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Chanel Patent Leather Beach Sandals: Authentic vs High Quality Replica Review

Chanel Patent Leather Beach Sandals Authentic vs High Quality Replica Review

What comes to your mind when you hear of Chanel? Whatever it is, it has something to do with fashion or the iconic Coco Chanel. We all love the brand Chanel and whatever products coming from that house. I surely do.

If I may ask, what do you love most about Chanel; shoes, clothing, sliders, Chanel sandals? The last one got my attention. I recently came across cheap Chanel sandals in pure patented leather. They are the perfect shoes for the beach, and I said why not tell you about them. Now that it is summer across many regions, hitting the beaches will be a favorite activity. You do not want to show up for a sandy bath looking like you are going to work. That is why this post is of particular importance to you.

When was the last time you had cheap patented leather sandals? Probably you have never. Now you are about to own a pair or more if you like. These sandals are created with the wearer in mind. They are hard on the surface, but very gentle to your feet. Sounds familiar? This a signature trait from all Chanel shoes. They are created for the ultimate wearing experience. However, these sandals are not your typical type. In cream white, and straps to hold them in place; all eyes on the beach will be on you. Do not be mean; share with others where you purchased your pair. For those who need the Chanel beach shoes wholesale, I will be telling about the best online store.

I know there are some of you out there wearing fake Chanel beach shoes. It is a pity that you got scammed of your bucks. But I will be arming you with information that will help you beat counterfeits. How? I will do a thorough comparison of the real vs high quality replica Chanel leather beach shoes. It is fascinating how the two are similar in every aspect. I’m not the judge; I will let you decide that by yourself.

Authentic vs Replica Chanel patent Leather Beach Shoes

Before the train of this comparison leaves the station, I would like to point out that these Chanel shoes just got released in 2019. The first stock is not even over, and Chanel lovers are going crazy for these beach pairs. Now, let’s get to the matter of the day.

  • Material

Did I use leather in the name of this cheap Chanel beach shoe? I did, and that’s right. It is made from patented leather. We are not talking about any other leather; this is sheepskin from Italy. Don’t we know a thing or two about Italian leather? It is ranked the best in the world. For both the authentic and replica beach shoes, it is all leather. You can try checking with a magnifying glass and you will find no difference. For a replica to be in the exact material as the original, it must be a good deal for your money.

  • Out Sole

It is made from cowhide leather. This makes it tough to the ground and gives your feet maximum protection. It comes in a range of size 35 to 39. For those with larger at size 40, a customized pair can be created for you. If you expect the replica to be of lesser quality material, you could never be more wrong. It is made from the same cowhide leather just like the authentic one. You just pick whichever pair you can afford because the quality is all the same.

  • The Heel and Heel Strap

The heel has a sturdy construction to take on the beach sand. It is broad and a few inches high from the ground to prevent sand grains from entering the footbed. Equally sturdy are the heel straps. They will keep the heels safely secured within the sandal’s footbed. Looking at both the real quality and replica sandal, you can see the striking similarity in every possible way.

  • The Footbed and Closure Straps

There is no part of this Chanel beach sandal that is not leather. The footbed is comfortably padded with smooth leather. It perfectly fits the feet and keeps it protected all the time. There is the ‘Chanel’ name and the shoe size. The closure and upper straps are also made from patented leather. On the closure, the logo of interlocked ‘C’ is clearly indicated. Once more, the authentic and replica sandals conform to all these features. There is no way of telling one from the other if I did not mark the shoes for you.

After such a close race between the real and replica Chanel beach shoe, I won’t blame if you are still not decided on what you should buy. I would be in the same dilemma. However, I’m always helping you make a great decision. If you have the cash to burn, go ahead and buy the original shoe. For those who do not have deep pockets, which is the majority of us, the replica would be the correct choice. After all, you will be missing nothing since it is an exactly replication of the authentic shoe. Does that help? Good, because I would want you to leave with something in your hands.

Where to buy high quality Replica Chanel 19ss patented Leather Beach Shoes

Honestly, this Chanel beach shoe is going to a hot trend in 2019. Released in perfect time for summer, its sales are soaring each day. Do you want to join the craze? I bet you do, and I will be telling you where you can get cheap replica Chanel beach shoe.

The magic place is Primestuff. The new stock just came in and you had better hurry to make your purchase. For wholesale Chanel beach shoe replicas, make your order now and wait for your shipment to come to you. Before the summer ends, make sure your customers have a pair of these shoes.

Is there more I can say? One more thing; make this blog your favorite fashion spot. I will spoil you with news, deals, and everything else about fashion. I’m always the first to know when a new fashion item hits the markets. When I know, you will definitely know.

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