls.

Especially on Louboutin’s killer heels, the red soles instantly add an extra oomph of sexiness and fiery allure to the stunning stilettos. Besides their popular 5-inch heels, the fashion house also creates many different styles across flats, boots, sandals, and wedges to suit girls and women with different personal styles.

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes

Louboutin’s Red Bottoms have always been a favorite among the hottest Hollywood stars, especially for red carpets, award ceremonies as well as high-profile press events. Many stars have been spotted wearing these iconic Red Bottoms, including Jessica Chastain, Emma Watson, and Kate Hudson – Louboutin’s stunning heels really do accentuate the beautiful bodyline of these gorgeous celebrities!

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(All images from Pinterest)

And of course, Louboutin also designs beautiful footwear for men, including their signature spike sneakers, as well as boots, loafer, oxford, and dress shoes, which all likewise feature the designer house’s iconic red soles.

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes


One of its rare designs of Naza boots was seen on the professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather – even the World Boxing Champion could not resist the temptation from Louboutin’s Cheap Red Bottoms shoes!

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(All images from Pinterest)

These beautiful high-end Red Bottoms from Christian Louboutin are no ordinary shoes, but so are their price tags – most shoes from the fashion house fall within the price range of USD 700 – 1,500.

We are quite done with speculating the possible reasons that you may have to want to find cheap Red Bottoms online so we are just gonna jump into it (haha). Below are the relevant keywords that you will need in order to find cheap, wholesale Red Bottoms from the four websites of Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff

红底鞋 (*trans: red sole shoes);

红底鞋男 (*trans: red sole men’s shoes);

红底鞋女 (*trans: red sole women’s shoes)

Red sole shoes;

The red sole men shoes;

red sole heels;

Cheap red sole women shoes

Red bottom shoes;

red bottom men shoes;

red bottom women shoes;

Best red bottom high heels

Search under brand Christian Louboutin


We have included the English translation for some keywords in parentheses, for your reference.

Simply searching with these keywords on general wholesale platforms (i.e. Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate) or searching by the brand on Prime Stuff, you will reach pages of results listing Louboutin’s Red Bottoms and their cheaper knockoffs version.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

(Screencap from DHgate)

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(Screen cap from Prime Stuff)

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(Image from Pinterest)

The price of the listed replicas on Taobao, AliExpress, and DHgate is mostly below USD 100. Making them absolutely irresistible bargain if compared to an authentic pair of Loubi.

Nevertheless, we all know the drill here – the quality of the listed cheap Red Bottoms replicas could be made of dodgy material with iffy quality. In order to judge if a pair of listed Red Bottoms on these websites are worthy of its price of not.

We can look at three-pointers:

the shoes’

(1) rating

(2) the number of past orders made

(3) the number of positive comments/reviews left by previous customers.

If a pair of Loubi Red Bottom replica scores high on three of these pointers. Perhaps you may have found a winner. It could very well have a good chance to be made of great quality worthy of its price tag!

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(All images from Pinterest)

On the other hand. If you are still on the fence about buying from Taobao and the likes. You can consider shopping cheap, high-quality Red Bottoms from Prime Stuff instead.

Prime Stuff

Prime Stuff ( is an online wholesale website that exclusively merchandizes high-end luxury brands and products. Which also guarantees to sell only high-grade 1:1 replicas on their website.

With these words from them. Red Bottoms listed on Prime Stuff should be made of high quality with great resemblance to a pair of original Loubi from the French fashion house!

Not to mention, the assortment available on Prime Stuff is massive! I’m sure you will have a great time browsing all these beautiful kicks from Christian Louboutin.

Oh, and since sharing is caring. Let us spill something to our dearest readers – there is currently. The event of a storewide sale on Prime Stuff which offers up to 70% discount across all of its merchandise. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a pair of Red Bottoms from their website!

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes(All images from Pinterest)

Whether you are a professional boxer, a British actress.  Who had played the very same witch in eight movies, or a simple girl? Or guy next door living on the other side of the world? I’m sure no one can ever resist the beautiful Red Bottoms. We hope that this quick recap on Louboutin’s dazzling shoes has served its purpose in inspiring. And help you with getting a pair that you can call yours!

Cheap Red Bottoms Shoes

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